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Ritualistic Sex Thing

Reply to Josephine

Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive April 3, 2003

Author: Josephine
Warning: NC17 Slash, Incest 3M Fic
Summary, Yes they had hot Alien Sex
Ray is from the Metz books, he is an alien who guides Max
Disclaimer: own nothing of Katims, Metz UpN
Feedback: Its the air I breathe

        "Isabel, move it." Commanded Michael

        Isabel's voice floated out from her bedroom; "Max tell me again why Michael needs to be there?"

        Max let out a frustrated sigh "I thought you two promised not to do this today, I'm nervous enough about this."

        "Hey tell it to Princess." Replied Michael with a snide grin.

        "Good to see we're all adults here." Replied Max sarcastically

        Finally Isabel completed dressing. She slipped the crown of Ivy in her tote, along with the ingredients that Max had instructed her to steal from the pantry. Coming out of the bedroom, Isabel let out a slight gasp when she saw her brother and Michael. Michael's outgrown hair was clean and shiny, his scruff was completely shaved off, and he wore a black turtleneck, black jeans and dockers... oh and of course the always present chain hanging from a pocket. Still, he was beautiful. She felt a tingle that leapt from her stomach and traveled down between her thighs.

        Max wore the same outfit minus the chain. He wore the gold medalion that Ray had given him. It was small but against the black turtleneck it gleamed and couldn't be overlooked. He had a knap sack slung over one shoulder. He also was beautiful. Why hadn't she noticed that before? He was her brother that's why. Max and Michael hadn't noticed the little gasp that had escaped from Isabel. They were too busy staring in awe of this statuesque beauty. Isabel wore the black turtleneck dress that she bought yesterday as per Ray's instructions. It reached her ankles, but was slit on either side almost to her hips. Her hair was loose and she wore only a smudge of charcoal to outline her intense brown eyes. She was sensual and voluptuous.

        Max was the first to break the spell, clearing his throat in a nervous way. "Okay, good lets, lets get going, are you going to be able to walk in those boots Is?"

        "Max, please I was born in heels." Quipped Isabel.

        Michael walked towards Isabel silently and brushed her hair away from her neck, gazing intently into her eyes. "You forgot the earrings." He said huskily.

        "They're in the tote, I didn't want to chance losing them on the way." Replied Isabel a bit dreamily.

        Max felt a pang of... what jealousy? What was wrong with him, and what was wrong with Isabel and Michael? Since when did they make goo goo eyes at each other? "C'mon, lets head out." Ground out Max a bit sharply. His sister and his best friend followed closely behind him towards the Jeep.

        They drove towards the desert just as the sun began to sink in a glory of orange and vermillion. They were headed for the cliffs. Ray waited for them, to perform a ritual that he wouldn't discuss with them except to tell them what to wear and what to bring. After parking the jeep a ways off from the cliffs and covering it with the beige tarp to camouflage it the three made their way towards the cliffs.

        Ray had a blazing bonfire going and there were thick black blankets arranged around the fire. Trays with tiny bottles on them were on one of the black blankets. A gold curved knife sat on one blanket that reminded Michael of something out of an Ali Baba flick. The knife sent shivers up all their spines as they began to wonder what kind of ritual this was.

        Ray looked disapprovingly at the two men. "Why haven't you lined your eyes?!!!"

        Max pulled the charcoal liner from his backpack guiltily. "I was hoping that maybe that part was optional." replied Max.

        Put it on each other now, and stop being juvenile, snapped Ray.

        Max started to line Michael's eyes.

        "Look what's up with all this crap? You said you'd explain once we got here, we're here and looks like queer too." Snapped Michael as he begrudgingly allowed Max to line his eyes with the weird charcoal pencil Ray had given them.

        "Michael, shut-up." Replied Ray calmly. "I will explain once you have started the first phase of the ritual. If you have any misgivings about it you can always go home and wait for your insides to shrivel and die... completely your call space boy."

