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A Different Kind of Chemistry

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Added to the Roswell Slash Archive March 13, 2001

        I never really liked the rain, it was always so cold and wet. Rain reminded me of him, of Max. It reminded me of perfection, of destiny. Of stolen kisses. When I saw him kiss Tess that night I knew their fate was sealed. That night I realized he was not the one for me, he belonged to another place and time. A place that I wasn't part of. But that night I also realized I didn't want to be part of it. I finally excepted what I always knew was true, Max and I weren't soulmates, we were caught in a sticky sweet web of what you might call puppy love.

        The rain was pouring on the concrete and I was trapped in the damn back room of the Crashdown once again. I kept thinking about Isabel, and the hug. I couldn't help still feeling the warmth and comfort of her arms. It had been a week since we had stood in this very room, only a few feet away but I still could feel her arms around me, her tears on my flesh. It was just as it should be, how I thought it should be. I had always known we belonged together, we belonged entwined in each other's embrace.

        I wandered out into the alley behind the restaurant and there she was, waiting for me. At first I thought she was a dream, that she wasn't really there. I thought maybe my mind was playing games with itself. But no, it was Isabel standing there.

        I watched as the rain fell across her face. She definitely was beautiful, no one could deny that. But was that my only reason for attraction? Was it only because she had silky blonde hair and blue eyes that iced over to shut out the world? Was it the way she walked, her full hips swaying from side to side? Was it her breathy voice? No, it was deeper, deeper than any place I'd been before.

        The attraction was somewhere deep inside both of us. It came from hurt and pain. It came from illusions of love that others had only started to fill. We were two halves of a whole. We were perfect. And the rain let me see that, it showed me how right we were for each other.

        She took my hand and led me out to the sidewalk. Silently we walked through the streets of Roswell, the rain washing away all thought, all time and space. The moon split through a cloud and cast a silver light that glistened off Isabel's face.

        And then she saw me looking at her and I glanced away. I felt her fingers brush my chin and a shiver ran down my spine. I turned toward her again and this time she was staring back at me. Looking into her eyes was like looking into a mirror. Her feelings were my feelings and mine were hers. There was no beginning and no end.

        There was never any speech between us, we didn't' talk when we were together. There was no need. She told me what she wanted with her eyes, her mouth her hands. And I followed her lead. She entranced me, I was under her fairy spell.

        That was the first time we kissed. She took me as her own, her mouth covered mine, her hands pulled me closer to her. Strange things happened to me when I kissed her. I didn't get flashes like I did from Max, there were no sparks like people in the movies talk about. It was a whole different type of attraction. There was no scientific explanation for this type of love, it was a whole new type of chemistry.

        And I longed to explore every formula and equation. I longed to discover this science and keep it to myself, only letting the world have a glance of what they were missing.

        Her lips caressed my mouth as the rain soaked through our clothes and cooled our heated flesh. My hands tangled through her wet hair as she drew lines across my neck with feather soft kisses. I whispered her name softly and her kisses grew more insistent. But I longed to taste her, I longed to please her. I caught her mouth with mine, the taste of her lips was divine. She tasted like sugar, like honeysuckles and dewdrops.

        I let my tongue explore her mouth. We finished, pulling away, breathless. We stood in the moonlight clinging to each other. We both knew that we had started something, something that we could never let go. "I love you," I whispered. She placed her finger to my lips and then silently walked away. I watched as she disappeared into the shadows. I could still feel her hands around my waist, her skin against mine. I could still feel her lips on my neck, on my face. I could still see the smile she gave me before turning away.

        That night I stayed out in the rain, and this time it was perfect for me too.. The rain was no longer evil. It was a catalyst for a reaction more explosive than any nuclear bomb. Now the rain reminds me of flowers and kisses... and Isabel. It reminds me of honeysuckle and dewdrops and a whole new kind of chemistry. Not the kind you find in books or love stories. One we created. She felt it. And that night I knew I was hers for as long as science endures.


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