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Camelot, The End

Reply to Janine

Posted to the Roswell Slash list September 1, 2000

TITLE: "Camelot", end
AUTHOR: Janine
SUMMARY: There's more to Isabel's relationship with the 'new girl' than meets the eye.
DISCLAIMER: The characters and universe herein are the property of Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, and all the other wonderful people and companies associated with the production of "Roswell". This is a piece of fan-written fiction and no infringement upon any legal bindings they may hold is intended.

There was a giddiness in all of us as we made our way from the cave. A sense of freedom and excitement that I don't think any of us had felt for quite some time. Maybe it was a high, maybe endorphins, maybe pheromones, it didn't really matter what it was. For at least a little while we were on top of the world, and we were going to enjoy it. When we hit town we ended up splitting up. Max and Michael went of one way-presumably in search of Liz and Maria to relate the good news-and Tess and I went the other way.

"Why's it so dark in here?" Tess asked as we entered my house. It had just started to get dark outside.

"Because nobody's home," I answered.

"Funny," Tess responded leaning into me slightly.

"According to Cosmopolitan humor is the number one chick magnet," I whispered into her ear. She didn't respond verbally, instead she merely turned around so that we were facing each other and brought her lips up to mine. "You know," I started as we pulled apart, "I'm now ninety-nine point nine percent certain that your lips are the eighth wonder of the world."

"Isabel," she breathed out resting her head against my shoulder.

"I know," I said shaking my despondently. "I'm almost as bad as Max."

"I think it's cute," Tess said resolutely as she placed a soft kiss on my neck.

"It's nice when people think idiocy is endearing," I responded before leaning down and brining our lips together once more. "There's something I want to show you," I continued reaching out for her hand afterwards.


"It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you."

"You never said it was a surprise."

"Well it is," I said leading through the dark house.

"Where is it?" she asked curiously.

"In my room."

"Oh, it's *that* kind of surprise," she replied wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

I just smiled at her and led her up the stairs and into my bedroom. We were quiet as we made our way through the house, but it was a comfortable silence. It was probably the first time we had really had to ourselves since we confessed our feelings for each other out in the desert, and we were revealing in it. That was one of the things that I loved most about being with Tess, everything was comfortable. From the first moment we met everything from our conversations to our silences had come easily and comfortably. It was a glorious feeling to be completely at ease with someone.

Once we entered my room I led her over to the bed and told her to sit down. I knew that she was wondering what I had planned, was perhaps even nervous about it, but she sat down without protest. She knew that I would never hurt, that I would never do anything that she didn't want me and that's why she was able to trust my request.

"Close your eyes," I instructed softly.

"I can't see anything anyway," she commented softly. I could tell that she was smiling. When Tess smiled it didn't just change her face, when she smiled you could hear it in her voice and see it in her eyes.

I didn't bother to respond, I was certain that she had closed them. I moved over to my desk and picked up an empty glass that was sitting there. I wrapped both my palms around it and closed my eyes concentrating on what I was doing. When I was satisfied with the end result I walked back over to the bed and kneeled down. Once I was on my knees I picked up Tess's hand and placed the object I had just forged into her palm.

"You can open your eyes now," I said softly.

As soon as her eyes were open she looked down at the object that I had just placed in her hand.

"It's beautiful," she breathed out softly as she traced the contours with her free hand. I had transformed the simple drinking glass into a glass rose.

"I was inspired," I responded dropping my head down slightly.

"Thank you," she said reaching out with her hand and tilting my face back up so that she could see my features.

"That should be my line," I told her honestly. I didn't turn away this time, didn't try to hide the depth of feeling that I held for her as it washed over me like a rolling thunder.

"For what?" she asked genuinely confused.

"For this," I said taking her hand into mine. "For making me feel. For helping me to finally 'get it'."

