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Pen Pals, Part Four

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Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive May 18, 2001

Title: Pen Pals part 4
Author: Hot Rod
Email address:
Rating: NC-17(for strong language and strong sexual content)
Category: Crossover(Buffy/Roswell)
Pairing: Isabel/Faith
Disclaimer: The characters in this story are the creation and property of Joss Whedon, Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox and the UPN television network. All infringments are unintentional.
Summary: Faith decides to have a heart to heart talk with Buffy, but will she choose to be with Buffy or start fresh with Isabel?
Distributation: Any site that has great fanfic on it, but you have to get my permission to get all 4 parts of this story on your site first.

        Faith woke up from her long sleep at 3 am and got out of bed. She felt better than she did a few hours ago, but still felt the emotional wounds from her attack by Buffy. Faith went downstairs to get something to eat. As she fixed herself a bowl of cereal, Faith couldn't get the image of Buffy attacking her. She had never seen Buffy with the rage that she had that day. Then Isabel came downstairs, which surprised Faith.

        "Hey there slayer." Isabel said as she opened the refrigrator to get herself a glass of soda. "I see that you're feeling better."

        "Well kinda," Faith replied. "But I still can't stop thinking about what happened."

        "Faith I'm so sorry about what happened."

        "It's okay. I knew it would happen sooner or later." Faith said as she swallowed a spoonful of cereal. "I can't thank you enough for having my back yesterday."

        "That's what friends are for." Isabel said as she rubbed Faith's long brown hair. "Faith I have to something to tell you."

        "What it is?"

        "I went to see Buffy a few hours earlier."

        "You what!" Faith said as she dropped the spoon on the floor after hearing Isabel's confession. "Izzy I hope you didn't do what I think you did to-"

        "No I didn't." Isabel said as she sat next to Faith. "I had went into her dream earlier that night and found out that there's something more about her being in town than to get revenge on you."

        "What happened in the dream."

        "I was at this apartment and saw you two fighting. I saw Buffy kill you."

        Faith was stunned and speechless for a moment after she heard the details of the dream.

        "Did she do any celebration after she killed me?"

        "No she didn't." Isabel said. "You told her that you love her before she stabbed you with the sword. Then she stood there over your dead body for a minute before she broke down crying."

        Faith was left speechless after hearing Isabel's confession. She got up for a moment to let it sink in for her.

        "After that I went to see Buffy at this motel she's staying at." Isabel said as she went next to Faith and put her hand on Faith's shoulder. "We talked for a few minutes. Then I finally got it out of her that she still has feelings for you."

        Faith said nothing after hearing more of Isabel's meeting with Buffy. Her eyes were on the verge of tears, but she held them back.

        "Look Faith it's pretty obvious that Buffy still has feelings for you. You should go see her today."

        "No!" Faith yelled as she went to the den. "That's bullshit! She'll try to kill me again."

        "Listen to me Faith." Isabel said sternily as she grabbed Faith's arm. "I made sure that you two would meet and have this talk and you're not bailing on it."

        Faith contemplated her conflicted feelings on whether to meet Buffy or not. She wanted to do it to finally get everything between them out in the open, but she felt very certain that Buffy would try to kill her again.

        "She won't do anything to you." Isabel said as she came face to face with Faith. "I'll make sure of it."

        "Promise?" Faith asked.

        "I promise." Isabel replied.

        "What will happen between us afterwards?"

        "No matter what happens Faith, you'll always be my friend."

        Isabel and Faith quickly embraced each other for a strong hug. As she watched Faith go upstairs to get ready to see Buffy, Isabel felt mixed emotions about the meeting. She wanted Faith to be happy and start the healing process with Buffy, but couldn't help but wonder about what effects it would have in her relationship with Faith.


        Buffy paced back and forth as she waited for Faith on the corner across the street from the motel. She quickly ate a cereal bar as she thought of what she wanted to say to Faith. Then she saw the brunette walking down the street.

