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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list September 7, 2003

Title: Possibility
Author: Icalynn
Pairing(s): Mi/K
Rating: R
Summary: Set after "Graduation". Michael discovers one of Kyle's secrets.
Disclaimer: The author makes no claim to any of the characters portrayed herein, and claims no remuneration for her work. For entertainment purposes only, no infringement is intended. References made to the film, "Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring".

      He stared up at the screen as the ending credits faded from his sight. "Good movie-" he whispered to himself as he glanced around the now empty theater. He sighed, stretching his aching muscles as he stood up and headed out of the theater.

      He pondered the significance of the movie and the quest that he found almost similar to one of his own. Lost in his own thoughts, he managed to find his way home to the crowded three-bedroom house; the one that he shared with the other five members of his quest.

      "Where were you?" a gruff voice questioned as he entered through the front door.

      "Nowhere-" he sighed as he turned to his friend, one of his companions on the run.

      "Nowhere?" he repeated. "You can't be disappearing on us, like that- you do realize the situation at hand?"

      "From you too?" he grumbled. "I hear it enough from, el presidente-"

      "Kyle." He reprimanded as he tried to hide a smile curling up at his lips, "There are others that have to live here too."

      "I know," he mumbled. "I'm reminded of it every day."

      "Kyle-" he sighed.

      "Michael," he growled. "I'm just tired of everything, of all this alien shit- I just went to the movies."

      "The movies?" Michael questioned his brows rising, "You went to see it again?"


      "You've only seen it what? Three times now?"

      "Four," Kyle corrected. "What?" Kyle gasped as Michael rolled his eyes in response. "I like it. The strength weakness of the fellowship and their struggle to save Middle Earth- kinda like us saving the Earth."

      "Don't you think it's a little gay?" Michael inquired.

      "Gay?" he repeated as he stared at him blankly.

      "You know the pretty elf-" he began.

      "Legolas?" Kyle offered as Michael nodded.

      "Yeah, and the sulky heir-"

      "Aragorn?" Kyle offered once more with laughter in his voice.

      "Yeah, you can't tell me they weren't getting it on behind the bushes- " Michael cried. "And don't get me started on the hobbits-"

      "What about the hobbits?" Kyle smiled.

      "They're all gay! Little homosexual hobbits running around in the forest-"

      "I didn't realize you were so homophobic," Kyle mused. "Don't knock it, until you've tried it."

      Michael stared blankly at him as he processed his last statement, "you?"

      "You sound so surprised-" Kyle laughed as he turned towards his room.

      "You?" he repeated as he stared blankly at his retreating form. "Kyle!" He called, quickly following after him.

      "Where is everyone else?" Kyle inquired, changing the subject at hand.

      "Max is at work and the girls went shopping- they'll be gone for hours," Michael replied quickly. "But, enough about them- you? You?!"

      "Yes?" Kyle smiled. "Think about it Michael- who else would know the ins and outs of the male body? No worries about birth control. No foreplay, no talking, just the good stuff- "

      "You?" Michael repeated once more as Kyle laughed. "When? Where? Who?"

      "Just kissing or actually fucking?" he questioned as Michael stumbled back and sat down on his bed.

      "I've been sharing a room with a gay dude-" Michael whispered in awe.

      "I didn't say I was gay," Kyle replied as he sat on his bed across from Michael's.

      "You've been with others- Girls?" Michael gasped as he stared across at him. "Who?"

      "Does it matter?" Kyle replied sadly. "It seems so long ago, before the alien abyss-"

      "How many?"

      Kyle shrugged thinking back, "I've had three female, two male, and one alien partner-"

      "Alien?" Michael gasped.

      "By far, the best is alien sex-" he sighed.


      "Yeah," Kyle smiled remembering better times. "Pam, Karen, Lisa, Aaron, Alex, and Tess-"

      "Alex?" he repeated his eyes' widening. "Alex? Alex?! Our Alex?"

      "You've really spent way too much time with Maria-" Kyle laughed.

      "Alex?" Michael gasped trying to grasp the new information.

      "Yes. Remember when we were trapped in the cave together?" Kyle began as Michael nodded in reply. "He said he didn't want to die a virgin- and I thought, why not?"

      "Wow, Alex?" Michael frowned. "I've only been with Maria."

      "You could've had more-" he smiled. "The possibilities are endless."

      "Not when you're an alien-" he sighed.

      Kyle shook his head in response, and crossed over to him. "You can offer anyone the best night of sex- you don't realize just what the alien factor gives you."

      "I love Maria-"

      "But, you can't help but wonder-" Kyle finished softly. "It's typical male behavior."

      "But, I'm not a typical male-" he sighed as he watched Kyle stand up and pull of his t-shirt, grabbing his bag of toiletries as he headed out of the room. "What are you doing?"

      "I need a shower," he replied quickly as he turned and left Michael to his thoughts. "A cold shower-" he whispered under his breath.


      Kyle striped off the remainder of his clothing and stepped under the cool water, hoping to extinguish the fire within. The talk of the past brought the memories of sensual touches and forbidden nights, sparking a blaze of lust that he had not felt in ages-

      Kyle groaned as the water rolled off him, not curbing the desires that had overcome his senses. He closed his eyes and leaned against the chilled tiles.


      Michael stared at Kyle's retreating form, his eyes narrowing on the sculpted ass. He shook his head trying to dismiss the sudden urge to see the rest of his friend naked.

      "Kyle-" he murmured as he found himself removing his clothes and walking to the bathroom. Michael peeked in and stared at the fine specimen of a human in front of him. He felt a warm sensation spread over his body.

      The impulse to touch him overwhelmed all other rational thought as he stepped forward and hesitantly touched the object of his desire.


      A touch lingered across his back and he gasped in response. He didn't turn around as he felt the rough fingertips begin to explore his body- tentatively searching and caressing the muscular back before the strong hands circled around his waist.

      "I want you," he moaned huskily into Kyle's ear. "I need-"

      Kyle turned to him, his eyes blazing into his. "Michael-" he began as he pressed his lips harshly on to the wanting alien lips.

      He pulled away slightly and trailed his hands up the alien's muscular chest, "relax-" He whispered, massaging the muscles of Michael's neck.

      "Kyle," Michael groaned, new sensations overcoming his body as their lips met again- softer, gentler then the first.

      "Shh-" Kyle mumbled against his lip, grazing his tongue against Michael's, seeking entrance, and taking it.

      Michael deepened the kiss more as he pressed Kyle against the tiles. A primal urge flared as a ripple of pleasure encompassed them both as blood pooled in their aching groins. "Bed. Now."

      Without another word they left the water still flowing as they managed to grope their way to a bed- their lips never leaving each other's.

      The possibilities endless-

      The end.

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