We stared into each others eyes for what seemed like an eternity after that. I watched as her eyes roamed my face as she tried to etch my image into her mind and I sought to carve a niche in my mind and soul that would be hers alone. I watched as her eyes clouded over with emotion and her mouth opened as if she were about to say something, but nothing came out. Instead she leaned forward and brought our lips together in a heated kiss that seemed to reach down into my very being and brand the name "Tess" on my onto my heart. I saw all my tomorrow's scroll across the backs of my eyelids as she pressed her lips against mine.

When we parted I saw that my hands had found their way to her hips. I moved them slowly around the area, trying to memorize the feeling of her body under my hands, before I looked up into her face again.

"Touch me." The words were spoken so softly they almost didn't reach my ears. But they did, and there was nothing that I wanted to do more at that moment.

My hands immediately began to lift up that tank top that she was wearing exposing her mid-rift to my heated gaze. After simply staring at the expanse of porcelain skin for a moment I leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on the newly exposed skin. I lost myself there, kissing, licking and nuzzling against her stomach. As I continued to make love to her stomach my hands moved back to her shirt and began to push it up again and with a little bit of help from Tess finally off of her. Once her shirt was removed I felt her place her hands in my hair before gently moving my head from her stomach.

"I..." I started to say, but she silenced me by placing a finger on my lips and smiling.

"You're overdressed," was all she said as she urged me to stand up-which I did without protest.

Once I was upright she reached out for me tenderly and slowly, carefully began to unbutton my shirt. I watched her hands as they went to work, they were trembling slightly, but I was certain had our positions been reversed my hands would probably have been useless. When all of the buttons were undone she reached up and slowly pushed the fabric off of my shoulders.

I reached out for her once my shirt had fallen to the ground and pulled her into a passionate kiss. It was no soft brushing of lips, or tentative exploration like before, this time I brought my lips down to hers hungrily, if I'm completely honest even desperately. Her lips were full and soft and they tasted so sweet. She arched up into me, pushing her body against mine feverishly. As I deepened the kiss I felt her moan into it. At this my heart beat seemed to triple in speed. She pulled away from me when the need for air became too much for us to ignore any longer and took my hand in hers leading me to the bed.

Once our clothes had been removed and lay strewn across my bedroom floor Tess and I lay on my bed side by side. She leaned forward then and brought our lips together softly at first and then with an increasing hunger as her hand returned to my body and began to stroke my stomach. I moaned softly and leaned into her drawing my own hand up her body and pulling her closer to me.

I was so lost in her kisses that I didn't even realize that she had turned me over onto my back until I felt her straddle my waist. My breath hitched in my throat as I gazed up her. She was absolutely beautiful. My heart was pounding in my chest and my insides were burning with desire for her. I reached out for her and wrapped my arms around her waist bringing her lips back down to mine. As we kissed I could feel her warmth nestled against me heightening my desire for her. It was as if I could feel her everywhere.

She planted a trail of kisses down to my collarbone as her hands traced downwards as well leaving a path of fire in their wake. As she attached her lips to my pulse point and began to suck on the skin lightly her hands trailed up and cupped my breasts, before tenderly circling my erect nipples. I groaned and arched my back up into her tantalizing hands as she continued to work. I couldn't believe the sensations she was causing in my body, it was the most exquisite torture. I wanted her to move on, to touch other areas that were begging for her touch, but I didn't want her to move, I didn't want her stop because what she was doing felt so wonderful. Every time she touched me it was a revelation. It was as if her hands were wired directly to groin, bringing pleasure-extreme pleasure-wherever they ventured. She could do no wrong.

She slowly began to kiss her way down my chest. My body wouldn't be still as she explored it and as she made her way down towards my breasts I exercised my leg in between her own. As her mouth finally found it's way to my breast and replaced her hands by closing over my nipple, I felt her press down against my thigh, the wetness that greeted me a testament to her own arousal. This gave rise to another heat surge that was accompanied by my own increase of moisture. My head was swimming, I was delirious. I couldn't tell what was up or down, or left or right. In fact I was having a very hard time telling where I ended and she began.