        Michael glared at Ray, and wondered how he knew about Maria's nick name for him. Michael lined Max's eyes and then the three of them headed to the nearest blanket. Isabel handed Ray the tote with the ingredients after she took out the earrings and put them on. The three sat on a blanket, their features glowed with the light reflected from the fire.

        "Drink from those bottles, take a sip from each bottle, and keep passing them around till they are empty. No chugging Michael." Instructed Ray as he put the ingredients in a large steel bowl, mixing the dry ingredients with a vial of liquid from his pocket.

        All three aliens were struck by how wonderful the liquids tasted. For once tabasco and sugar weren't necessary. The texture was like Sambuca, thick and warm. Soon they began to feel completely calm and relaxed. But as they passed the bottles around they also became a little giddy. Michael poured a few drops of liquid on Isabel's bared knee and proceeded to lick it off, chasing the liquid with his tongue down her thigh. They both laughed. Max again felt a pang of jealousy, he gave Michael a little push, only to push Michael into Isabel's lap. Michael and Isabel laughed harder. Michael lay with his head propped in her lap as she dribbled a little of the liquid in his mouth, only to lick at his lips for what spilled.

        "Michael get up." Commanded Max through clenched teeth.

        "Max shut-up." Instructed Ray in his weirdly calm way.

        Max glared at Ray. "Okay, we're obviously in phase one, so spill, what's all this about. And what's wrong with Michael and Isabel?"

        "First things first". Replied Ray as he approached Max a steel bowl in hand with what looked liked dark green oatmeal in it.

        Michael sat up peeking into the bowl. "No way am I consuming that agent green man." Laughed Michael.

        Ray scooped some of the mixture in his fingers. "My King, My Lord of all that stretches across Antaria. I offer thee the nourishment of our land and Kingdom so that you may be fortified for what is to come."

        Max almost drooled at the smell of the mixture. It smelled incredibly delicious. But he looked at Ray's fingers, and cocked an eyebrow at him. "Yeah, I don't think so Ray, give me a spoon or..."

        Ray shoved two fingers into Max's open mouth, dumping the mixture into his mouth using Max's bottom teeth to scrape the mixture off his fingers.

        "EEEEWWW." Cried Michael and Isabel collapsing in laughter.

        Max looked at Ray with a fury that he'd never displayed before. He swallowed the mixture quickly and began to get to his feet, but he felt suddenly heavy and a little drunk.

        "Here you are my King, this will make you feel better." Ray extended the vial to Max.

        Max accepted the vial spilling it into his mouth. What was wrong with him? He was doing what Ray told him to do like an obedient lap dog. However he felt very warm and relaxed at the moment. It was like for the first time in his life he could chill. He smiled lazily at Michael and Isabel who returned his smile with their own. Isabel passed her brother the bottle that she had just drunk from. It was the last one. Max finished off the bottle.

        Ray extended the curved knife to Max.

        Max frowned and took the knife from Ray with a question in his eyes.

        Michael stared at the knife, as if he were looking at an exotic flower.

        "It's time for the anointing of the Royal." Said Ray.

        "What?" Asked Max.

        Ignoring Max's question, Ray placed the ivy wreath on Isabel's head then took her hand leading her to the second blanket. "Hey!" Michael shouted as his head hit the ground with no lap under it suddenly. Isabel giggled and stood on the blanket facing Max. Ray had to steady her by placing a hand on each shoulder.

        Max got up unsteadily, and walked towards Ray and Isabel, the knife still in his hand. "Hey wat are you doing with my sister?" Slurred Max.

        When he was finally standing a foot in front of Isabel, Ray answered him. "Use the blessed blade to strip your Royal of her gown, then drop it into the fire, blade and gown. Then you will anoint her with all the liquids in these bottles."

        Max found himself gazing at Isabel's form, imagining what was beneath the dress. He looked into Isabel's eyes looking for permission.

        "Go for it Max. Shrivelling inards is just not my idea of an alternative." Replied Isabel to the unspoken query.

        Michael sat up, suddenly alert and intent on watching Max disrobe Isabel. With a few motions the dress slipped to the ground in shreds. Max had sliced the material with the precision of a surgeon. There wasn't a scratch on Isabel's creamy flesh.

