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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list December 17, 2000

TITLE: NIghtmares
DISCLAIMER: WB and 20thC Fox.
FEEDBACK: Luv some
COMMENTS: This is my 1st ever fic, hope u like it.
Thanks to John for his help. Thanks again.

Kyle lay asleep in his bed dreaming. He was dreaming the same dream he had had two times before this week. The same dream that left him aroused, angry and confused at the same time.

He awoke at 02:14 screaming Max's name.

Why... why do you do this to yourself, he thought.

You know what's gonna happen don't you? Do you really want it to happen again? Maybe you should go and see a doctor or something. No way, he'd probably just say its normal or mumble something about hormones or some other shit. There is no way these dreams a normal. Maybe I'm not normal anymore.

Why is it always that dream? It seemed like the usual dream at first, just me and Liz in the Crashdown after it's closed and were just chatting about school and our future together. It's really romantic you know, the lights are out and there's two little candles alight on the table. She looking as lovely as ever, just sitting there...with me.

And then when I look down there's another candle on the table. And she just smiles at me in a funny way as if she knows how it got there.

'How?' I say. Liz just stares at the candle as if its saying something to her. I lean forward and blow it out and then all of a sudden he's stood at the side of her. Max.

'Come on Liz, let's go' he takes her arm and she gets up from her seat. The pair of them just look at me for a moment and turn to leave. I'm furious that he's spoiled our perfect moment together, and I can't understand why she would just go off with him! I want to hurt him real bad and I try to get up to follow but can't. My legs wont move and no words would come out when I scream at them to wait. The door opens and they walk across the street to his jeep, and then they're gone. And so am I.

I find myself outside my house. Dad's cars park outside, the porch lights off but there's a light coming from the living room window. I open the door and walk in, dad's sitting there watching the "X-Files" on TV with a can of beer in his hand. I leave him to it and head towards my room.

When I reach for the door handle, I know that I don't want to turn it. I don't want to go in and see what I always see. But my arm seems to have a mind of its own and grips the knob tightly and twists. The door has only opened and few inches and I can hear them. I can hear the moaning as if someone is panting right in my ear. Groaning louder and louder, faster and faster. I want to scream, shout for it to stop, for this not to be happening.

However, here I am, in my own room watching the pair of them naked on my bed. He's top of her, thrusting his hips repeatedly. I watch as his ass muscles tense as he slowly pushes himself into her. I watch as her legs grips his lower back and her toes clench as his cock hits bottom and his tongue circles her swollen nipple. Her hands are on his shoulders pulling him, urging him into her.

I'm frozen, I can't move my legs, I can't get any closer to them. I can't grip the bastard who's fucking my girl and kill him. I can't do anything. I don't even think I can breath. All I can do is watch.

They know I'm there, stood in the doorway, at least he knows because as he's mauling her breast, he turns his head and gives me a wink. She just has her eyes tightly closed as if in ecstasy while he continues pounding her.

I can't believe this is happening. I can't believe Liz would act like such a slut. We never did anything like this; she always said she wanted to wait for the right time. I accepted that, I waited and waited, hoping that one day we'd go all the way. I always respected her for that. Now she's fucking that bastard like a demon.

Max slowly pulls out of Liz, and rolls over on his back. I watch as he grips his long uncut cock, shiny with their juices and pulls on it slowly, he gazes at me for a moment then whispers something to Liz who sits up and then straddles Max's waist. Max lines up his eight-inch fat prick and she slowly lowers herself onto him.

I stare at Max's body, I see him spread his legs, he grips her waist, pulls her up, and pushes her down hard on his cock again and again. I fix my eyes on the insertion point, I can see all the veins in his cock, it's massive and shiny, I can't believe she took all of it that easily. That's some piece of equipment; it looks like something you see on a porn star, smooth, straight and long. The head, when visible was large and angry looking, like a big purple plum.

I look lower between his legs to see the largest pair of balls in my life. God, they must be the size of small eggs, they were enclosed in a large hairless sack of skin. I'm amazed that this guy was so well hung. I know that I'm not small in that department either, but my 7 incher is nothing compared to this guy.

I wonder what his felt like to hold. Would it be hard and hot? Smooth and silky? I wonder what it smelt like...

Just then, Liz's moaning turns into wailing like a banshee and Max is thrusting up faster and harder. The bed's rocking and banging and his balls are going all over the place like someone's juggling them. He starts grunting louder then his whole body tenses up, his spread legs stiffen and began to shake then stop. There is silence. Liz's body falls forward onto his. She's panting heavily; he places his arms around her waist and rubs the small of her back.

I just stand there, unsure about my feelings towards what I had just witnessed. I still felt the anger and hatred, but they now seemed more directed at her. When I think of Max, images of his body and cock spring into my mind. I can't help but replay the images of him thrusting upward into her in my mind again. It seems all I could think about is this guy - my enemy. I can't understand where these feeling have come from. I'm straight. I'm supposed to fantasise about ME screwing the girls not watch someone else do it! I should be watching her body not his. What's happening to me? This is all wrong!