If I had had any control over my body to begin with I had lost it by then and I found that my hands were trailing up her back where they finally tangled in her hair holding her head exactly where it was. My breath was coming in ragged gasps as called out her name.

"Tess," it came out a breathless whisper, husky and low. "Tess," I moaned again. It sounded desperate. I was.

Without a word her hand slowly began to trail down my stomach once again, but this time with a definite purpose. She stopped her exploration around my hip bone where she let her hand linger for a moment as she moved her lips over to attack my other breast. She let her hand play there at my waist for while, teasingly drawing little patterns on the skin and it was all I could not to reach out and direct her hand to swollen, pulsing area where it was desperately needed. Didn't she understand that she had more body to touch?

Her hand slowly began to resume it's course downwards. Every new expanse of skin that her fingers touched was meet an answering intake of breath and arching of my back. As her hand continued to move down at the maddening slow pace she had set and my moans became more frequent she began to kiss her way back up my chest; to my collar bone, then my jaw line where she settled for a moment.

Finally, after a seeming eternity, her hand found the source of all my desire. As she slipped inside of me she brought her lips to mine and our mouths meet in a frenzied kiss that swallowed my moan and stole my breath away. She continued to kiss me as my body began to move in time with her hand and my heart threatened to pound out of my chest. I shut my eyes tightly as we moved together and I arched into her desperately. A kaleidoscope of colours exploded behind my eye lids as I continued move against her franticly. And then the dam broke and I arched up one final time as I gasped and my body began to shake uncontrollably as wave after wave of intense pleasure rolled over me like tidal waves finally allowed to crash against the shore.

******************************************************** Part Seven

I experienced freedom for the first time that night. I knew what it was to be truly happy. It was like coming home. I made love to her after that, slowly and passionately just as she had done for me, and then we had collapsed into each others arms totally spent and blissfully happy. I finally 'got' what post-coital euphoria was all about. We clung to each other talking and laughing and kissing and revealing in each others love.

She fell asleep in my arms with a soft smile on her face. She was without a doubt the most beautiful creature I had ever laid eyes on. I was completely in love with her, I never wanted her to be out of my arms. I wanted always to be near her, I wanted to become familiar with every inch of her body, I wanted to swim in her arteries and veins. I had spent the whole night holding her, gazing at her and I knew now that morning and hence school had come, I was going to be paying for it dearly.

"Just come down stairs with me," I said running a hand through my hair as I looked at her with sleepy confusion.

"What'll your mom say?" Tess asked as she opened the window.

"What she always says when she sees you. 'Tess, how delightful! How are you?'" I responded. "After all," I went on grinning mischievously, "it's not like you're a boy, she doesn't have to worry about any 'funny stuff' going on."

Tess smiled at that, but then her face turned more serious as she regarded me.

"That's why I can't go down there," she said unblinkingly.

"I do declare, that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever," I pointed out as I got out of the bed.

"It makes a lot of sense," she responded in a rather distracted tone. I noticed that her eyes were roaming my newly revealed nude form and I smiled. "Because I can't keep my eyes or hands off of you, and I don't think your mother would find me nearly as 'delightful' as she does now if she find's out that I had my way with you."

"Repeatedly," I added watching as a faint blush crept up her neck. God, she was gorgeous. "But you're right, that does seem to rile the parental units, doesn't it?" I continued in a melancholy voice.

"I'll see you at school," she said walking towards me and bringing me into a deep kiss.

"Not if you keep doing that," I replied as I reached out for her. She slapped my hand away and I pouted.

"That's so cute," she whispered as a smile spread across her face and she brought a hand up to her mouth.

"It is not," I said sulkily. I must still have been pouting-which I feel the need to mention I don't think I had ever done in my life prior to this conversation-because her smile only grew.

"I've got to go," she said finally taking a step back and turning towards the window.

"I know."

"Are you going to miss me?"

"Not until you're at least half way down the tree."

