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Pen Pals, Part Three

Reply to Hot Rod

Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive May 10, 2001

Title: Pen Pals Part 3
Author: Hot Rod
Rating: R
Category: Crossover(Buffy/Roswell)
Couple: Faith/Isabel
Disclaimer: All characters in this story are the creation and property of Jason Katims, Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox and the WB network. All infringements are unintended.
Summary: Buffy confronts Faith, but Isabel decides to step in. Meanwhile Isabel reveals a secret about the hidden past of her relationship with Faith.

        "Time to go." A guard said as he opened the door to Faith's cell.

        She quickly finished her meal and went off with the guard.

        "So where are we going?" Faith asked as she and the guard walked down the hall.

        "Today's your day Faith." The guard replied.

        "What the hell are you talking about?"

        "I'm very sorry that your appeals were turn down."

        Faith was very befuddled when she saw everyone wearing 18th century clothes, but she quickly got an idea what was going on when she noticed that she was being led to the execution field.

        "No I don't want to die." Faith yelled as she struggled with the guards to get away. "Please I'm sorry for everything."

        "That's what they all say." The guard said as he and the other guards subdued Faith.

        "Lets be gentle with her gentlemen." said a man with a very familar voice.

        Faith quickly calmed down to see who it was to see her and found out that it was Angel, who was dressed as a priest.

        "Angel please get me out of here." Faith pleaded. "I don't want to die."

        "There there my child" Angel said as he put his arm around Faith. "Everything's going to be alright."

        "Angel please tell them that I regret everything I've done in my life and promise to be a better person."

        "Don't worry Faith. I'm sure the lord will forgive you."

        The guards quickly started leading Faith to the execution field.

        "Don't them kill me Angel!" Faith yelled as she went outside. "You promised to that you would help me."

        The guards made their way outside, through the angry mob that came to see the execution. The people yelled at Faith, spat on her and pushed her as she made her way to the stage where the guillotine was situated. Faith was surprised to see Giles on the stage.

        "Giles please stop this." Faith pleaded. "I never meant to hurt anyone."

        "Silence." Giles yelled at Faith. "It's too late for begging."

        Faith looked around at the bloodthirsty crowd and saw Xander, Anya, Dawn, Willow, Tara, Cordelia and Wesley in the front row.

        "Come on guys you've got to help me." Faith pleaded.

        Willow quickly replied by spitting in Faith's face.

        "I hope you go to hell."

        "Yeah that's where you belong you murderous wench." Xander said.

        "Lets get this over with." Wesley yelled.

        All Faith could do was look at the gang. She knew that there was no way out this time. Then the crowd fell silent as a black cloaked person rode into the execution field. The crowd parted like the Red Sea to clear the way for the black cloaked stranger.

        "The execution will now procede." Giles said as the black cloaked stranger came on stage. "Today we gather to witness the execution of Faith, the most bloodthirsty, lustful wench ever to set foot on our soil."

        The crowd yelled at Faith some more, but quickly went silent as Giles raised his hands.

        "This woman has brought shame to our great town with her rampage of murder and lust and must suffer the consequences. So we have called on the Black Angel to do the deed."

        The crowd cheered as the Black Angel made it's way to Faith. Faith nervously looked at the Black Angel as it unmasked.

        Faith was beyond stunned when she found out that the Black Angel was Buffy.

        "Buffy please don't do this-"

        "Quiet you." Buffy snapped. "Today I have returned to give final justice to the murderous one called Faith. Our town will once again live in peace after she has been executed and sent to hell."

        The guards moved Faith into position under the large blade.

        "Buffy I never meant to hurt you." Faith tearfully pleaded. "Please spare my life."

        "I'm not sparing your life you worthless bitch!" Buffy said. "Lets just say that you'll be going home."

        Buffy quickly pulled the lever and the blade made its way down to Faith's neck.

        "NOOO!" Faith yelled as she found herself back in the Evans' house.

        She felt her neck to see if the dream wasn't real. Faith got up to go to the bathroom. The mirror was still cracked after she punched it last night. As she washed her face, Faith had a bad feeling that something would happen to her soon.


        Isabel made her way to the kitchen for breakfast. She found her parents and Max watching Faith practice her moves.

        "Good morning." Isabel said loudly to get everyone's attention.

        "Oh hi Isabel." Mrs. Evans said. "Breakfast is on the stove."

