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Within These Icy Walls, Part One

Reply to Jessamyn

Posted to the NarcissisticReflections mailing list December 20, 2000

Title: Within These Icy Walls
author: Jessamyn
rating: NC - 17
summary: The reformation of her ice princess exterior may be more dangerous to Isabel than she knows.
disclaimer: I own nothing. All characters belong to their creators... Katims and Co, the WB, Fox (all the big wigs), and brought to life by some wonderfully talented actors (Katherine Heigl in particular) . Lyrics are based on or sampled from those by Anggun, Matchbox Twenty, and others.
Dedication: Thanks Hel for introducing me to By the Moon and all your help. Thank you Kel, for -your- help and yeah... just for existing. Love you both.

I'm tired of letting go all that I've tried to have
I'm tired of wasting time looking up to the wrong stars
I need to take a look into myself
And be the master of my own destiny

She was trapped in a lonely tower. A lushly appointed tower to be sure but a prison all the same. A single window gave her a glimpse of freedom and the minimal comfort of the full moon. Isabel pressed her palms against the icy sill and looked down, down, down to the rocky shore upon which the seas crashed. No exit there.

Turning she viewed a roaring fire that threatened to consume itself in a blink, but never seemed to tire, no matter how long she stared into it. Strange that, since she felt no warmth at all. Isabel was frozen to the bones. Numb to the touch.

"Vilandra. Are you...... Vilandra?"

His voice echoed within the walls as if projected from a far distance. Pain slashed at her heart until she threw up a hand, thickening the stones of her tower and blocking out the sound. She remembered now why she was here.

A sparkle of light caught her interest, effectively distracting her. She drifted past the bed with its fawn colored furs and rich amber pillows toward the mirror. It was massive. More than full length and easily able to show all of her. There she finally noticed her dress, a confection of lace and satin, all flowing skirt and trailing sleeves that left her shoulders bare. Isabel stood mesmerized. She twirled around before her reflection, giddy as a child playing dress-up.

And thus never noticed when the glass's surface shivered then rippled as a pool into which a stone had been dropped. She only noticed that something was amiss when she stopped, breathless.

Lonnie winked at her from within the shadows of the mirror's depth. "Havin' fun?" she asked with a capricious grin. Isabel backed up with a dumbfounded expression on her face. No one was supposed to be able to surmount her defenses! Yet Lonnie had done so without breaking a sweat.

As easily as slicing through water her clone clad in leather and rough denim emerged from the glass and into her sanctuary. Isabel pulled herself up regally, the bedpost against her back a welcomed extra spine, and proclaimed coldly "You don't belong here."

Stalking toward her Lonnie shook her head and tisked, "I have as much right to be here as you. After all.... I -am- you." She stopped inches away from Isabel, eyes raking over her like hot coals.

I'll make you dream of me until night is over
Just a breath away in the dark
We move so free and easy, just like it should be
Just you can give me all that I need
My desires never end, will you meet me where the shadows blend

A strange feeling grew within Isabel and her body betrayed her by shifting nervously. Lonnie's easy smile and the way she brushed past her to sprawl on the bed made her confusion grow. What was she doing here? What did she want?

"Feels like home" Lonnie commented, looking around the room, eyes picking out every detail with a nod of approval. While not exactly right it still had the feel of Vilandra's old haunts. The overindulgent kinda place that she preferred.

Fascinating really, how much the old gal was still alive, but not really useful. Lonnie sighed. Looked like this might be the last trip she'd make into Isabel's subconscious. Pity, since it was always an interesting encounter. Especially since she'd made sure Isabel never consciously remembered it.

Ever since she, Rath, and Ava had met up with their doubles in Roswell, Lonnie had been making these little forays; Gathering information, playing on Isabel's fears, and basically just having a good time. Now that she had no excuse to come she wasn't sure that she actually wanted to stop.

Letting her eyes rest on her goody-goody doppleganger, she saw that the girl was equal parts confused and frightened. Oh this was priceless. Lonnie was finally getting to her. In the past it had been all righteous indignation for daring to invade her mind. Finally, here was the fear and respect that she deserved.

But no.... Lonnie looked closer. Took hold of the bed post to draw herself upright even as the little princess stepped back. It wasn't Lonnie that she was afraid of. It was herself. Or rather the feelings that were growing within her.

When you close your eyes
Do you like what you see
Inside your mind
Don't go to the other side for nothing at all
Gonna make it worth your while
Gonna break down that wall
Gonna make you fall
Inside your mind

A smile touched Lonnie's lips. Maybe she wouldn't be quite so quick to leave after all.

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