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Experiment 101

Reply to Jenn

Posted to the Roswell Slash list November 29, 2000

Title: Experiment 101
Part: 1/1
Rating: not really tell me..
Author: Jenn
Disclaimer: If I owned 'em..I wouldn't be broke! =)
Notes: this is ALL new territory...

"So how are we going to do this?" Tess asked Isabel as they were looking over their English assignment.

"Why did she even pair the class up? Couldn't we all just do this on our own?"

"Probably so, but hey, less work for us, so I'm game." Tess shrugged.

"True.." Isabel nodded, distractedly looking for a lost paper. "Damn, I left the list of requirements downstairs."

"No prob. All we have to do, is cut out a couple articles and write summaries on them."

Just as Isabel reached for the paper, she grabbed Tess's hand, who was also going for the same thing.

"Sorry," Isabel laughed nervously. Tess didn't notice.

"Oh, did you hear the latest rumor about Ms. Mooney?" Tess asked, smiling widely.

"Everyone knows she divorced her husband. That happened forever ago..besides, who cares?" Isabel rolled her eyes.

"No...apparently, the reason she got divorced, is because she doesn't even like men anymore." Tess laughed.

"What, no way?" Isabel said in disbelief. "Everybody knows she's the biggest tease. Haven't you noticed how she favors the guys in her class?"

"That doesn't mean anything." Tess continued to gossip. "See, there are actual 'facts' to this rumor. She just moved in with some chick that apparently just moved into town."

"That would just be..weird."

"I don't know," Tess shrugged. "For such a small town, a lot of that seems to be going on here."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Isabel asked suspiciously.

"Isabel. Half of the girls in our class are freaking each other...*not* their boyfriends."

"How would you know?"

"Haven't you ever wondered why I started changing in the bathrooms, instead of out in the open locker room?" Tess asked.

"Well, yeah, but..some people are weird about the whole changing thing, and change here, in front of *me* all the time."

"Yes...but..I've never caught *you* checking me out."

"Well, now that you mention it..." Isabel trailed off with a smile.

"Even if you least I know where you *haven't* been. Some of the girls in our class...I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole." Tess shuddered at the thought.

"Yeah, and you say that like there are some of them that you *would*." Isabel noted.

"Hey, you never know," Tess raised her eyebrows and smiled. "They say no one knows a woman's body and what she wants done to it, better than another woman."

"You've got to be kidding me." Isabel laughed, again, nervously popping her knuckles.

"Oh, don't do that..I hate that sound." Tess grabbed at Isabel's hands, in an attempt to stop her...but when she made contact, she allowed her hands to linger for a moment. "Sorry," she pulled her hand away quickly. "That's always bothered me."

"So you've really wondered what it's like?" Isabel said, breaking the silence.

"Haven't you?" Tess countered. "It's natural to look at other people -other women- and wonder."

"No way.."

"C'mon...if I can admit it..I *know* you can, too."

" I've looked. But I've never actually considered trying it." Isabel leaned back against her bed, next to Tess. "It's like it's the thing to do, here lately. It's all you see on TV."

"I don't watch TV much...I wouldn't know." Tess laid her head back against the side of the mattress. "I do read a lot of magazines though, and what I've been clued in on, is that, it's like this thing that some teenagers, or whoever, go through and that apparently when they get the nerve to experiment, the highest percentage of them experiment with their best friend."

"That would be like saying that me and you...." Isabel trailed off again, looking over at the smaller girl. "I've wondered..but I don't think I could honestly see myself leaning over and kissing you."

"Really?" Tess glanced over at her friend, unintentionally making eye contact. "I mean..after all it'd just be like another project," she said, leaning a little closer. "You know, a test. A test to find out whether or not each person likes the situation they've been put in. Or something."

"Is that how'd you'd look at it?" Isabel moved a little closer. "Like a test? Or would it be more?"

"I don't know," Tess answered honestly. "that depends."

"On what?" she moved closer, yet again.

"On whether or not we're really about to do this."

"I think we're really about to do this." Isabel reaffirmed her.

"Okay," Tess mumbled as their mouths met awkwardly.

At first, neither of them moved. They only sat there, lips touching, both unsure of what to do. Then at the same time, they both pulled back, covering their mouths nervously with a shaky hand.

"Was you?" Tess asked, this time being the one to break the uncomfortable silence.

"I don't know." Isabel said, truthfully unsure. "Our mouths just touched. I mean, Max and I used to do that when we were little, though I've never told anyone that...but it was because we didn't know what we were doing."

"D...d-do you want to try it again?"

"Sure," Isabel said, no longer feeling uncomfortable. "I mean, we're friends right. If we can't kiss each other and handle it..then what kind of friends would we really be?"

"I guess that's true." Tess agreed. "Ready?"

"Are you afraid?"

"Afraid?" Tess repeated. "No. Nervous? A little."

Isabel nodded in understanding, standing up and pulling Tess to her feet at the same time.