        Buffy felt nervous about her first meeting with Faith since she found her with Angel.

        "Hey B." Faith said uneasily as she came face to face with Buffy.

        "Hey." Buffy said, glaring at Faith. "You want to go for a walk?"


        The two slayers walked around the park and didn't say a word to each other for a few minutes. Then as they approached the motel, Buffy broke the silence.

        "I met your friend Isabel last night." Buffy said as she and Faith went inside the room.

        "She told me about that." Faith said as she closed the door.

        "She's very nice once you get to know her and is quite beautiful."


        The two slayers stared at each other uneasily for a minute as they sat down.

        "Faith I think it's time we got everything out in the open." Buffy said as she closed the curtains. "I want to know why did you do the things you when you teamed up with the mayor?"

        "I don't know B." Faith said. "Maybe it was resentment I had toward you for having the stable life I never had, me wanting to get my kicks even more or because of my fucked up life. It could be any or all of those answers, but the truth is I can't give a defined answer."

        Buffy stared at Faith with a very stern look on her face after she heard Faith's answer to her question.

        "I think the answers you gave me are a bunch of bullshit."

        "Come on Buffy it's the truth."

        "It's just another one of your sorry ass excuses."

        "You know I'm outta here." Faith said as she walked toward the door.

        "You're not going anywhere." Buffy said as she blocked Faith from leaving the room. "We haven't finished."

        "Look B I'm tired of fighting with you."

        "I'm tired of it too Faith, but you're the one that started it."

        "There you go again blaming me as usual."

        "You hurt people Faith." Buffy said as she came face to face with Faith. "You made my life a living hell by trying to destroy the town, hurting my friends and me. I wanted nothing more than to be your friend, but instead you stabbed me in the back."

        "So you wanted to come here to get justice by killing me." Faith said as she picked up the dagger she was stabbed with. "Here I am B, go ahead and finish it."

        Buffy took the dagger and stared at Faith.

        "Go ahead do it!" Faith yelled. "Isn't this what you fucking wanted?"

        Buffy was very tempted to finish the deed as she held the dagger to Faith's throat, but the images of her dream flashed in her mind, which caused her to drop the dagger.

        "I can't do it." Buffy said.

        "I think there's another reason why you came here." Faith said. "Why don't you tell me B."

        Buffy hesitated to say anything.

        "Come on B I know there's something more to your trip than payback.

        "I can't stop thinking about you!" Buffy snapped. "Is that what you wanna know?"

        Faith was left silent after hearing Buffy confession.

        "I think about you everyday Faith. I think about what went wrong with us and what might've been had everything not went wrong. I have dreams about you. Recently I dreamt that you were by my side, comforting me during the whole thing with my mom and then I had another dream where you went even more crazy and killed Dawn in front of me."

        "No Buffy don't say that." Faith said as she got up after hearing Buffy's confession about her dream. "I would never do anything to hurt your sister. I would never hurt you like that."

        Faith looked at Buffy and saw that her green eyes were tearing up. She hated seeing Buffy cry.

        "Your friend Isabel was right about one thing." Buffy said as she held her tears inside her. "I do have feelings for you. I've been denying them for so long until it started gnawing in my mind after I got your last letter."

        "Why didn't you read any of my letters?"

        "I couldn't handle it. I wanted to get anything about you out of my system, but I found out that it was easier said than done."

        Faith was left silent as she listened to Buffy.

        "All I wanted Faith was to be your friend. Why did you turn on me like you did?"

        "I couldn't handle it. I wasn't used to people giving a fuck about me."

        "I wish that I would've told you how I felt about you back then."

        "Tell me now."

        Buffy hesitated to come up with an answer and paced around the room a few seconds.

        "My feeling toward you are very conflicted." Buffy said as she sat next to Faith. "On one hand I hate you for putting me through hell with everything you did and on the other there's still a part of me that still I loves you."

        Faith was stunned to hear Buffy's confession. She was very befuddled on how to respond to it. Then Buffy got a little closer to her, held hands with her and looked deeply into Faith's brown eyes.