        "Isabel lie down." Instructed Ray. She obediently complied.

        Max poured the liquid from one of the bottles, it was oily and seemed to be scented slightly with a citrus smell, and patchouli? He stared at Isabel's ample breasts and the apex of her sex. She shaves, everywhere thought Max. He felt a stirring in his own sex, he tried to think of baseball statistics to get his mind off the incredibly beautiful naked woman before him. Isabel had closed her eyes and sighed as Max began to rub the different oils all over her body.

        "All over, Max, underarms, back of the neck, behind the ears, between her legs, everywhere." Instructed Ray from just outside the circle of light created by the fire.

        "Uh hey can I help Max with that." Gulped Michael.

        "No." came the reply from the darkness.

        Max had covered almost every inch of Isabel except between her legs. He was now sporting a full erection from spending probably too much time rubbing oil on her breasts. Isabel slid her legs up so her knees were bent and spread her legs slightly. Michael groaned in frustration. Max took a bottle of oil and poured it on top of her sex, and began to rub her with the palm of his hand, she began to gasp and pant.

        "That's fine Max, now go back to Michael's blanket." Came Ray's voice from the darkness.

        Isabel groaned in frustration. Max reluctantly withdrew his hand, and headed towards Michael plucking up the blade and the scraps of dress and throwing them both into the fire.

        "My turn?" Asked Michael hopefully.

        Ray approached Michael and Max, he had a look of determination on his face. "Okay, now for the tough part." Said Ray tentatively. Michael and Max looked at each other uneasily.

        "The Royal and Heir to Our most blessed land, shall consecrate his most trusted Guardian and Head of his army, who shall extend the royal line, blending the best of his lineage with that of the Royal Elite."

        "I don't like the sound of this Max." Whispered Michael.

        Max almost didn't hear Michael, he was so busy returning the hungry gaze of his sister's.

        "Max, Max!" Said Ray.

        "What? here, what?" Fumbled Max.

        "Kiss Michael, kiss him with the ardor that you wish to kiss Is,.. Liz with, take all his clothes off, and then you must, hmmn, you must spill your seed on his member."

        "What!!!" Screamed both young men glaring at Ray.

        "Perhaps you should drink a few more bottles of the.... " Began Ray.

        "Ray, what messed up acid trip brought all this on? Ground out Michael.

        "Ray, there's just no way... " began Max.

        "Shriveled internal organs and an excruciating death that will last days." Replied Ray.

        Max and Michael looked at each other un-certainly. Isabel looked from her brother to Michael, and back and forth. She felt another wave of moisture seep from her sex. "Ray, is there any rule against me helping Max and Michael?" Asked Isabel.

        "No, I suppose not." Replied Ray.

        "Isabel, what are you thinking about?" Asked Max, but despite himself he was becoming very intrigued and to be blunt very horny.

        "Just undress each other." Answered Isabel, as she slowly approached them both.

        In moments both men were naked and both were hard.

        "Now kneel in front of each other about a foot and a half apart." Instructed Isabel. When they were in position Isabel slid between them slowly descending to her knees facing Michael. Both men groaned as her silky skin slid against their bodies. She was astonished that both men were exactly the same anatomically, at least the anatomy between their legs.

        Max put his hands on her hips rubbing softly against her buttocks, a little cum seeped from his painfully hard member. Michael had his hands just above Max's, he wasted no time and began to kiss her rubbing his aching member against her clit drawing moans from her, soon their tongues dualled for dominance. Meanwhile Max began to kiss and suck her flesh from behind, he had abandoned all pretense of brotherly feelings for Isabel. Isabel pulled away from Michael and rasped out, "Now kiss each other, make me hotter."