        "I didn't know Faith practiced martial arts." Mr. Evans said.

        "Oh yeah I forgot to tell you about that." Isabel said as she drank some milk.

        "Hey Izzy could I speak to you for a moment?" Max said as he led Isabel to the den. "Michael told me about what happened last night."

        "Look Max that guy was about to commit date rape and Faith did what she had to do to stop him."

        "I understand her defending herself, but she almost killed him."

        "I know Max, but she didn't."

        "I knew something like this would happen."

        "Don't judge Faith with your preconceived notions Max." Isabel snapped. "She had a very hard life and is trying to get herself together."

        "I know that Faith is trying to get her life in order," Max said."I just don't want to see you get hurt."

        "Thanks Max, but I'll be fine."

        Isabel and Max stared at Faith in silence for a minute.

        "Max there's something I have to tell you." Isabel said.

        "What is it?" Max asked.

        "Well last night after we came home, Faith and I got a little closer with each other."

        "What do you mean by closer?"

        "We kissed."

        "You what!" Max yelled.

        "Not so loud." Isabel whispered. "We got caught up in the moment and couldn't help ourselves."

        Max stood in silence after hearing Isabel's revealation.

        "Max I have feelings for Faith."

        "Are they the same ones you had for Tess when you two had that thing?"

        "It's different between me and Faith." Isabel said as she finished her glass of milk. "I feel a lot more connected with her in the human sense than with Tess."

        "How long have you had these feelings?"

        "I didn't know where it started at first, but when we kissed last night, I had a flash."

        "What happened in it?"

        "Well it had me when I was 10 playing with another girl."

        "That's it."

        "There's more. The girl that I was playing with was Faith. Max, the first dreamwalk I did was on Faith."

        Max was stunned by Isabel's revelation about her first dreamwalk.

        "I was just messing around one night and discovered my power. Then I saw Faith sitting in a corner crying. She had just been abused by her mom. I felt so bad for her that I decided to stay with her that night. It was so good that I came back for many nights. We played and talked all night. Then one night I couldn't connect with Faith anymore."

        "What happened?"

        "I don't know." Isabel said, with her eyes on the verge of tearing up. "I tried to get in touch with her, but I had no luck. I thought she was dead until the whole letter writing thing started."

        "Izzy you've got to tell Faith about this."

        "Max I don't know how she would react to it. What if she blames me for being what the way she is."

        "It's worth the risk to tell her." Max said as Faith came inside." Besides you can't keep this to yourself forever."

        "I'll try." Isabel sighed. "I just don't want ruin things between us."

        "Morning guys." Faith said as she entered the kitchen.

        "Hey Faith." Isabel and Max said simulataneously.

        "I'd love to stay and chat with you two, but I have to go right now." Max said. "I'll see you both later."

        "Alright Max." Isabel said as Max left the room.

        Isabel and Faith stared at each other in uneasy silence. The two were both hesitant to bring up the kiss. Then as she finished off her glass of water, Isabel decided to break the silence.

        "About last night. I -"

        "You're a little freaked about what happened?" Faith asked.

        "Yeah." Isabel replied. "Look Faith I really like you a lot, but just in a good friend way."

        "Okay so why did you kiss me?"

        "I don't really know." Isabel said as Faith sat next to her. "Something just came over me."

        "Izzy I think your feelings are more than mutual." Faith said. "I really like you a lot too and really value your friendship.

        I don't regret that we kissed last night, but at the same time I don't want to set myself up again-"

        "Because of Buffy?" Isabel asked, interrupting Faith.

        "Yeah." Faith replied. "I still have strong feelings for Buffy and if we got involved, it would complicate things."

        "Faith I only think of you as a friend." Isabel said as she held Faith's hand. "The kiss meant a lot to me, but that doesn't mean that we have to jump into some relationship because of it."

        As they sat in the den in silence for a minute, Faith and Isabel felt the tension that had existed eariler disappear. Then Isabel rubbed Faith's long brown hair and leaned in closer to her.

        "Listen to me Faith, whatever happens, we can get through it."

        "I hope so." Faith said as she and Isabel shared a hug. "Are you up for a little sparing session?"

        "Yeah, but I'll probably suck at it." Isabel said as she and Faith went outside.


