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Camelot Part Five

Reply to Janine

Posted to the Roswell Slash list August 28,2000

TITLE: "Camelot", part four
AUTHOR: Janine
SUMMARY: There's more to Isabel's relationship with the 'new girl' than meets the eye.
DISCLAIMER: The characters and universe herein are the property of Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, and all the other wonderful people and companies associated with the production of "Roswell". This is a piece of fan fiction and no infringement upon any legal bindings they may hold is intended.

At Puhlam Ranch we discovered the cave our pods had been hidden in, and the book Tess had told us all about. The book was made of tablets connected together by five rings. It reminded me of some sort of ancient text or spell book. It was engraved in a language that none of us understood, but fortunately-or unfortunately as the case certainly could have been-it did contain pictures of us, individually and paired together. I was originally shocked, and more than a little bit disturbed, by the pictures, I couldn't understand how they could have carved our exact images into the book so long ago.

"Because we were designed," was Michael's solemn response. He always knew how to give someone a real pick-me-up.

However, despite the fact that Max and I were none to thrilled with the idea, it soon became very clear to us that we had indeed been engineered, not born. In the book we did indeed seem to be paired up-just like Tess had said-but I didn't want to believe it. I'm certain that both Max and Tess didn't want to believe it either because the three of us failed to comment on what was sitting right in front of our faces. Michael apparently had no such qualms, and pointed out-loudly-that we all had been paired up, that it was our destiny. Max protested immediately proclaiming that he belonged with Liz.

"This is how it is, whether you want to believe it or not Maximillion," Michael responded taking a step closer to me. I'm not sure whether it was unconscious or not only that Tess seemed to notice the move and mirrored it.

"Just because it's in the book, doesn't mean that it has to be," Max responded.

I would have spoken up in agreement but I was too busy studying the book. An idea was beginning to form in the back of brain, but it wasn't complete, I couldn't quite grasp it.

"Face the facts Max. We're not like normal people and we don't have normal futures. We're here," Michael said tapping the surface of the tablets, "and this is how it's got to be."

"Not necessarily," I said slowly. All eyes turned to me. I was really beginning to dislike being the center of attention. "What if we're reading it wrong?"

"What do you mean?" Max asked stepping closer to the book. He was obviously as taken with the idea of not having a pre-destined mate as I was.

"This book, the writings and the engravingsäthey're not human," I said turning to look at them all.

"Well that explains it," Michael chirped annoyingly.

"What I mean is that we've been raised by humans, and while we're alien we think and perceive things like humans do. We could be perceiving this all wrong. What if our people don't read from left to right, but from right to left. Or even from top to bottom. Just because it looks like Michael and I, and Max and Tess it doesn't mean that's right. It could easily be read this way." I stopped speaking then and moved my hand over the book where I moved my fingers in columns instead of rows so that Tess and I were paired together and Michael and Max were.

"That's insane!" Michael exclaimed right away, but there wasn't as much conviction in it as there usually was. He was thinking about it, I knew he was.

"Is it? We don't know and there's no one to tell us differently. Who knows, these might not even *be* pairings. Someone could have just thought that this was the prettiest arrangement, or it might be set up according to birthdays or social class. Who we're standing next to could be completely random and meaningless to the big picture," I retorted. I actually liked my theory a lot, and from the nods I was receiving from Max and Tess they were equally as enamored with it.

"What about the dreams?" Michael asked pointedly. For some supremely irritating reason he seemed really intent on proving that our initial interpretation of the scene was the right one.

"I sent those, to you," Tess speaking for the first time. "I based what I sent on what I interpreted from what I had seen of the book, but Isabel's rightäit could be all wrong. Everything I sent you, told you could be completely, unequivocally, and utterly wrong. I could have been wrong all over the place," she continued happily.

"What's wrong with you? Two days ago you were all over this destiny crap," Michael responded with a scowl as he turned to face Tess.

"Two days ago, that was the only way I knew how to think. Things are different now. And I like having a choice," she responded without hesitation.

"But what if how we first thought it was is how it's really supposed to be?" Michael asked looked around at all of us.

"If it's really destiny then it'll find a way. I mean that's the whole idea behind destiny isn't it? We shouldn't have to force it, or schedule itäit should just be. So, if what we originally thought isn't our destiny thenäwell, then none of us have to do anything or anyone that we don't want to," I replied before reaching over and closing the book, "and to me, that's okay."

And that was the end of the discussion. Max picked up the book and cradled it under his arm, and after one last look at the cave and our pods we headed for the exit and emerged into the real world once again.

End of Part Five

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