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Three Hints

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 31, 2002

TITLE: Three Hints
ARCHIVE: Yes to the archive for this list. Otherwise ask me first.
PAIRING: Max/Michael ::shivers::
RATING:NC-17 totally.
SPOILERS: nope, not that i can find.
NOTES/SUMMARY:Michael walks in to see Max in a compromising position.Then things get alittle fun.
DISCLAIMER:Ok, Ok, I don't own them, but damn it'd be really fun if I did.
FEEDBACK:Ya know i'd love feedback, but when it comes to me saying i suck at spelling and grammer, it hurts my feelings. I mean I know I suck at them, but I mean I don't need to be reminded of it all the time. So please, constructive criticism is very welcome and anything else...just be kind please.
DEDICATION/ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Umm...sence this came to me while i was reading other people's Roswell Slash, i guess i should think all Max/Michael writters :)

        I don't know what I expected when I stuck up to Max's window in the middle of the night.

        I really don't. But seeing Max totally naked with one hand on his long thick cock and the other twinking one of his nipples was just...well shit.

        I mean I've seen his cock before, we like grew up best friends. I've even seen Is' naked...but this was different 'duh'. I watched as his hands stroked slowly up and down his cock, his thumb stroking over the head on the downward stroke. I shivered.

        "Max?" I said it quietly, I didn't really want him to stop, this was just beyond hot.

        Max just turned his head, looking at me like he thought I were a dream. The next thing I knew his back was arching and he whimpered my name as he came.

        "M-Max?" I attempted again; now my cock was the one achingly hard. I never in all my dreams thought that Max would be the one coming with my name on his lips, maybe Liz's name or even Tess'...but mine? Ok maybe I had dreamed about it, but shit who wouldn't?

        Max's eyes got wide after he closed them and opened them again. He must have realized that I wasn't a dream. "Christ Michael!"

        He nearly flew off his bed groping for the blanket at the foot of it. " long have you been there?" His voice was shaky.

        I nearly rolled my eyes. But instead I grinned, it was just alittle bit predatorily walking over to him. "Long enough Maxwell." My voice was low and husky. I made sure he knew exactly what I was thinking.

        I didn't think his eyes could get any wider. He gasped, backing away. Oh that's rich your majesty, I laugh in my head. Back away from your second like a scared virgin. Wait...back up...Max was a virgin wasnt he? Damn. This was going to be fun.

        "I'm...I'm sorry Michael." He tried. "I didn't know you were here, I thought..."

        Ya know, I really shouldn't love how much I'm making my King and best friend squirm. Or how I'm going to make him beg. "Ya, i know what you thought Maxwell."

        "What was I doing to you Maxwell?" I asked ignoring his apology and cocked my head to the side. I didn't need it and I definitely didn't want it. I had him backed against the wall now. Hearing his breathing coming shorter and harsher. My hand runs down his chest passing over his nipples and at his moan I took it between my fingers and squeezed quick and hard. "Are you going to tell me Maxwell??"

        He shakes his head, I think he was getting over the shock and starting to realize what was going on. "Michael, what do you think your doing?"

        I laughed. This time I did roll my eyes. "I'll give you three hints Maxwell." I leaned over using my hands to pull his face to mine for a full on kiss. We'd done this once when we were younger, I'd liked it, but I guess Max didn't think he should or something. Cause obviously he'd liked it now.

        My tongue was like a probe tasting out every inch of his mouth. He didn't react at first, but alittle more probing and he was sucking on my tongue. But when the need for oxygen become to much I pulled my mouth back, seeing the bruised redness of Max's mouth and his tongue dart out to touch those full lips, I grinned. "That was hint number one, Maxwell."

        I pressed my mouth back to his, startled but pleased alittle when I felt his hands tentively on my hips, and pulling me closer to him. I reached my hands up to my own shirt unbuttoning it and peeling it off my shoulders but still kissing him. With that off, I put my hands on either side of his head, and thrusting my hips up against his. We moaned into each others mouth. "God Max." I groaned when I pulled my mouth away from his. His hips had started a rough rocking motion.

        "Shouldn't you be saying hint number 2 right about now Michael?" Max gave me this absolutely wicked grin. I narrowed my eyes, something didn't seem quite right here. But with Max's hands on my hips pulling us together roughly, our cocks sliding together. I couldn't stop moaning to think about it.