I focus on the pair on the bed; Liz climbs off the bed and stands next to Max. He looks up at her and says 'Leave us'. Straight away she complies she lowers her head and walks towards me slowly. I feel all the anger returning, I stare at her but I'm unable to look in her eyes, as her head is low. She comes closer and closer to me, I want to do something, say something to her but can't.

When I think she'd stop in front of me she doesn't, she carries on and passes right through me. I can't believe what she just did. She's just walked through me and disappeared as if she had never been in the room. When I looked back at Max, he's sprawled out on the bed, smiling at me.

I must be going crazy. Here I am, in my own bedroom, watching a naked guy (who had just fucked my ex-girlfriend from here to kingdom come) lying on my bed while my dad is in the next room watching the "X-Files."

"Kyle, look"

These two words bring me back to my senses again. I look back at him again more closely. I notice that his whole body is shiny with sweat, his muscles are taut. His left arm moves up to his chest and his fingers grab his nipple. He looks at me and gives me that damn smile again while his finger and thumb grip the nipple harder and pull and twist it.

I don't understand what's going on. My mind feel like its on fire, my body feels hot and wet with the sweat. He just lies there looking at me, playing with his nipple, then his other arm goes towards his waist and his hand grips his still hard cock. He grips it hard, the big purple swollen head bulges out obscenely and a clear drop of pre-cum dribbles out of the slit.

What's happening to me? Why I am here? Never mind that. Why is HE here in my bedroom? Why's he naked in my bed stroking his cock and smiling at me like that? I wanna leave, but I can't. I can't move, I can't not look at him and his big prick and his hand stroking it slowly up and down up and down. And now more of the shiny liquid is running down the hard shaft, meeting the palm of his hand which starts to make a weird sucking sound as his continues playing with himself.

I don't understand any of this. Why am I getting aroused? I can feel my dick getting harder every second. Oh God! I can't believe this is happening to me. What if my dad walked in, what if my jock friends came over, I'd be ruined, I'd get kicked of the football team, I'd have to move outta state! Shit, shit, shit!! But some part of me wants to be here, like I need to watch him, but I also wanna close my eyes, but I can't take them off this stud. The sweat is dripping down my face, stinging my eyes but I can't rub them, I don't wanna miss a thing. Its like he knows what I'm thinking, he knows I want to get closer to him and that cock, that I wanna smell it, feel it, taste it... fucking hell!!! Noooo!!!

I need him, I need his body. I have to look. I want to look. My cock is begging for release and I'm feeling that in any minute its gonna rip through my Levis.

Max continues playing with his cock for a while, his eyes are half closed but still looking in my direction. He then stops pulling his nipple and brings his hand to his mouth and puts his index in and sucks on it slowly. He pushes it in and out like a lollipop and lets his tongue lick the tip before putting back in again.

He licks it for a minute or two then brings his knees up but keep them spread. He stop tossing his cock and lifts those huge balls out of the way which gives me a good view of his asshole. It was a dark pinky colour, it looked so soft to touch.

Max stops sucking the finger and brings it over to his asshole and gently rubs it slowly, moving his fingers around the edge of the hole, getting it wet. He licks his finger some more and returns it to his ass and slowly presses it in. He gives out a low groan as the top of his finger disappears into himself.

I can't believe that I'm watching. I'm so turned on by the sight of his finger fucking himself I know that I'm gonna blow any minute if he doesn't stop soon. My balls are aching, I have to grip my prick, just for a second, I need to cum so bad.

Max keeps fingering himself for a while then grips His cock again. The pre-cum's pouring out now, and I know it wont be long for him either, his balls are getting higher too; and by the size of them I can tell he was gonna make a hell of a mess... all over my bed. I don't care anymore I just have to see him shoot a load.

His finger goes deeper and deeper until it's right up to the knuckle, then he pulls it out slowly, I feel disappointed, but then he adds a second finger alongside the already slicked up first and pushes them both in roughly. He moans like it hurt, His back arches up and he groans heavily, but he continues to push them both in faster and faster. His right hand's matching the other, he grips the shaft tightly, fisting his cock hard, the juice is just continually running down the sides now.

I still can't move, but my legs are trembling and I know I'm about to blow my load there and then in my jeans. He know is it too. He raises his head and looks at me, his moaning's getting louder and louder.

"'Kyle, I'm gonna come, tell me you want this. I'm gonna shoot all over! Oh God, oooh God!! Tell me you want my cock!'"

"'I want your cock Max! Oooh fuck! Pleeease Maaaaaaaaaxx!!!!'"

That was all it took. Max shoves those fingers roughly up his asshole, his back arches up, with his big cock pointed right at himself he shot his seed all over the show. At least half a dozen thick ropes flew in the air and landed on his chest and face.

My whole body is shaking like mad, my ball are on fire and my sick feels like its 3 times its normal size!! Then I erupt , filling my pants with the. My Mind can't take it and I feel like I'm gonna die or something.

Then I'm falling, falling, falling...

Now here I am, it's 02:14 on a rainy Sunday night. My bed is soaking wet, my boxers are sticking to my legs and my balls are aching and I smell of sex.

The End

To be continued?

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