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Within These Icy Walls, Part Three

Reply to Jessamyn

Posted to the NarcissisticReflections mailing list December 29, 2000

Liquid flames danced over her skin wherever Lonnie's tongue trailed and she gasped when it reached one of her already stiff and aching nipples, twirling round and round but never touching the sensitive tip. "Bitch" Isabel hissed venomously, arching her back in an effort to get Lonnie to do just that.

But Lonnie would have none of that, removing her lips from Isabel entirely. "Uh, uh, uh" she tisked in reproach, a wicked light in her eyes. Isabel just looked at her, mutely pleading.

In response Lonnie did not resume her previous actions but instead twisted the wet nub painfully between her fingers. And somehow that was just as good. Her cry seemed to please Lonnie to no end. "That's what I thought..." she said, although as to what exactly she thought Isabel didn't know. Instead she looked on as the other removed her frayed jean sleeveless shirt and heavy combat boots. Now the girl was nude save for her tight leather pants.

Isabel drank in the sight of her and paused to wonder why she hadn't removed the last barrier. She didn't have long to do so though. As soon as the clothing left her hands Lonnie was upon her again, sliding up her body in a sinuous movement and letting her weight rest against her side. They fit perfectly.

Lonnie turned her head to the side with a prodding, light slap against her cheek and kissed her. First teasing at the corners of Isabel's mouth, then along her bottom lip, before sweeping inside. Feelings that Isabel had never encountered before overwhelmed her. Oh she'd let boys kiss her at the end of their dates, and Alex's kisses had been sweet and warm, but this was elemental. So fierce and intense and hot...or was it cold? Isabel guessed it didn't matter, for both fire and ice burned when powerful enough.

Isabel's survival instinct kicked in, and she responded to Lonnie's kiss. It was either that or be consumed.

Lonnie loved the way they connected. She didn't have to stretch or strain at all, didn't get a cramp in her neck for a mere kiss, they meshed so well. What had began as an act of dominance (and it was still that too) had become an intoxication in it's own right. She was drunk off the taste of Isabel, of herself, of them. Bitter, sweet, salty, hot... the mixture was just right.

And she nearly crowed aloud when Isabel gave up her passive facade and started reciprocating. For a long while she was content to keep things as they were; kissing, bodies pressed together and wiggling, an occasional stroke of the hand......

'More' an inner voice prompted her.

Come take my hand - you should know me
I've always been in your mind
Your destiny has arrived
I'll bring all your dreams alive
There's no other road to take
You won't make a mistake
Cause I'll be guiding you
You have to believe we are magic
Nothin' can stand in our way

Slowly, yet surely, Lonnie moved. Now that Isabel was engaged it was time to up the seduction, time to make the magic happen.


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