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And Isn't It Ironic, Part Two

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Posted to the Roswell Slash list October 8, 2000

TITLE: And Isn't It Ironic...
AUTHOR: Kakia (
CATERGORY: Just... very uc POV: FEEDBACK: "Yeah, I'd like that." -Amy, Three to Tango
DISTRIBUTION: Just tell me.
SUMMARY: Mirror mirror on the wall, Isabel's the fairest of them all.

And isn't it ironic...
Don't you think
It's like rain...
On your wedding day
It's a free ride...
When you've already paid
It's the good advice...
That you just didn't take
And who would have thought...
It figures.

"Michael, this can't be." "I know. But why not?" -Isabel & Michael, Max To The Max

Why not indeed? I love her, so it's not her, it's me. No matter what she's going to say.

She plays with a lot of boys and breaks their hearts. She's doing it to me now. I always felt badly for the poor, stupid boys who fell for Isabel Evans. They deserved it, though. For falling in love with a girl, especially Isabel Evans. Especially for falling in love just because of her outer beauty. If they'd actually known anything about her, they'd have instantly realized that she'd be a horrible girlfriend.

So that's her trick. That's why she doesn't open up to anyone. Because guys won't like who she is. They wouldn't even like who she pretends to be--that's just a show for her girl friends. The reason she's so distant is to get guys. And with nothing but looks to go on, it's impossible to resist Isabel Evans.

But there's a flaw in her logic.

Me. I know her. I know her better than any guy in the world, in fact--possibly even better than her own brother. But I love her anyway.

Because even with more than looks to go on, it's impossible to resist Isabel Evans.

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