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Within These Icy Walls, Part Two

Reply to Jessamyn

Posted to the NarcissisticReflections mailing list December 24, 2000

"Where are you runnin' little girl?" Lonnie asked with a raspy purr that sent shivers down her spine. Isabel stopped, realizing that she was indeed trying to run away, and that there was no place to run to. So as casually as she could manage, she turned and made her way to the fireplace, settling herself on an oversized cushion, as if she'd intended to do so all along.

Calming her racing heart she replied "Running? Why would I? This is my tower after all..." Isabel's eyes flickered with reflected light and inner emotions as she asked herself that question but pushed it aside. She didn't want to think about it.

Lonnie's boots slapping against the floor turned Isabel's attention back to her. She watched as Lonnie made her way across the room. Watched the way her hips swayed with the natural grace of her stride. Watched as her pale pink tongue swept over black lipstick. The gleam in her eyes was unnerving. "Scared? Think maybe I'll do somethin' bad to ya?" Lonnie prodded, sinking to her knees before her and leaning closer still "Something naughty?" Her smirk bordered on a leer as she taunted her. "Or maybe you're afraid that I won't."

What do you say
To a dream that won't go away
Cause I don't know if I can stand this
Forever isn't something you want to be
And I rely on familiar things
Seven days all have special meanings
But you just call it a week

The bold girl's hot breath, so close on Isabel's chilled flesh, left beads of moisture clinging to her neck and shoulder. 'This must be what an ice sculpture feels like' she thought arbitrarily. For she was melting, and suddenly very aware of how much she did want Lonnie to do something to her. Isabel held her breath in anticipation.

For her ready submission she was rewarded; the fiery brand of Lonnie's lips pressing against her throat with an almost painful intensity. She tried to bite back a mewl of pleasure, but it escaped her mouth anyway, seeming as loud as a scream in the otherwise silent room.

The tiny sound brought a feeling of self-satisfaction to Lonnie and her lips curved against Isabel's skin, all the more pleased because she knew just how much Isabel didn't want to make it. Before the night was over though she'd have her begging for just one more touch, one more kiss.

Easing the other girl down, she watched her hair take on a silver gilt as it was spread out in the swath of moonlight from the window, and let her eyes scour the other's form. Lonnie knew the body beneath the satin well, where to touch, where to pinch, but there were subtle differences. Isabel's body had a softer cast, slightly rounder where Lonnie was lean. Although they were genetically the same, their lifestyles had an effect in shaping them as well.

When her eyes made the return trip up, she was caught by Isabel's own gaze. They girl had been studying Lonnie in return. Waiting for her next move, Lonnie supposed; wanting this but unwilling to aid the coming acts. 'Not yet...' Lonnie promised herself silently.

Using her strength and powers Lonnie 'ripped' the dress down the center, getting it out of the way. Only flesh lay beneath, which surprised her a little. Well, it -was- a dream...she just hadn't thought Isabel the type. Smoothing a hand over Isabel's side and hip, she murmured to her, voice like velvet over sandpaper, "Guess you were just itchin' for someone to give it to ya, eh?"

"Tramp," she teased before bending to flick her tongue over Isabel's abdomen.

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