Being the taller of the two, Isabel stepped closer, so that their bodies were merely centimeters apart and slowly bent to kiss her friend. This time, with the utmost gentleness, she touched her mouth to Tess's. Tess moved her mouth over Isabel's slowly and they both felt the tension ease between them.

"How was that?" Isabel asked, pulling back and looking down at the small blonde.

"Surprisingly...." Tess hesitated. "Good."

"You say that as if you expected less from me." Isabel teased.

"Never." Tess insisted, and without warning, she stood on tiptoe and surprised Isabel by kissing both corners of her mouth, before slipping her tongue inside.

When Isabel relaxed, she returned the pressure...and when she felt Tess shudder slightly, she swallowed her sigh and drew the girl closer. Isabel began to back up slowly until her back was pressed firmly against the wall.

"Are you sure you're okay with this?" Tess broke contact first.

"No complaints from me." Isabel assured her.

She had barely gotten the words out before pulling Tess against her body, once again capturing her mouth with her own. When her tongue took possession of them both, she found herself winding her arms around her best friend. Tess's pulse pounded harder in her throat as Isabel deepened the kiss with an almost raging urgency. Tess couldn't do much more than follow her lead as they continued to assault each other with their mouths.

Finally, Isabel eased back. "This definitely shouldn't be happening." She smiled.

"But..I hear it's a deterrent to stress." Tess said informingly as she played with the hem of Isabel's blouse.

"You read too much.." she said.

"Why stop now?" Tess shrugged, backing up a little. "I mean, say we do. Stop, I mean. For the next three days, we're going to torture ourselves, wondering what it would of been like, if we hadn't stopped." She let her hands slide down the length of Isabel's arms, stopping at her hands to entwine their fingers. "If we had...finished our 'experiment'." She began walking backwards toward the queen size bed, on the other side of Isabel's room.

"True," Isabel followed willingly. "But what if we do this...and tomorrow...we wake up, regretting what we've done. Are you really willing to risk that?"

"Haven't we already done that?"

Isabel didn't answer, but instead moved away from Tess. She turned out her overhead light, then quickly ran her hand over a large set-up of candles on her dresser, igniting each one of them with her powers. She looked over in time to see the other girl smile to herself. Tess stood by the bed watching Isabel slowly approaching her. She pressed a nervous hand to her stomach in an attempt to calm herself.

Isabel stood looking down into Tess's soft blue eyes. Neither of them knew what they were doing, or what, exactly, was going to happen, but they did know that what was happening was real. That if they didn't turn back, things were going to be different. Very different.

Tess made the first move this time, reaching up to place her hands on the top button of Isabel's shirt. When she took a deep breath, Tess let her hands drop.

"Are you afraid?" She was the one to ask this time.

"No." Isabel began to repeat what Tess's answer had been earlier. "Nervous? Yes."

Isabel found Tess's hands without looking, and placed them back in their previous position. Tess didn't have to be told twice, and slowly began what she'd started. While she busied herself, Isabel bent to kiss her, trapping Tess's hands between them, crushed against her chest, as she allowed Isabel's tongue to play a game of chase, with her own. Unknowingly, Tess rose on tiptoe, pressing herself closer to the large swell of Isabel's breasts.

Isabel broke the kiss to finish unbuttoning her own blouse. As soon as it hit the ground, her hands moved to the bottom of Tess's shirt and began pulling it up. Tess helped her by raising her arms to make it easier. As soon as it was out of the way, they both instinctively reached for the button on the others jeans. They both let their hands dropped and laughed nervously.

"Want to go first?" Isabel asked with a smile.

" you?"

"Here," Isabel said, taking the initiative and reaching for her own button.

Taking her lead, Tess, too, reached for the button on her own pants. They took their time, undressing themselves and before they knew it, they were both standing there in nothing more than their bra's and panties. Isabel stepped forward, slowly placing her hands on Tess's waist, before launching another attack on the smaller girls mouth.

The room was warm and enticingly dark. The only sounds to be heard was the labored and anxious breathing coming from both girls. Tess allowed her hands to roam over the curves of Isabel's body as they lowered themselves onto the soft awaiting mattress. Tess found Isabel's skin to be softer than she'd ever imagined, as Isabel lay next to her, caressing her arm, then making her way down her thigh. Bracing herself on an elbow, Isabel rained kisses over Tess's face and neck as her hand moved lower. Tess jolted a little when Isabel touched her, before relaxing and opening up, offering her the supreme gift of trust.

"Isabel," Tess said her name breathily. "Oh, god.."

"Tess," Isabel mumbled into the soft curve of her friends neck. "Tess..."

Tess finally allowed her eyes to flutter open, and when they did, she was back on the floor of Isabel's room.

"Tess," Isabel repeated, for what she felt like was the hundredth time. "Where you'd go just then?"

"What?" Tess was a little disoriented. "What did you say?"

Isabel laughed a little. "I said that I couldn't honestly see myself leaning over and kissing you."

"Oh," was all she could say, then after a moment she snapped herself back into reality. "We should get back to work. No more 'experiment' talk."

" more gossip either..." Isabel agreed.


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