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Within These Icy Walls, Part Four

Reply to Jessamyn

Posted to the NarcissisticReflections mailing list January 9, 2001

Perfection. She'd never realized how easily it was attained, the thing she'd been striving for all her life. But she'd found it now, in the touch of skin on skin, mouth to mouth with this... girl. All she had to do was let go, let someone else take control for once in her life, and it wasn't hard at all.

Isabel let the feelings flow through her, around her, within her even as the other moved over, around, and finally within her as well. Let her instincts take over, let her hips thrust up against the delving fingers, let the icy shield around her melt away into nothing...

Bliss. Intense and pure, in its rawest form. It burned through her veins, lasting only a moment, but then again it never did last. Perfection was in the moments, and Isabel's epiphany brought the House down around her ears. Literally.

Cold stone slid from mortar, crashing down into the sea, and a scream that no one heard echoed in the night.

Lonnie awoke with a start, fuzzily taking in her surroundings. The cramped confines of the car closed in around her, and she gave Rath a look that singed his eyebrows when it looked like he was going to say something to her. Wisely, he shut up.

Adjusting the mirror she checked to make sure her little 'nap' hadn't ruined her makeup. A ferine grin crossed her lips as she caught sight of the dark and light heads nestled together in the backseat.

'Betcha don't know what a hot little number that sister of yours is' Lonnie thought at the sleeping boy's reflection. Or maybe he did. She and Zan had certainly...well that didn't matter now. Zan was dead. Which had brought about this happy little accident of knowing her double.

'Thanks, Bro.' she thought with wicked glee, flashing back to the look of ecstasy on Isabel's face, 'Thanks a lot.'

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