        Buffy began punching the heavy bag in the Roswell gym. All Buffy could think about while she punched the bag was getting revenge on Faith. Her punches grew more powerful as all the things Faith did to her came back in her mind. Then Buffy punched a hole in the heavy bag, which stunned the others in the gym. Buffy quietly made her way to the shower with everyone staring at her. As she undressed for her shower, Buffy unpacked a black wig, which would serve as her disguise, a dagger and a map of Roswell. She circled her next stop, which would be the Crashdown Cafe, where she would most likely find Faith.


        The Crashdown Cafe was bustling with its usual activity in the afternoon. Liz and Maria frantically served the customers in the cafe, while Kyle, Alex, Michael and Tess were having a discussion. Then Faith and Isabel entered the cafe, which immediately stopped the conversation. Alex, Kyle, Michael and Tess approached Faith as she sat down at the counter.

        "What do you want?" Faith asked. "I didn't think you would want to be anywhere near me after last night."

        "Listen Faith we thought what you did last night was pretty cool." Kyle said.

        "Yeah it really showed what type of a person you really are." Alex said.

        "Thanks." Faith said. "It really means a lot coming from you all."

        "Faith we really like having you around and you're always welcome here." Tess said as she extended her hand to Faith.

        By the way I'm sorry that I was pretty bitchy with you at the party."

        "It's cool Tess." Faith said as she shook hands with Tess. "Hey Maria could get me the usual?"

        "Sure Faith." Maria replied.

        As everyone was talking, Buffy entered the cafe dressed in her disguise. She immediately saw Faith laughing with Isabel and sat down at a table a few feet from them. Then Liz came over to Buffy.

        "Welcome to the Crashdown may I help you?"

        "I just want a coke." Buffy said.

        "That's it?"


        As Liz went to get her order, Buffy stared at Faith. She was very curious to see Faith being rather friendly with Isabel, which got her thinking about the good times she had with Faith. Then she quickly interrupted by Liz.

        "Here's your Coke." Liz said as she gave it to Buffy. "That'll be $1.75."

        "Keep the change." Buffy said as she gave Liz two one dollar bills.

        Buffy immediately resumed staring at Faith, who was having an arm wrestling match with Isabel with everyone around them cheering them on. Buffy took a sip of her Coke as she stared at Faith. Then after she finished her Coke, Buffy saw Faith walking to the bathroom and followed her after she went inside. After she came inside the bathroom, Buffy pulled out her dagger and went inside a stall where she waited for Faith. After a couple of minutes Faith came out of her stall and went to wash her hands. Buffy left her stall after Faith turned on the water and slowly walked toward her. Faith immediately saw Buffy, but didn't recognize her.

        "It's all yours." Faith said as she went to dry her hands off.

        Buffy begin washing her hands and watching Faith. She quickly pulled her dagger out of her back pocket and crept toward Faith as she finished drying her hands. Then without warning, Buffy stuck the dagger in Faith's back.

        Faith, in shock after Buffy stabbed her, kicked Buffy to the sink. Buffy quickly got up and took off her disguise to reveal herself to Faith, who was very stunned to Buffy again.

        "Buffy!" Faith said as she staggered toward the door.

        Buffy quickly replied by punching Faith with a hard right that put her on the floor. Then Buffy started pummeling Faith with a series of furious punches.

        "Die you fucking bitch." Buffy said as she started choking Faith. "I fucking hate you."

        Faith started to nodded out after a few seconds, which was caused by the loss of blood after being stabbed. Then Isabel came inside the bathroom.

        "Hey Faith you're taking too- GET OFF HER!" Isabel yelled as she pushed Buffy off of Faith.

        Buffy charged at Isabel as she attended to Faith, knocking them both outside of the bathroom. Buffy got up and hit Isabel with a right jab. Isabel quickly caught Buffy's hand as she went for another jab and started squeezing it. Buffy was surprised by the taller woman's strength as she squeezed her hand and tried to deliver a punch with her left hand, but Isabel showed great reflexes as she blocked it and quickly hit Buffy with a left hook that knocked her into a table. Buffy sat on the floor for a few seconds, dazed by Isabel's rock hard left hook. Then as Buffy tried to get up, Isabel went over to her and put Buffy in a choke hold. Max, Michael and Kyle immediately went over to try to get Isabel to break the hold.

        "Let her go Izzy." Max said as he tried to pull Isabel away from Buffy, who was having trouble breathing.

        "Get away from me!" Isabel yelled. "I'll fucking kill this cunt."