        Max's mouth was on my neck, kissing and nibbling. I wondered idly when I'd lost control of this situation...not that I was complaining mind you.

        "Oh god Max!" I whimpered feeling his hand traveling down my abs to my aching cock. His mouth closed over my mouth quickly smothering the cry as his hand found my cock. He turned me so I was the one against the wall, and begun his decent to his knees.

        I knew I wasn't going to last long if Max was going to do what it looked like he was gonna do. I'd been hard sense seeing Max on the bed pleasuring himself, and my game had not helped my self-control.

        "Are you ready Michael?" Max asked, his breath on my cock. I growled my hands going to his hair, I'm not a patient man.

        "Christ just do it Max." I growled through clenched teeth when I saw the gleam in his eye. Where had my scared virgin gone?

        I rolled my head against the wall, feeling like I was dieing as Max's tongue darted out to lick across the slit in the top of my cock. Then his hands were on me too, one on my shaft like the way his hand had been on himself when I snuck in. And the other hand was strategically placed on my balls, rubbing them between his fingers gently, one finger traveling behind to that little patch of skin that made me buck into his mouth and come so hard I think I nearly passed out.

        The next thing I knew I was on my back on his bed. He was studying me and licking his lips. I wondered what I'd taste like in his mouth. When his mouth descended on mine, giving me a taste. I couldn't help but giggle. Tabasco sauce, lemon heads, and something distinctly alien. Heh. Fancy that.

        Max was giving me a look. Probably wondering what in the name of god I could be giggling at a time like this. "I'm sorry, it's my taste..." I shrugged when his eyebrows raised just alittle further. I sobered up alittle my brows coming together alittle, "That was great Maxwell...where did you learn how to do that?" He just grinned crookedly at me.

        I was getting alittle worried, Max usually talked more then this. "Max are you ok?" Suddenly realizing everything that had just taken place. "Shit Max, I'm sorry I shouldn't have done this." I groaned.

        Max burst out laughing, startling me all to hell. "Max?" I asked tentivly, something just was not right here.

        "You know Michael, you talk to much." He said a devious look in his eye. "You really think I didn't hear you coming up here do you? You make more noise then an elephant wearing sqeeky shoes."

        "Max! What the fuck is going on here?" I demanded trying to sit up, but Max's hands stopped me pushing me back down. "Let me up."

        "Stop struggling Michael." He said in that fucking don't-agrue-with-me-or-else tone. "I've wanted you for a very long time Michael, I've wanted you really bad. I-I had this flash back awhile ago, it happened when I healed Liz. It was a flash of you and I together Michael. Well who we were, when I was king. You were kneeling before me, taking me in your mouth. I tried to deny it. I was set that you would never want me like that, and I convinced myself that I'd never want you like that. That's why I become so obsessed with Liz. Don't get me wrong I do love her, but she's not...she not well you."

        I looked up to him with wide eyes, and with my mouth hanging open. "Jesus Christ Max!" I said, I had stopped struggling before to listen, but I started all over again now. "Why the fuck didn't you tell me?! I've wanted you sense we were kids you ass. I thought I was fucked in the head. You were the only guy I'd ever wanted."

        Atleast he had the grace to look taken back and alittle ashamed. "I'm sorry Michael. I just thought...I thought it would be easier that way."

        "Whatever!" I growled, this was not how I saw this night coming to an end. Hell it wasn't like I thought this night was going to go at all. "What the fuck about this?" I said giving up the struggle once again to wave my hand between us. "Why now?"

        He shrugged, "I thought it was as good a time to test to see if you wanted me or not. I *was* masturbating when you started up, I was going to stop but I thought better of it. If you had teased me I would just deal with it, but I was hoping this was going to happen." He shrugged again.

        I sighed, it wasn't a totally jerk-ass thing to do and I could see where he was coming from. I tried to sit up again, but he wouldn't let me. "Why the hell aren't you letting me up?" I demanded.

        He grinned looking down at me, "Because we're not done yet. We still haven't gotten to that last hint you offered me Michael."

        Max proceeded to show me exactly what that hint was. I couldn't sit straight for a week, the girls kept asking me about it. Max would just hid his smug grin, but Is' and Tess would give me weird looks.

        Oh well. Life was good. And looking better by the minute. I'll give you three hints on how much better it was becoming??

        The End.

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