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If You Want It To Be Good

Reply to Jules

Posted to the Roswell Slash list October 22, 2000

Title: If You Want It To Be Good (1/?)
Author: Jules ~
Pairing: L/I/M
Rating: NC-17
Distribution: Please just ask.
Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Roswell, Melinda Metz, Jason   Katims Productions, or The WB. I do not own any of these characters although   I wish I did. If you are not of legal age or if this is illegal where you   live please do not go any further. This story contains adult homosexual   themes. If you do not like the idea of f/f relations what are you doing   here? With that said, enjoy.

Part 1

Maria was breathing heavily as she answered the phone. "Hello?"

"Maria, are you okay?"

"Liz? Yeah," she tried to catch her breath, "I'm fine. I was, um, oooh exercising." Maria tried to calm her breathing but her body had other ideas.   She couldn't ignore the sensations and Liz would begin to suspect if she   didn't hang up. "Look, Liz, I'm kinda busy right now." Pant. "I'll talk to   you later," and with a click she was gone.

Liz looked at the phone like it was an alien object. Maria never talked to   her like that unless she was upset with her. Making a decision she grabbed   her purse and headed for the door.

"Mom, I'm going over to Maria's. I'll be home later," Liz yelled out as she   passed the kitchen where her mother was.

"Okay, honey. Have fun."

Maria's head fell back against the pillow as she hung up the phone. Her body   was on fire. There was no doubt in her mind that she was going up in flames   and the source of that fire was currently kissing and licking a path from   her stomach up to her chest. "Oh, Isabel! Oh, yes!"

Isabel continued licking and kissing until she had reached Maria's mouth.   She nibbled on the corners and traced Maria's lips with her tongue before   dipping inside to sample a flavor that was uniquely Maria.

They kissed hungrily for a moment before Isabel pulled back and started to   venture south. Her first stop was Maria's left breast. She looked at it for   a moment and then she suddenly lapped at it with her tongue. Isabel smiled   as she got the desired effect. Maria's back arched and she moaned loudly.   She then leaned down and started to lick around Maria's nipple. She knew   Maria was extremely sensitive right at the tip and she wanted to keep the   suspense up. She circled her tongue round and round until Maria slid her   fingers into Isabel's hair. At Maria's touch she bit down ferociously and   started to suck furiously.

Maria screamed at the top of her lungs. Her body arched and her hands pressed Isabel even farther onto her breast.

Isabel switched to the right breast giving it the same treatment as the   left. As she sucked and bit at the right breast she pulled and pinched the   left. She knew it wouldn't be long now. She could feel Maria's slick heat   against her stomach.

She smiled and started to kiss back down Maria's stomach. She paused at her   navel to run her tongue around the rim and dip it inside. Maria's breathing   speeded up as Isabel mimicked the act she so desperately wanted.

Just when Maria thought she couldn't take any more of the slow penetration   of her navel Isabel moved down and rammed her tongue into Maria's pussy.   Maria screamed and grabbed Isabel's head. Maria held Isabel tightly as she   immersed herself in Maria's heat.

The sound of running feet didn't penetrate their passion-induced fog but the   crack of the door hitting the wall did. They whipped their heads toward the   door to see Liz standing there breathing hard with a glassy look in her   eyes.

"I...I heard a scream and," Liz gestured to the door, "I...I thought you were in   trouble so I ran and...." She was starting to babble. She didn't even notice   her purse hit the floor or that her feet seemed to be taking her closer to   the two lovers. Her eyes were transfixed on the scene before her. "When I   called you were so short with me. I thought you were mad...or...or upset or   something so I decided to come over." She had reached the bedside. "I was   worried that you..." she bent over until her face was just above Isabel's.   Isabel saw the disoriented look in Liz's eyes turn to hunger. "Can I taste?"

Isabel stared into Liz's eyes for a second more and then pulled her in for a   kiss. They kissed savagely. Liz couldn't get enough of the taste of Maria   that was on Isabel's lips. She took Isabel's face in her hands and kissed   and licked it all over savoring the taste.

Maria grinned at this turn of events. She quickly stuck her hand up her   friend's skirt and started to massage her pussy. She could feel Liz's   dampness. She was so excited she didn't want to take time to remove Liz's   clothing so she just pushed her panties aside and rammed three fingers up   into her friend's hole and started pumping.