        "Faith I'm not ready to forgive you for what you did, but I'm willing to start the healing process right now."

        Then Buffy moved in even closer and gave Faith a very passionate kiss. Faith briefly kissed Buffy back, but broke the kiss by moving away from her.

        "I'm sorry B." Faith said as she stood up. "I can't do this."

        "Isn't this what you wanted?" Buffy said. "I'm willing to not think about everything that has happened to us and just make love to you."

        "I want it B, but not like this. I've been doing some thinking while I've been here in Roswell and I think you're right about moving on."

        "Faith no!" Buffy said. "I'm sorry that I pushed you away. I was-"

        "It's not you Buffy." Faith said as she approached Buffy. "It's me. I'm going through a big change in my life right now and my feelings for you just aren't strong as they used to be."

        "So that's it?" Buffy said, on the verge of tears. "You dumping me for Isabel."

        "No B I'm not dumping you." Faith said as she held hands with Buffy. "You will always have a special place in my heart B and I'll always love you, but I think we need get on with our lives. You've got a lot to deal with like taking care of Dawn, slaying and college and I just don't want to be a burden to you."

        "You'll never be a burden to me Faith." Buffy said as she rubbed her hand on Faith's cheek. "However I understand you wanting to move on."

        "Thanks for understanding. I hope you finally write back to me."

        "I will. By the way tell Isabel that I 'm sorry about what happened yesterday."

        "I'll be sure to tell her."

        Faith started to make her way to the door. Then she looked behind and saw Buffy standing behind her, with tears rolling down her cheek. Faith immediately went back to Buffy and gave her a hug.

        "Don't worry B." Faith said as she held Buffy. "I'm sure we'll find our way back to each other someday, but right now we have to go on our own paths."

        Faith broke the hug and wiped away Buffy's tears. Then she gave Buffy a brief, but passionate goodbye kiss and left the room. Buffy stood in the hall and watched Faith leave. Then as soon as Faith disappeared from her sight, Buffy fell to her knees and sobbed quietly. She now knew that Faith was gone once again, but she felt a sense of relief by starting the healing process with her.


        Isabel was sitting on her bed in her candlelit room reading Tropic of Cancer and listening to Radiohead. She was patiently waiting for Faith to return. Isabel felt a sense of uncertainty about the future of her relationship with Faith. She wanted to be happy for her if she got back with Buffy, but at the same time, she would've been heartbroken if she did.

        Then Isabel heard some come in the house and turn down her stereo.

        "Max is that you?" Isabel yelled.

        "It's me Izzy." Faith replied as she ran upstairs to Isabel's room.

        "So how did things go between you and Buffy?"

        "It went well." Faith said as she sat down on Isabel's bed. "She hasn't forgiven me yet, but at least things are better between us."

        "I'm very happy that things went well for you two." Isabel said. "Listen Faith I just want you to know that I'm happy for you and Buffy. You shared a bond that's-"

        "What are you talking about?" Faith said interrupting Isabel.

        "I thought you and Buffy were an item."

        "Oh no. I love Buffy, but I told her that it's time that we go our separate ways. Besides I wanted to be with the special person in my life."

        Isabel smilied at Faith's comment about her and a tear quickly came down from her eye. Faith wiped away the tear from Isabel's cheek and held hands with her.

        "Izzy you're that special person I want to be with." Faith said. "I- God I'm not good at saying it."

        "You don't have to say it." Isabel said as she moved closer to Faith.

        The two looked deeply into each other's eyes and moved in for a kiss. The kiss started tentatively, but grew more passionately as Faith and Isabel's tongue met. Then Isabel pushed Faith down on the bed and got on top of her. She started to kiss her way all over Faith's body at her neck and removed Faith's shirt and jeans in the process. Faith cupped Isabel's breasts and took her shirt off. Isabel resumed kissing Faith's body by making her way to her chest, where she ripped off Faith's bra, revealing her nice firm breasts. Isabel started to suck on Faith's nipples, which made her very hot. Then Isabel kissed her way down to Faith's lean stomach and licked around her navel. Faith removed her black panties as Isabel was kissing her stomach. Isabel quickly made her way down to Faith's pussy and started to finger her clit. Faith resisted the urge to cum for a while, but gave in after Isabel started to lick her clit.

