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Skin Deep

Reply to Hot Rod

Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive April 16, 2001

Title: Skin Deep
Author: Hot Rod
Rating: NC-17(for strong sexual content and language)
Couple: Michael/Maria/?
Disclaimer: The characters in this story are the property and creation of Jason Katims and the WB. All infringements are unintentional.
Summary: Michael has a special surprise coming to him from Maria, but little does he know that someone else wants to give him a surprise too.

        The Crashdown cafe was abuzz with the usual activites during closing time. Liz and Maria were sweeping the floor and wiping down the counter respectively, while talking to Max, Alex, Tess and Kyle. Michael was finishing up with the dishes in the kitchen.

        "So do you guys want to see Josie and The Pussycats tomorrow?" Tess asked.

        "That sounds good." Liz replied.

        "I don't know that movie looks like a bunch of teenybopper crap." Kyle said.

        "Yeah, but it has Rachael Leigh Cook, Rosario Dawson and Tara Reid in it." Alex said.

        "Oh yeah they're pretty hot, especially Tara Reid." Kyle said as he finished his drink. "I don't know what she see in that dumbass dork Carson Daly."

        "That's pretty typical of you guys." Maria said. "The only things that will get to you see a movie is asskicking action and hot chicks."

        "Well it beats the hell out of watching some chick flick."

        "Hey Michael you want to go to the movies with us tomorrow?" Max asked.

        "Yeah Maxwell." Michael replied as he came from the back with a box of food for Isabel,who wasn't feeling well. "Here's the food for Isabel."

        "Thanks I'm sure this will make her feel better. Anyway me and Alex better get it to her before she gets into one of her moods."

        "Okay see you later guys and tell Isabel we're thinking about her." Liz said as Alex and Max left the cafe.

        "Okay Liz we will." Alex said as he exited the cafe.

        "Well we better be going too." Kyle said as he and Tess got up from their seats. "We need to study for a couple of tests."

        "Okay see you guys tomorrow." Maria said.

        "Bye." Tess said as she and Kyle left the cafe.

        Liz immediately locked the door and went to the back room with Maria to change out of their uniforms. Maria quickly stopped by the kitchen and motioned for Michael.

        "What's up?"

        "So you're doing anything after work?" Maria asked.

        "Nothing special. Why?"

        "Well how about i come over and keep you company tonight."

        "Okay I have to go to the store to get some cleaning stuff for the house first, but I left the spare key in our hiding place"

        "Good. I have to go home first and slip into something more comfortable."

        "That sounds good to me babe."

        "Don't keep me waiting."

        "I won't." Michael said as he gave Maria a goodbye kiss and headed off to the store. As Michael was on his way out of the cafe, Maria knew that she had to give him a surprise he wouldn't forget.


        "Maria are you in here?" Michael said as he entered his apartment. The place was very quiet and only lit by the kitchen lights. Michael quickly put the bags on the table and went to his room.

        "Okay Maria whatever this surprise is, go ahead and give it to me now."

        Then as he was about to turn the lights, Michael felt a soft hand stroking his hair and lips kissing his neck, which immediately got him aroused.

        "Oh yeah that's what I like."

        Then he left to turn on the lights and the woman ran into his closet before they were on.

        "Okay Maria come on out." Michael said as he went to open his closet. The woman quickly opened it and revealed herself to Michael, who was stunned to see her.

        "Oh my god."

        "You missed me Mikey G." Courtney said as she came out of the closet and hugged Michael, who quickly pushed her away.

        "I thought you were dead."

        "I'm sorry that I worried you like that, but It was the only way for me to get away from Nicholas."

        "So where have you been?"

        "I've been to Mexico where we had some pods, but I took one of them and left immediately in case they returned."

        "Why did you risked your life to come back here?"

        "I wanted to see you again Michael. I can't stop thinking about y-"

        "What the fuck!" Maria yelled as she came in the room.

        "Maria it's not what you think it -"

        "Shut the fuck up Michael." Maria said as she slapped him in the face. "I thought you were over Courtney, but evidently she has come back from the grave and you're about to give in to her."

        "Look Maria I wasn't about to do it with Courtney."

        "You know what Michael, you and Courtney can do whatever the hell you want. I'm outta here."

        "Maria wait." Michael said as he went after Maria.

        Then all of a suddenly Courtney pulled his right arm and handcuffed him to a bed post.

        "What the hell is this!" Michael said as he struggled to get out of the handcuffs.

        "Don't use your powers to get out of them." Courtney said.

        Then Michael was very shocked to see Courtney and Maria standing side by side in front of him.

        "You knew that she was back?"

        "Of course I did Michael." Maria replied. "She came by late last night and we talked for a while."

        "Lets just say that we have a better understanding of each other." Courtney said as she and Maria held hands.

        "No way." Michael said in disbelief. "I thought you two hated each other."

        "Well I used to because of her crush on you," Maria said. "but I got to know Courtney and found out that she also had a secret crush on me and lets just say that we had a little makeout time."

        "So this is the surprise you wanted to give me."

        "Of course Mikey G." Courtney said as she rubbed his hair and gave him a kiss. "We wanted to show our love for you and give you a little show."

        "What kind of show do you have in mind?"

        Courtney and Maria didn't say a word and started kissing each other. Michael got very aroused by the aggressive movement of their lips and tongues. Then Courtney pushed Maria on the bed and took all of her clothes off, revealing her beautiful lean body. "I love it when you wear short skirts." Courtney said as she started kissing down Maria's legs. "Seeing your killer legs really turns me on."

