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Pen Pals, Part Two

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Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive April 22, 2001

Title: Pen Pals part 2
Author: Hot Rod
Rating:R(for strong language and violence)
Couple: Isabel/Faith
Summary: Faith and Isabel finally meet and decided to have some fun and get to know each other. However an old friend of Faith decides to pay her a visit.
Disclaimer: All characters in this story were created and are owned by Joss Whedon, Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox and the WB television network. All infringements are unintentional.

        Faith and Isabel hugged each other very tightly as everyone else in the cafe were looking at them. It was the moment they both had been waiting for.

        "It's so great to finally meet you." Faith said as she broke away from the hug. "You're a lot better looking in person."

        "Thanks." Isabel said. "You look pretty good for someone that has been locked up."

        "Thanks I get that a lot."

        Faith and Isabel both laughed Faith's comment. Everyone else was still staring at them, which quickly got the two friends' notice.

        "I want to introduce you to everyone." Isabel said as she guided Faith. "This is my brother Max. He's the boring, strict lovesick leader that i was talking about."

        "Nice to meet you Faith." Max said as he shook Faith's hand. "

        "Same here Max."

        "This is Alex, the guy that has a major crush on me."

        "Hey there Al."

        "Hi Faith." Alex said uneasily.

        "This is Liz, that girl he's so in love with."

        "Hi Faith." Liz said as she shook hands with Faith.


        "This guy here is Michael, our best friend since we could remember."

        "Hey." Michael said as he approached the counter.

        "That chick beside him is-"

        "I've already met Maria." Faith interrupted, smiling at Maria.

        "Yeah." Maria said with a nervous smile on her face.

        "So do you have anything planned for today?" Isabel asked as she sat next to Faith.

        "Well as soon as I finish my lunch, I have to meet with Sheriff Valenti."

        "He's a great guy once you get to know him, but he acts very suspicious with strangers."

        "Okay that's good to know." Faith said as she finished off her burger. "So what do you guys do for fun besides saving the world from evil aliens?"

        "Well nothing much really." Alex said as she sat down next to Isabel. "We occasionally have some parties, like tonight at this place outside of town."

        "That sounds pretty cool. Count me in."

        "So Faith do you have any place to stay?" Isabel asked.

        "Well I'm still looking for motel that's affordable." Faith replied.

        "You don't have to stay at a motel. You could stay at our place."

        "I don't know Isabel." Faith sighed. "I highly doubt your parents would want a felon staying in their house."

        "I'll talk to them about it."

        "Thanks for doing this for me."

        "Anything for you Faith." Isabel said. "So do you want a ride to Sheriff Valenti's office?"

        "Yeah." Faith replied as she paid for her lunch. "I'm about to go there right now."

        "Okay lets roll."

        "It was nice meeting you guys." Faith said as she and Isabel left the cafe. "I guest I'll see ya later."

        "Yeah nice meeting you too Faith." Max said.

        Everyone looked at Faith and Isabel as they went off to Sheriff Valenti's office.

        "So Max did you know about this thing between Isabel and Faith?" Michael asked.

        "I'm in the dark about this thing like you guys are." Max replied. "I think we might have to talk to Izzy about it later."

        Everyone went back to their normal routine after Faith and Isabel were gone. There were still some questions that had to be answered by them later.


        Things were quiet at Angel Investagations. Cordelia was answering calls as usual, while Angel, Gunn and Wesley were going over a plan to attack a demon that was on the loose.

        "Just divert it with the chant and we'll do the rest." Angel said as Buffy entered the office.

        "Buffy it's a surprise to see you." Cordelia said.

        "Yeah I thought I'd stop by here." Buffy said as she sat down on Cordy's desk.

        "So how have you and Dawn been lately?"

        "We're doing fine, but it's still very hard without mom around."

        "I understand. I feel very badly for you guys. I would definitely love to help you guys if you need anything."

        "Thanks Cordy." Buffy said. "So is Angel here?"

        "Sure Buffy," Cordelia replied. "But you better catch him right now."

        "Thanks." Buffy said as Angel came out with Gunn and Wesley. "Hey guys."

        "Hey Buffy." Gunn and Wesley said simultaneously.

        "So what brings you here?" Angel asked.

        "I need to talk to you in private Angel." Buffy replied.

        "Okay but it has to be quick. I have a demon to get."

        Angel and Buffy went into Angel's office to have their closed door meeting.

        "Listen Angel I've heard that Faith is out on parole and I need to know if it's true."

        Angel hesitated to answer Buffy.

        "Why do you want to know?"

        "Because I've got a feeling she might do some damage again."

        "Look Buffy if you're worried about whether she's coming back to Sunnydale, she already told me that she doesn't want to come back."

        "Well that's good to know, but I still think that she's a risk to revert back to insane slayer mode."

        "Come on Buffy I know why you're here." Angel said as he got his knives from his weapon cabinet. "You want payback for what she did to you."

        "Yes I do." Buffy replied. "I admit that I still have it fresh on my mind and not a day goes by that I don't think of getting payback on her."

        "Look Buffy she's trying to turn her life around and doesn't need you trying to kill her to complicate things."

        "Just tell me where she is."

        "I won't do it."

        "Why not?" Buffy yelled. "Because you want to protect her."

        "Because I want to protect you." Angel yelled back. "I want to protect you from possibly doing something you would regret for the rest of your life."

        "Angel I won't have any regrets when I'm done with Faith."

        "If you want her so badly, fine be my guest." Angel said as he put the knives inside his leather jacket. "But just remember that this is a human being you're going after, not a demon or a vampire."

        Buffy quickly stormed out of the office without saying another word.