She turned around and smiled at me for a moment, then she was gone.

I guess I could say I was whistling Dixie-though I'm not exactly sure what that means or why anyone would want to say it-as I made my way downstairs and into the kitchen after Tess had left. I was doing this because I was obscenely happy and full of energy. This was my first mistake. You see, I'm not a morning person, not even close. Max once described me as being 'crotchety' even. So when I arrived in the kitchen whistling show tunes everyone immediately began to regard me suspiciously. This was when I made my next fatale mistake, I smiled at them and said "Good morning," in a cheerful tone. Max dropped his fork and dad looked outside possibly to see if pigs were flying.

"Who were talking to?" Max asked choosing to by pass a friendly greeting.

"Talking to?" Dad asked turning to look at me sharply. I glared at Max.

"Someone was in her room," Max responded immediately. His attention was focused solely on me. "Is that a hickey?" My hand flew to my neck. This was a big mistake, this was a very, very big mistake. No one ever puts their hand to their neck unless there's a possibility that there might indeed be a hickey there. I cursed internally. The game had begun.

"I..." was all I managed to get out before mom and dad began to bombard Max and I with questions.

"Was it a boy?"


"Was it a boy? Where's my hunting riffle? Oh god, my baby!"

"Isabel?!" Mom asked turning to look at me expectantly.

"Oh my god!" I exclaimed incredulously while glaring ice daggers at Max. "No one was in my room." They didn't look convinced. "No one was in my room!" I repeated emphatically.

"Then who were you talking to?" Max again. I was going to kill him!

"Tess," I replied staring at him.

"I thought you said no one was in your room?"

"On the phone," I practically spat back at him.

"I didn't hear it ring."

"I called her," I said leaning forward. Our faces were only inches apart. "Who do you think you are? My keeper?!"

"So there was no boy?" Dad asked.

"Mom," I whined.

"There was no boy," she said placing a hand on my dad's shoulder. He visibly relaxed.

"I don't think that HE," I said pointing at Max menacingly, "should be able to question my virtue. After all, I've never parked in the jeep all night with my girlfriend then had the audacity to blame the fogged up windows on condensation!"

This caused a momentary silence to form, then all hell broke loose again.

"You used know...what we got when we went to the pharmacy, right?" Dad asked uncomfortably a moment later. I stared at him wide-eyed.

"Wait a minute, you mean he's ALLOWED to have sex?...And I'm not?"

'It's different for boys..." Dad started to say, but I cut him off looking at our mother.

"Mom! You can't possibly endorse this male chauvinist, patriarchal, fascist propaganda!" I exclaimed looking at expectantly.

Things only went downhill from that moment and I was once again, not a morning person. It was oddly comforting.

****************************************** Part Eight

Nothing gold can last. Not all that glitters is gold. For every silver lining there's a dark cloud. I'm now convinced that the philosophers behind these saying are the powers that be in Roswell. It's almost as if there's too perfect a symmetry in this town. Without fail there will be an equal and opposite reaction to every action-usually involving probes of some kind and government agents, not to mention earth shattering revelations. It actually sucks very hard!

The school year's now over. It's only been a few weeks since the day we had gone to the cave, but it seemed like much, much longer. Since that day, so long and barely any time ago, Max had been kidnapped and tortured by a government agent, and the rest of us had had to form a last minute SWAT team to infiltrate a top secret government installation. Nasedo had gone missing temporarily, and the Valenti's-yes, both of them-now knew what we were. Once Nasedo returned we learned that he wasn't our superior-as we had all believed up to that point-but that apparently Max was our fearless leader. We then decided that we should try and activate the communicator's which led Max and I to our first glimpse of our real mother and all of us to hearing about a future that none of us wanted to hear about. Tess and Max, Michael and I, that's what she said, and I'm pretty sure afterwards we all wished we had just gone for pizza instead.