        With a moment's hesitation Max and Michael began to kiss. at first tentatively and then with a passion that they never guessed lay just below the surface. Isabel pulled one of Max's hands to one breast, and one of Michael's to the other and ground herself into them both. She was close to orgasm just from the touching and Michael's member grinding against her clitoris. Sliding down so that she lay down on the blanket, Isabel reached up and began to stroke both men's members. Max and Michael both pulled back and looked at Isabel. "Michael, I want you to make me cum with your hand, and Max I want to ..." Isabel sat up and took Max's full length into her mouth and began to suck and lick around his sensitive head. Max let out a long Uhhhhnnn sound as his eyes rolled up into his head. Michael was furiously stroking her sex alternatively pushing two fingers deep inside her. She moaned around Max's member. Max began to pump his member in and out of her mouth harder and faster, he had never felt anything as incredible as this, he was coming close to the edge. Isabel groaned and met Michael's thrust with thrusts of her own, elevating her hips. Suddenly Isabel stopped her ministrations of Max's member. "Max, finish, finish on Michael's member." Gasped Isabel.

        Max was so close that he had no trouble climaxing by hand over Michael's throbbing member. Isabel climaxed, as she watched hungrily as Max climaxed on Michael.

        "Now the annointed one shall mate with the Royal Sister." Instructed Ray huskilly.

        Max lay back spent. He felt the pang of jealousy again, but pushed it down.

        Michael wasted no time, withdrawing his fingers and replacing them with his aching member. Isabel began to keen with need, Michael pumped into her like a machine. Isabel grabbed Max's hand. Max turned on his side to watch her. He felt himself stir again. Michael kissed Isabel deeply, grunting and trying to get deeper into her clenching hot walls, finally he grabbed her knees pushing them against her chest, her keening grew louder. Michael could hold back no longer and climaxed. He fell away from her, feeling spent but guilty that she hadn't climaxed. A disappointed groan escaped from Isabel. Then suddenly Max was on top of her, she immediately pulled her knees to her chest again.

        Max felt his stomach drop, there was no turning back now. He wondered if Ray would try to stop them. He wondered if he was ruining the ritual. The thoughts disappeared however as he heard Isabel moan. He reached over and grabbed Michael's hand placing it between them on her throbbing clitoris. Michael immediately began a fast stroking causing Isabel to buck and gasp, he assaulted her nipples with his tongue and sucked frantically. Max was even more turned on by this display. He began a slow steady stroke in and out of her. First plunging in to the hilt and then slowing and withdrawing. Isabel grabbed his ass, trying to speed him up but he kept control. She was panting and stroking Michael's hair as he suckled her, but she was staring directly into Max's eyes. Max began to pick up the pace, until he was pounding into her, she met his every thrust with one of her own. Michael withdrew when he sensed that they were both close to climaxing. Now Max couldn't hold himself up anymore and lay flush against Isabel, only one knee kept him from collapsing. Isabel had never felt this way before, she placed her hands on either side of Max's face and pulled him in for a searing kiss, his hands massaged and teased her sensitive nipples. Suddenly her walls clenched around his member. She was coming and crying out into his mouth, she suddenly went limp and with a few more plunges Max finally allowed himself to climax. All three were now kissing and touching.

        "It is done. " Came a voice from the darkness.

        "Wha?" Asked a depleted Michael

        "The ritual is complete." Remarked Ray.

        "That, that was the ritual." asked Max shakily.

        "You mean even what Max and I did?" Asked an exhausted Isabel.

        "Yes, I was worried that that part would be a stumbling block for you two. But I underestimate the power of species memories. Species memories are..." Began Ray.

        "Memories passed down genetically from generation to generation, usually in mammals, like how a baby turtle knows to go into the ocean from the nest on shore with no one to teach him to do it." Finished Max.

        "Quite right Max, good to know you pay attention in your biology class."

        All three lovers looked at each other with dawning knowledge. On their planet the royal four, were all lovers. Only Isabel was allowed to procreate however. The fourth alien Royal was still unknown to them and Ray wouldn't even tell them if it was male or female. But they were all too exhausted to try to pry the information from the enigmatic Ray. For now they would just clean up and return to their normal teenage lives secure in the knowledge that they were not in for shriveling internal organs and a death that lasted for days.... Though who knew what else Ray had in store for them.


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