        "Oh my god someone come in here quick." Tess yelled after she found Faith in the bathroom. "Faith is bleeding."

        Kyle and Liz ran inside the bathroom to see about Faith as Max and Michael struggled to get Isabel to break her chokehold on Buffy. Finally Isabel released Buffy, who staggered to the table.

        "You're not getting away with this you fucking bitch!" Isabel yelled as Max and Michael restrained her from getting to Buffy.

        Buffy saw that the situation was unraveling and pushed a couple of customers out of the way as she ran away from the Crashdown. Kyle, Liz and Tess came out of the bathroom with a wounded Faith. Kyle carried Faith as Liz held some tissue on her wound.

        "Faith are you alright?" Isabel asked as Kyle made his way toward the exit with Faith in tow.

        Faith only replied by reaching out to Isabel, who held her hand as they went outside.

        "I'm right here with you." Isabel said as Max put his hand over Faith's wound and healed her.

        Faith felt better after Max healed her, but she was still pretty weak.

        "Lets take her home Izzy." Max said as he and Kyle put Faith in the jeep.

        Isabel, who was in shock after what had happened in the case, just stared at Faith as she went in the jeep. Then Max went over to hug her.

        "It's okay Izzy. She'll be fine."

        Isabel quickly got in the jeep and sat next to Faith. Faith put her head on Isabel's shoulder as Max sped off for home.

        "Everything's going to be alright." Isabel said as she comforted Faith.


        Isabel watched Faith as she went to sleep in her bed. Faith was still in shock after being stabbed by Buffy at the Crashdown.

        Isabel leaned forward and gave Faith a kiss on her forehead before she left the room. She quickly ran into Max as she was leaving the room.

        "So that must've been Buffy." Max said.

        "Yeah that was her." Isabel said. "I can't believe someone would do such a thing to Faith."

        "Well Faith did make her life a living hell."

        "Max I know what Faith did to Buffy was wrong, but doesn't give Buffy an excuse to stab her in the back."

        "Look Izzy lets just sleep on this Buffy thing for now."

        Then an idea popped into Isabel's head after she heard Max's comment.

        "Yeah lets sleep on it." Isabel said with a slight grin on her face.


        Isabel found herself outside an apartment complex. She heard some loud noise come from the building and decided to go inside to see what was happening. As she went inside, Isabel saw two people crash through a window together. It was Buffy and Faith, who were having an epic fight. The two slayers exchanged kicks and punches at a fast pace. Then Buffy kicked Faith in her right leg, which weakened her ablity to fight. Faith limped around and tried to fight Buffy as best as she could, but it was becoming apparent that Buffy had the upper hand. Isabel looked on in shock as Buffy unmercilessly started beating Faith to a bloody pulp. She had never seen such rage for anyone before. Isabel wanted to intervene and stop the beating very badly, but she knew that she had to stand to the side for the dreamwalk to work. After a couple of minutes Buffy stopped beating Faith and grabbed a sword. As Buffy got ready to deliver the coup de grase, Faith stuggled to say something.

        "B I love you." Faith muttered.

        Buffy was shocked to hear Faith's declaration at first, but she raised the sword over her head and drove it into Faith's heart.

        Isabel started crying as the last ounce of life went away from Faith. Buffy stood over Faith for a minute after she died.

        Buffy dropped the sword and fell to her knees, where she broke down crying.

        "I'm sorry Faith." Buffy said as she touched Faith's lifeless body.

        Isabel quietly ran out of the building and then found herself back on the couch at home. As she went to get a glass of water, Isabel now had an insight on Buffy's true feelings toward Faith. As she quietly went left the house, Isabel knew that she had to find Buffy as soon as possible and get her to confess about them.


        Buffy got out of the shower and begin drying herself off. As she dried her hair, Buffy noticed that her hands still had Faith's blood on them and the area under her right eye had stopped swelling up. She felt very upset at herself for not only failing to finish the purpose of her trip, but also for turning into a cold blooded killer. Then as she slipped into her underwear, Buffy heard a knock on her door.

        "Just a minute." Buffy yelled as she put her robe.

        Then she opened the door and found Isabel standing outside. Buffy tried to slam the door in Isabel's face, but she quickly caught the door.

        "What do you want?" Buffy asked as she tried to close the door on Isabel.

        "I came here to talk." Isabel replied as she pushed the door open, knocking Buffy out of the way in the process. "It's about Faith."

