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Reply to Jessamyn

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list June 14, 2001

Title: Night
Author: Jessamyn (yep, that'd be me)
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Nah, this is pretty AU
Disclaimer: Do I own anything? Nope. I just like to make them happy. Is that so wrong?
Notes: Not beta read. Yep, Im a bad bad girl =oP
Feedback: For me? Awww... you're so sweet. It's constructive critism? Even better. Wait, wait.. what do you mean flames? Yeowch! Those belong in the fireplace. *toss*

        She'd always smelt like rain. Fresh rain on a spring night. And of the vanilla that she so loved, sweet and innocent.

        Now she smells of sizzling ozone and her vanilla innocence is tainted with the spicy scent of tobasco.

        Most of all though I smell the musky odor of our sweat slick bodies tangled beneath the sheets. No longer a thing of purity but something just as awesome.

        The raw power of their love on this hot summer night, iconocized by the silky tangle of her dark hair against my shoulder. There for all to see upon our flushed skin if only there were others to see.

        I roll gently to disengage her embrace but my wish to have her sleep on is unfulfilled. The fluttering of lashes and that sweet sleepy smile are going to make it that much more difficult to leave.

        "Hey, go back to sleep" I urge her with a whisper, bending to press a tender kiss to her forehead.

        Her muted whimper tugs at my heart, as I know it was designed to do but knowing doesn't make it any less effective, and I'm half tempted to do what her pleading eyes beg of me. Stay.

        "You know I have to go" I sigh. She knows, and sighs her acceptance of that fact with a nod.

        As I slip into my clothing she's already falling back into a satiated slumber but I return to give her a fire filled parting kiss anyway.

        "Goodnight Liz" I smile.

        "Night Isabel" I manage to hear as I slip out of her window and into the night.

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