Liz ripped her mouth away from Isabel. "Oh, YES! YES!" Her back was arched   and her head was thrown back. Her eyes were tightly clenched and her mouth   puckered into a small o.

Maria and Isabel shared a conspiratory grin and quickly shifted positions.   Isabel stood up and Maria sat up. Liz opened her eyes as her hands fell away   from Isabel's head. She now saw Isabel in all her glory. Beautiful didn't   begin to describe her. Goddess was the term that popped into Liz's mind. She   was perfect. Voluptuous and perfect. Luscious lips, red from being kissed.   High, firm breasts. A flat stomach slightly concave. Long, curvy legs that   went on and on. And a beautiful blonde pussy. She could see moisture   glinting off the hairs.

Liz didn't even realize that Maria had removed her clothes until Isabel   reached out to play with her tits. She looked down at her now naked body and   then over at Maria and saw her radiant smile and passion filled eyes. She   continued to stare at Maria as Isabel moved behind her. She felt Isabel's   arms come around her and her hands caress her stomach and breasts as she   pressed her body to Liz's back.

As Liz looked at Maria she saw her friend in a whole new light. If Isabel   was a goddess then Maria was a spry and sensual nymph. She had always been   her pixie cute friend. Now she was a sensual nymph bent on seduction. Her   breasts were small and perky. She had a smooth, flat stomach. Her legs were   those of a dancer and Liz couldn't help but think that they would be very   flexible.

"Go to her." Liz was startled out of her musings by Isabel's whispered words   in her ear. She didn't waste a moment. She immediately knelt on the floor in   front of Maria and started kissing her. There was no shyness or uncertainty,   only hunger. Each tried to devour the other.

Isabel stood back and watched her two lovers. Her hand massaged her clit as   she watched the scene before her unfold. Maria hooked her ankles on the   bedrail and spread her knees apart so that Liz could get even closer. Isabel   felt her juices slick the tops of her thighs as she anticipated what was   about to happen.

Liz stopped kissing Maria. She looked into her beautiful eyes and saw a look   of dazed passion she knew was mirrored in her own eyes. As they searched   each other's eyes Liz ran her hands up and down Maria's thighs. Satisfied   with what she saw Liz pushed Maria's legs open even wider and dipped her   head until it was even with Maria's pussy. She closed her eyes and inhaled   Maria's musky scent then without a second thought she went to work with her   tongue and lips.

Maria moaned loudly and grabbed the back of Liz's head. She was in heaven.   Liz's warm, wet tongue felt wonderful. She would plunge it into Maria's hole   a few times and then she would lick at her clit. She would repeat the motion   and then stop to suck on Maria's clit and then start the process over again.   The slightly rough texture of Liz's tongue only served to heighten the   tremors racing through Maria's body with each swipe of her tongue.

Isabel decided it was time to join the party and turn it up a notch. She   jerked Liz to her feet and spun her around. Before Liz could catch her   breath Isabel was shoving her tongue into her mouth and holding her head   still. Isabel's thoughts poured into Liz's mind without a word being spoken.   When Isabel released Liz from the kiss they shared a grin of mutual   understanding and turned to Maria.

"Oh, ho. What are you two up to?"

"This!" Isabel said as she roughly hauled Maria to the center of the bed.   She sat down on Maria's stomach and roughly started to knead her tits. "You   like that don't you? Want me to pinch them, baby?" Without waiting for an   answer Isabel pinched her tits and watched the mix of intense pleasure and   pain wash over Maria's face. She leaned in low and sucked on the soft skin of Maria's neck.

At the same time Isabel's teeth scraped over an extremely sensitive spot on   Maria's neck Liz went back to work on Maria's pussy. The shock of the   sensations sent Maria over the edge. She cried out and bucked her hips up   into Liz's face as she came.

Liz licked up Maria's girl cum as she came. She couldn't believe the taste.   She knew then and there it was one thing she would never be able to get   enough of. She continued to lap at Maria's pussy until Maria's breathing had   returned to normal and no more trace of juice could be found. She then   looked up to find her two lovers watching her.

Isabel's gaze was almost detached as she looked at Liz and said simply,   "Your turn."


Should I continue? Comments and flames are welcome. Let me know what you   think.

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