        "Say what you want and get the hell out."

        Isabel came inside and glared at Buffy. She was surprised that Buffy was much smaller than she anticipated. Buffy uneasily walked past Isabel. She was surprised at how tall Isabel was and at the same time was awed by her beauty as she stared at the way Isabel looked in her tight workout gear.

        "So you're Faith's special friend." Buffy said sarcastically.

        "Yeah." Isabel replied. "Lets cut to the chase Buffy. Why are you here?"

        "You know why I'm here. To finish some unfinished business and basically save you from Faith."

        "What makes you think I need to be saved from Faith."

        "You're falling for her." Buffy said as she sat down on her bed. "I saw the way you were together. Do you have feelings for her?"

        "That's none of your fucking business." Isabel snapped.

        "Oh I see that you have a thing for Faith. Let me tell you, get out as soon as possible, because Faith will hurt like she did with me."

        "So you were in the same position too?"

        "Yeah. We were good friends, until she went psycho and joined up with the mayor. I was crushed when she did that, but I had to do what I had to do to stop her."

        "So you're willing to kill her for something that happened a couple of years ago?"

        "Look Isabel, Faith's not this innocent badass chick that you think she is. She made my life a living hell by all the crazy shit she did like nearly killing my friends and trying to destroy the whole town."

        Tears started to stream out of Buffy's green eyes as she recalled what happened between her and Faith.

        "All I wanted was to be her friend, but instead she stabbed me in the back. I could never forgive her for that."

        Isabel stood in silence after hearing Buffy's rant. Then she picked up the dagger that Buffy stabbed Faith with.

        "Buffy is this how you justify what Faith did to you by stabbing her in the back?"

        "What goes around, comes around."

        "That just proves that you're not much better than the vampires you protect the world from."

        "You just don't understand." Buffy said as she snatched the dagger from Isabel. "The only way I feel justice has been served to Faith is if she's dead. Now tell me where is she?"

        "I'm not telling you a damn thing." Isabel said. "If you ever lay your hands on her again, I'll do what I have to do to protect her."

        "Oh now you're Faith's big guardian angel!" Buffy said sarcastically. "Just remember that you're messing with the fucking slayer."

        "Well Buffy I don't think you're much," Isabel said, coming to face to face with Buffy. "Especially after I kicked your ass."

        Buffy glared up at Isabel for a few seconds after hearing Isabel's comment. Isabel gave Buffy a smirk. Buffy knew that she would be in for more than a fight if she tried to hunt down Faith.

        "You don't have it in you to kill Faith." Isabel said.

        "You don't know what the hell you're talking about." Buffy said. "I've been waiting for this moment for two years."

        "Come on Buffy you know that you couldn't live with yourself if you did kill her."

        Buffy was suddenly befuddled by Isabel's comment.

        "Why are you telling me this bullshit?"

        "Lets just say that I've seen it in a dream." Isabel said as she touched Buffy on her arm, which caused her to see flashes of her dream.

        Buffy was very confused after seeing the flashes.

        "What the hell are you?"

        "I'm an alien."

        "No way." Buffy laughed. "Everybody knows that aliens don't exist."

        "Okay let me show you something." Isabel said as she placed her hand on the swollen area under Buffy's right eye, which healed the area.

        Buffy look at the mirror and saw that the swollen area was normal. Buffy couldn't believe that was face to face with an alien.

        "So that explains why you're so strong." Buffy said.

        "Yeah." Isabel said. "I have to ask you Buffy, do you still have feelings for Faith?"

        Buffy hestiated to come up with an answer as she wrestled with her mixed feelings for Faith.

        "Yes I still have feelings for Faith." Buffy said. "But I have to ask you if you have the same feelings for Faith."

        "Yeah I like Faith a lot," Isabel replied. "But only as a friend."

        "You two seem to have a strong connection."

        "Yeah we do.

        "Tell Faith that I'm willing to talk to her one on one tomorrow.

        "I'll be sure to tell her." Isabel said as she went toward the door to leave. "Just don't try anything."

        "I won't." Buffy said. "By the way you're a lot better looking than I thought you would be."

        "Why is that?"

        "Because I thought you would be this really butch looking, hardass chick."

        "That's funny Buffy I thought you be a little taller."

        Buffy glared at Isabel as she left the room. Buffy now knew that she and Faith would finally have a chance to talk face to face.

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