        "Oh god!" Faith moaned as she came.

        Isabel quickly ran to the bathroom to wash up after going down on Faith. Then she return to the room and gave Faith a hungry look as she took off her clothes. All Faith could do was stare in awe as Isabel revealed her beautiful voluptuous body, which looked like it was a model for a famous sculpture. Isabel got back in the bed with Faith and starting kissing her again. Then Faith got on top of Isabel and started to sensually kiss and touch Isabel all over her body. Faith made her way to Isabel's pussy and started to kiss it slowly, but went faster as she progress until she sent Isabel into a state of ecstacy.

        "Oh Faith." Isabel moaned as she climaxed.

        Faith and Isabel were tired after an hour of pleasure and lay beside each other in the bed. As Faith stared at Isabel, who was asleep, she felt a sense of serenity that she had never felt and knew that her hour with Isabel felt nothing like any other sexual encounters she had. She always like to fuck the hell out of anyone she was, but things were different with Isabel. Isabel was very sensuous and the first one who really appreciated her as a lover. As she fell asleep beside Isabel, Faith knew that she had made love for the first time in her life.


        A bus pulled up to the station as Faith gathered her small load of luggage.

        "I guess this is goodbye." Faith said.

        "We're very glad that you came here." Max said as he handed a box to Faith. "Mom made some cookies for you."

        "Tell her I said thanks."

        Michael, Maria, Liz and Tess quickly approached Faith with some presents.

        "Faith we wanted to give you something before you go." Liz said as she and Maria gave Faith their present, which was a Crashdown uniform.

        "Thank you so much guys." Faith said. "You're about the best hosts a visitor would want to see."

        "Anything for a great guest like you." Maria said.

        Faith quickly gave everyone hugs before she got on the bus and then saw Isabel.

        "Guys could give us a minute alone." Isabel said.

        Everyone obliged and said goodbye to Faith as they left.

        "I guess this is it." Isabel said.

        "Yeah." Faith sighed. "All good things must come to an end."

        "Where are you going?"

        "Back to L.A. to make myself a productive member of society by helping Angel."

        "That's very great of you to do that. I'll be sure to write you."

        "I know you will."

        Faith and Isabel quickly went to a private spot in the bus station and had one last kiss.

        "I'm going to miss you Faith." Isabel said. "You'll always be a special part of my life."

        "Same here Izzy." Faith said as she held hands with Isabel.

        "Last call for the outgoing express to L.A." the announcement over the intercom said.

        Faith got her luggage and gifts and got on the bus. She waved at Isabel as the bus went off on it's journey. Isabel watched the bus go away with everyone else, with tears in her eyes. Max comforted Isabel with a hug.

        "I wish she didn't have to go." Isabel sobbed.

        "It's okay Izzy." Max said. "At least she knows someone cares about her."


        Faith looked at all of the pictures from her stay in Roswell. As she stared at a picture of her and Isabel, she noticed a small note taped on the back. Faith detached it from the picture and read it.

Dear Faith,

        The last few days were among the best days I've ever had. The only bad thing about it is having it end. I will always cherish the time i spend with you, especially our special hour. I hope we'll get to see each other again soon. You will always have a special place in my heart.



        Tears streamed down on the note as Faith looked at it. She was beginning to feel the effects of being away from Isabel. Then as she got off the bus, she saw Angel standing outside. Faith quickly wiped away the tears as she went to meet him.

        "So how did it go?" Angel asked.

        "It went very well." Faith replied. "It's great to know that there's someone out there in Roswell, New Mexico who gives a rat's ass about me."

        The end

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