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Camelot Part Four

Reply to Janine

Posted to the Roswell Slash list August 24,2000

TITLE: "Camelot", part four
AUTHOR: Janine
SUMMARY: There's more to Isabel's relationship with the 'new girl' than meets the eye.
DISCLAIMER: The characters and universe herein are the property of Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, and all the other wonderful people and companies associated with the production of "Roswell". This is a piece of fan fiction and no infringement upon any legal bindings they may hold is intended.

I felt Tess's hand creep under my shirt and moaned into our kiss. This had to stop, there were things that we had to do and it wasn't each other.

"We have to go talk to them," I said as her hand slid further up my shirt and lightly brushed the underside of my breast. My breath hitched and I felt a shudder run through my body.

"Are you sure you want to go anywhereäbut down?" she asked grinning rakishly as she made firmer contact with my breast causing my eyes flicker shut as my body to arch into her hands.

"We can't," I said softly as my head dropped down to her shoulder. I was completely at her mercy, my body was only listening to the orders that she was giving it, and it liked it! Who thought that your own body could betray you like that? It just wasn't fairäbut it was a lot of fun.

I turned my head to the side and extended my tongue licking her neck. I was certain that I would never get enough of touching her, or tasting her, or hearing her. I was certain that I would never get tired of her period. I was about to say something else to her when I heard footsteps in the hallway just outside my door.

"Isabel?" It was Max.

We both lifted our heads and turned to look at the door. The knob was beginning to turn. Tess and I immediately began to try disentangle ourselves from each other, but we only succeeded in getting more entangled than we had been originally. Then just as the door was about to open I managed to roll out of the bed and into a standing position. As I stood up and began to run a hand through my hair, I heard a thud and realized that Tess had rolled right onto the floor. As I tried to smoother the grin that was threatening to spread across my face Max walked into the room.

"Mom said that you were up here," he said staring me suspiciously.

"And here I am."

"With Tess," he added. He was still staring at me intently. I looked down and realized that my shirt was partly unbuttoned and that the hem of it was tucked up under my bra exposing my abdomen. Tess must have pushed it up there when she was feeling me up and it didn't fall back down when I moved. I quickly settled the shirt back into its normal position.

"She forgot her sweater here. She's looking for it," I told him.

"Where is she?" He was looked around the room.

"Hi," she said sticking her head out from behind the bed and giving him a little wave.

He turned his attention away from her and looked back over at me sharply. I smiled and gave him a helpless shrug. A moment later Tess removed herself from the floor and walked over to us stopping so that she was standing next to me.

"Didn't find it?" I asked turning to face her. She shook her head.

"Sadly not."

Before I could respond to that however, Michael popped out of nowhere and walked into my room.

"What is this an open house?" I muttered under my breath.

"What's she doing here?" Michael asked staring at Tess.

"She came by to pick up her sweater," Max answered turning to face him.

"I don't see a sweater," Michael pointed out.

"I couldn't find it," she responded tossing her hands up in the air.

After that the four of us stood there for a moment in an awkward silence. Michael was eyeing me, Max was eyeballing Tess, and Tess and I were looking everywhere but at each other.

"Ah," I said finally injecting into the silence. Suddenly all eyes were on me. "I think that we need to talk." Michael looked pointedly at Tess when I said that, and she consequently turned to look at me. "All of us," I added, and then I pushed between Max and Michael and headed out into the hallway.

The conversation that ensued once we were all seated in the kitchen was absolutely no fun whatsoever. Max and Michael sat in a stony silence as I told them what happened after I returned home from school-sans the romantic sub-plot of course. I related to them how I came home to find Tess sitting with mom and how one thing led to another and we got into a conversation where many things were revealed. When I finished Max stared at me for a moment then silently stood up and began to pace the room. Michael remained seated but leaned back in his chair and proceeded to shoot ice daggers at me from across the table.

"I can't believe you did this without talking to us," Max said finally turning to face me again.

I opened my mouth but then promptly shut it. He was right, I had let my emotions dictate my actions and I had not only tipped our hand to her, I had given her written instructions and a diagram. If she HAD turned out to be our enemy I could have seriously put our lives in danger. But love made people and aliens alike do strange things, and it made me do that. I just couldn't tell them that, so I sat silently as they judged me.

"It wasn't her fault," Tess said speaking for the first time since we left my room. All three of us turned to face her. "IäI made her think that I knew more than I really did. She was trying to protect you," she went on in a rush.

"Tess," I whispered.

"Noäit's okay. I want to start over with a clean slate." She held my eyes as she said this telling me not to contradict her. I knew what she was doing. They already didn't like her, so if they didn't like her a little bit more it really wouldn't make a difference. But, if they knew how things had really happened it would have damaged my relationship with them and she was trying to protect me from that.

"It's gonna take a lot more than that Blondie," Michael responded glaring at her. "Are you alright?" This was directed at me.

"I'm fine. Really."

"Why should we trust you anymore today than we did yesterday?" Max asked moving back towards the table. He didn't sit down though; instead he merely braced his palms on the table and leaned over menacingly.

"Because I'm telling the truth?" Tess asked gazing back at him guilelessly.

"That's not much of an answer sister," Michael interjected.

"Do you think you can try to pretend that you were taught some manners?" I asked looking at Michael intently.

"I can prove I'm one of you." Max and Michael turned and gaped at her after she said this. "You just have to give me your hand," she continued looking at Max.

"Go ahead. It's quite a show," I told him encouragingly.

He silently nodded his acquiescence and Tess reached over placing her hand over his. Tess had showed me the same images she was about show Max before we had 'retired' to my bedroom earlier. He would see all of us emerging from our egg shaped pods, covered in an embryonic like substance. Max, Michael and I all came out but Tess was still in hers. She appeared to still be asleep. Michael then moved over to the cave wall and waved his hand causing a silver handprint to appear. He placed his hand on the print resulting in the wall opening allowing sunlight to pour in. Michael then exited the cave. Max and I began to walk away too, but we paused before we made it to the exit and turned around to look at Tess. We stayed there for a moment, the two of us, and then we reluctantly joined Michael outside.

Tess removed her hand from over Max's when she was done. He remained hunched over like that for a moment then he removed his hands from the table and straightened up. He turned to look at me after that and we held each other's eyes for a long moment before he finally turned to face Michael. I wondered what he was thinking in the seconds we were connected. I wondered if it was the same thing I was thinking after I had seen the images. I wondered if he would begin to think about the possibility of Tess and I being more than we appeared to be.

"She's telling the truth, she's one of us," Max was saying to Michael when I returned my attention to the proceedings in our kitchen.

"So, what now?" Michael asked once deciding that he didn't have a chance arguing against the three of us, and not really wanting to anyway.

"We should go to Pohlam Ranch," I answered right away. "Let's see what this book has to say."

Michael and Max headed out of the house before Tess and I. Before Tess could step out into the daylight as well I stopped her by placing a hand on her shoulder and gently turning her around to face me.

"The book may say that the past isn't through with us," I said leaning in close to her. "But I'm through with the past," and with that I closed the distance between the two of us and pressed our lips together. When we parted she let her hands linger on my waist and looked at me seriously.

"It's about time I started taking control of my own destiny. And there's no place I'd rather start than hereäwith you." And with that she brought her pillow soft lips down to mine in a sensuously deep kiss that made my knees shake and my heart threaten to beat right out of my chest.

When we pulled apart I looked into her deep blue eyes and I was lost in her sparkling irises and dark black pupils. For when I looked into those shimmering orbs I saw forever, and I realized that I had found my 'ever after'.

End of part Four

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