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And Isn't It Ironic, Part Five

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Posted to the Roswell Slash list October 16, 2000

TITLE: And Isn't It Ironic...
AUTHOR: Kakia (
CATERGORY: Just... very uc
POV: Part 1: Max
Part 2: Michael
Part 3: Maria
Part 4: Liz
Part 6: Tess
Part 7: All
FEEDBACK: "Yeah, I'd like that." -Amy, Three to Tango
DISTRIBUTION: Just tell me.
SUMMARY: Mirror mirror on the wall, Isabel's the fairest of them all.

And isn't it ironic...
Don't you think
It's like rain...
On your wedding day
It's a free ride...
When you've already paid
It's the good advice...
That you just didn't take
And who would have thought...
It figures.



"I'd do anything."
-Alex, Crazy


Anything. For that princess, I would go to the ends of the Earth. Isabel Evans. Even the name gives me shivers.

She's beautiful. And she really cares about people. And she's a hell of a kisser.

I think I'm the only one in the world who knows that. The only one who really cares about her, that is. All those other guys--I hate to think of the fact that they might have gotten physical with my princess. The sex-crazed maniacs. They don't even care WHO they're getting it on with, as long as she's hot. All they want is action.

But I love her. Nobody loves her like I do. Max, maybe, but he's her brother.

Michael could be formidable competition. He's a lot better looking than me. But he doesn't love her. I mean, yeah, he loves her, but in a brotherly way. He must be blind. How could anyone NOT be infatuated with Isabel Evans?

He has a blond, maybe he's like all other guys. All he's looking for is...

No. Still, Isabel beats Maria.

Funny, I just noticed how all the girls I hang out with are blond. And al the guys have brown hair. Except Liz, but she might as well be a guy. She's just my buddy. Maria once in a while. But Isabel. Forever and ever and all of eternity.

Maybe Michael doesn't notice that there are two kinds of blondes. There's the Maria kind: bubbly, cute, easy to get along with, and very loud. Popcorn.

And then there's the Isabel kind. Pure white chocolate. Breathtakingly beautiful. She walks by you once and she has captured your attention forever.

It sounds cheesy. I sound like an idiot. But there aren't words to describe words that don't sound fake and processed, anyway.

She's perfect.

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