After that Liz walked out on Max refusing to stand in the way of his destiny, and had been avoiding him and running from him ever since, and Michael and Maria had broken up as well and were spending all of their time actively avoiding each other while subconsciously trying to 'run into' each other. Despite this, Michael began to actively pursue me, and Max began to seek out Tess on occasion-even if it was grudgingly. As for Tess and I, we were forced time and time again to turn them down-which was particularly hard on me since Michael actually did seem to be genuinely interested in forming a relationship, and I was about as interested in that as I was in acquiring the bubonic plague-because Tess and I were still together, though nobody knew it but us. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we learn how to deceive.

In a somewhat desperate effort we've begun to try and translate 'the book'. Tess was the first to be able to make anything out of it but even what she could read was beyond rudimentary. The rest of us have been even worse at it, but it is coming along even if extremely slowly. It's not just that we want to debunk this destiny crap, 'mom' wasn't really forthcoming with the details about the bigger picture and we still have no idea who our enemies are, why they're our enemies, what they can do, or really even what WE can do. It's not really a favorable position to be in, and we're painfully aware of that fact.

Also, my mother, our fake real mother-how's that for a tongue twister-Diane, took an active interest in Tess after she realized that I had made a real friend. She had never worried about me like she did with Max when it came to making friends, because while I'm somewhat detached I've always had people around-at least until lately-but with Tess she could tell that things were different, that it was special. While I was touched that she cared to care her interest in Tess eventually led her to learn that Tess was living on her own. The official story-which is really just a fancy way of saying 'the story that I nervously stammered at her while looking like a deer caught in headlights'-is that her father is out of town on business for the summer.

I think that Max is beginning to get suspicious although I'm certain he's not exactly sure what he's getting suspicious about. I doubt he'll be surprised when he does figure out what's going on between the two of us. He's already commented numerous times about how close Tess and I are, and how I seem different when I'm around her, 'like somebody turned on a light switch inside of you' is what he said. He'll actually probably be happy that Tess and I have basically decided that destiny can screw itself because it'll give him an excuse to go to Liz. I've already stood in the way of his destiny so there's no reason that Liz can't help me out now.

"Is?" Tess's voice broke me out of my musings. "Where'd you go?"

"I was just thinking," I responded before tightening my hold on her and placing a delicate kiss on her shoulder. We were back at my-now our-spot in the desert sitting on the ledge looking out at the horizon. She was sitting in between my legs and I had my arms wrapped around her protectively.

"Thinking with a capital T?" she asked shifting a little so that she could see my face. I smiled then leaned my head down nuzzling her neck before mumbling 'uh huh' or something equally as inane.

"Do you think the boys will accept an explanation of 'what the hell, things just happen' when they see the light?" I asked in a semi-serious tone.

"They better 'cause that's what their getting," Tess responded turning around in my arms so that we were now facing each other. "If they don't accept it at first, they'll just have to learn to accept it...cause if Michael looks at your ass like it's wrapped in Christmas paper one more time, I think we're gonna have to have a rumble."

I smiled. "You know my ass is gift wrapped for you alone," I said before leaning forward and gently bringing our lips together in a lovingly kiss.

When we separated she rested her forehead against mine and whispered, "You say the sweetest things."

I smiled at her and reached out for her pulling her back into my embrace with a content smile. I knew that the challenges that we had overcome to get to this point were by no means the end of it. A whole slew of hurdles lay ahead of us only a few of which I would be able to conceive of, but I also knew that as long as I had Tess I would be able to get through it, that we would be able to get through it together. For months, we had all been consumed with our futures: what they hold, what they mean, who'll be there. For me that was over. I didn't have all the answers, but I knew enough.

I know that what lies ahead of me is unknown, unwritten and completely dependant on my will because I say it is, and I know that no book or hologram can tell me otherwise. I know that there's only one thing that's for certain in my future and that's my love for Tess. And I know that the rest of it is up for grabs, but that that's alright, because I know that whatever twists and turns come our way, we'll still have this place and we'll still have each other. We'll still have our Camelot.

The End

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