        Maria went into a state of ecstacy as Courtney kissed her way down to her thigh. Then she ripped off Maria's skirt, blouse and bra, which revealed her beautiful small breasts. That immediately caught Courtney's attention and she started sucking on her nipples. Michael's heartbeat increased gradually as Courtney and Maria kissed each other passionately. Then Courtney gave Michael a sexy look and winked at him as she removed Maria's red panties.

        "I bet you always wanted to see this Mikey." Courtney said as she threw Maria's panties at him.

        Courtney quickly started kissing Maria's core, which immediately got her wet .

        "Oooh don't stop." Maria moaned.

        Then Courtney slowly started licking her clit, which caused Maria's body to shake.

        "Oh god!" Maria yelled as Courtney licked her wet clit faster.

        As he watch Courtney going down on Maria, Michael felt his underwear get a little more sticky.

        "God you taste so good Maria." Courtney said as she wiped the cum off her mouth.

        "Now it's my turn." Maria said as she got on top of Courtney and started kissing her. She then took out a peacock feather and started rubbing it all over Courtney's naked body. Then Maria ran off to the kitchen to get an ice tray from the freezer.

        "Oh yeah bring it on baby." Courtney said as Maria started rubbing an ice cube on her body. She started on Courtney's lips and kissed them. Then she moved her way down to her neck and breast, where she rubbed the melting ice cube on her hard nipples and sucked on them. Maria then worked her way down to Courtney's thighs and licked her way there, which got a moan from Courtney. Maria quickly started kissing on Courtney's clit, which got her wet.

        "Oh yeah!" Courtney moaned as Maria licked her clit harder.

        Michael couldn't take watching anymore and used his powers to unlock the handcuffs. Then he pulled Maria toward him and started kissing her very passionately. Courtney quicky joined in and took Michael's jeans off. Then Maria ripped off his shirt, revealing his muscular body.

        "I see that you've been working out Mikey." Courtney said as she threw his jeans away. "I hope you've been working out hard, because we're going to go all night long."

        "I'm up for it ladies." Michael replied.

        Courtney and Maria started kissing Michael all over his body, which got him very aroused. Then they turned their attention to his boxer shorts.

        "Go ahead and take them off." Courtney said. "I always wanted to see how big it is."

        "I think you're going to like it." Maria said as she slowly took off Michael's boxer shorts, revealing his long hard cock.

        "Oh my god!" Courtney said, admiring Michael's cock.

        "You go first." Maria said.

        Courtney quickly started kissing Michael's shaft and worked her way to the tip of his cock, which got a moan from Michael. Then he got up to get his pack of condoms. "I got the new mutual pleasure condoms." Michael said as he put one of them on his cock. "That way we can all really feel it."

        Michael immediately let Maria get on top of him, where she put his cock deep her and started going slowly, while Courtney was kissing her. As Michael was feeling Maria's breasts, he and Maria were gradually moving faster. Courtney just sat on the side watching them.

        "Go faster." she commanded.

        Michael and Maria obliged and went more faster.

        "Oh god Michael!" Maria moaned as she went as fast she as could.

        Then she and Michael came at the same time. Maria quickly collapsed on top of Michael. "God that felt great." Maria said as she got off of Michael. "Courtney it's your turn."

        Courtney quickly went over to Michael and got on top of him. However he turned her over and got on top of her. Michael started kissing Courtney all over her body, but he got bored with it and spread her legs apart.

        "It's a lot better looking than I thought it would be."

        Michael quickly put inserted his cock deep inside her and started going back and forth slowly. The bed started to creak as Michael moved faster.

        "Come on Michael fuck her harder." Maria commanded.

        "Yeah Mikey fuck me hard."

        Michael quickly obliged and went faster, which gave Courtney more pleasure. He put Courtney's legs on his shoulders as he went more faster. Then he went even faster which caused the bed to shake very violently.

        "OH GOD MICHAEL!" Courtney yelled as he went as fast as he could.

        Then he and Courtney climaxed at the same time, which caused the bed to crash down to the floor. Michael, Maria and Courtney immediately laughed at what happened.

        "Damn Mikey I didn't know you were that good." Courtney said.

        "Me neither babe." Michael replied. "I just wanted to thank you both for the surprise."

        "No thank you for the good time." Maria said as she simultaneously kissed Courtney and Michael.

        The three later fell asleep after a long night.


        The sunlight peaked into the room, which woke up Michael and Maria.

        "Good morning Mikey." Maria said as she kissed him.

        "Morning breath." Michael said as he covered his nose.

        "Oh sorry. Where's Courtney?"

        "I don't know."

        Michael quickly got up to look around the house for her. Then he found a note on top of the TV.

        "She left a note." Michael yelled.

        Maria quickly came to see the note,which said

Dear Michael and Maria,

        I really enjoy being with you both last night. I'm sorry to leave you like this, but i have to go just in case Nicholas returns. I don't want to put two in any further danger from Nicholas and the others. I wish i could stay with you both, but things don't always turn out like you want them to. I really hope that we'll be back together sometime in the near future. I'll always think about you both.

Love Courtney

P.S. I left a present for you.

        Michael and Maria immediately opened it and found out it was a collage of all three of them in a heartshaped frame. As they looked at the picture, Michael and Maria felt the sober reality of Courtney being gone.

        "I don't think she's coming back." Michael said.

        "At least we know that she's alive and well." Maria said as she hugged Michael.


        Courtney got on the bus that was headed east. As the bus left Roswell, she took one last look at the town and started thinking about Michael and Maria. She didn't want to leave them, but she wanted to protect them as much as possible.

        "I'll never stop thinking about you both." Courtney said to herself tearfully as the bus went away from Roswell.

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