        "What was that about?" Cordelia asked.

        "She wants to get Faith." Angel brooded. "I'm afraid that she'll kill her this time if she has the chance."


        Faith and Isabel came upstairs after eating dinner. They rushed to get ready for the party.

        "So is Max going to the party?" Faith asked as she put on a black tight fitting t-shirt.

        "No." Isabel replied from the shower. "Lets just say he's not very good at parties."

        "Sounds like he's the brooding type like my man in L.A. Angel."

        As she went to get a pair of leather pants, Faith noticed Isabel coming out of the shower. She decided to sneak a peek inside the bathroom and got a glimpse of a nude Isabel. Her heart skipped a beat as Isabel's breasts swung around as she dried herself off with a towel. She had never seen any as beautiful as Isabel. Then Faith quickly sneak away from the door as Isabel approached.

        "So you're into leather too?" Isabel asked as she changed into her clothes.

        "Oh yeah." Faith replied as she put on her leather pants. "I've been wearing them since I was 13."

        "Yeah me too. Everyone thought i was a freak for wearing them at first, but now everyone wants to wear them."

        "That just goes to show how much of a trendsetter you are."

        Isabel laughed at Faith's comment as she put on her leather pants.

        "So how do you feel about us both wearing leather pants at the party?"

        "I'm cool with it." Faith replied as she put on her lipstick. "Besides we look pretty damn good in them."

        "Yeah." Isabel said as she and Faith looked at each other in the mirror. "Well we better be going."

        "Lets not get there too soon." Faith said as she and Isabel headed downstairs. "It's a lot more fun if we start a little later."

        "Just like in L.A?"

        "Oh yeah."

        Faith and Isabel quickly said goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Evans and drove off to the party.


        "Okay thank you very much." Buffy said as she finished speaking a member of the parole board and wrote down the message from him.

        "Why do I have to stay with Mr. Giles?" Dawn asked.

        "Because I have something important to do out of town." Buffy replied as she packed her bag with some knives and stakes.

        "It's Faith isn't it? You want to kill her."

        "Look Dawn I'm trying to protect those folks in Roswell from her."

        "You just want payback against her that's all."

        "Look I don't have time to get into this." Buffy said as Giles entered the room.

        "Dawn could I speak with your sister for a moment?"

        Dawn quietly left the room.

        "Look Buffy what you're doing here is wrong and-"

        "Giles if you're going to give me the same reasons why I shouldn't go, then don't waste your breath because I'm going."

        "I think this will be a big mistake if you do go on this expedition for revenge."

        "The only way it'll be a mistake if I don't take out Faith." Buffy said as she went outside.

        "Buffy please reconsider." Giles pleaded as Buffy got in her rental car.

        Buffy didn't pay him any attention and sped off into the darkness. Giles just stood behind looking. Dawn came outside and joined him.

        "Do you think she's going to kill Faith?" Dawn asked.

        "I'm afraid so." Giles replied uneasily.

        Giles and Dawn went back inside, unsure and fearful of what Buffy would do to Faith in Roswell.


        Faith and Isabel arrived at the party. All of the guys were checking them out, in awe of their beauty. The two made their way through the crowd to meet Michael and Maria.

        "Damn you two look dressed to kill." Maria said. "No pun intended."

        "It's cool." Faith said.

        "So where's Kyle and Tess?" Isabel asked as she sipped her drink.

        "There they are." Michael replied as they entered the house.

        Kyle and Tess went over to them as soon as they saw Isabel waving to them.

        "Sorry we're late." Kyle said. "I had to go shopping for my outfit with Tess."

        "I couldn't let me come here wearing any of those dumbass cowboy outfits." Tess said. "So Isabel who's this new friend we've been hearing about?"

        "Oh this is Faith." Isabel said. "Faith this is Tess, the girl that came here last year and Kyle, the sheriff's son."

        "Hey what's up guys." Faith said.

        "Hey there Faith." Kyle said.

        "Yeah hi Faith." Tess said, frowning at Faith.

        "Isabel told me a lot about you guys. Are you guys dating, just friends or friends that occasionally fuck.?"

        "We're just friends." Kyle said uneasily.

        "I think that's a rather sleazy question to ask."

        "Well excuse me Tessie." Faith said sarcastically. "Just making small talk. I can't help it if you can't handle it."

        Tess glared at Faith after hearing her comment. Faith just smiled at Tess, knowing that she got under the blonde's skin.

        "Come on Izzy lets go dance." Faith said as she took Isabel by her hand and dragged her out to the dance floor.

        "I don't want to Faith." Isabel replied.

        "Just this one time."

        "Well okay."

        Isabel and Faith quickly got on the floor and started dancing to Daft Punk's One More Time. Right away Faith noticed how good of a dancer Isabel was and quickly showed her some of her best moves.

        Then they pulled Alex on the floor with them and started dancing with him. He went along with it and did his best to keep up. As the song went on, Faith and Isabel started to dance more seductively with Alex, which got him very excited. However it was becoming obivious that they started to focus their attention on each other. So they pushed Alex aside and started bumping and grinding with each other. Right away they got everyone's attention with their dancing. However their undivided attention was on each other as their dancing grew more provocative. Faith quickly grabbed Isabel's ass before the alien slapped Faith's hand away and motioned at her with her index finger.

        "You're a great fucking dancing." Faith said into Isabel's ear as they were dancing.

        "You're pretty good yourself." Isabel replied.

        "Are you this good in bed?"

        "Not sound too cocky, but yeah."

        The two laughed at the comment as they continued to dance. Isabel started dancing with Alex, while Faith danced with three guys. Michael, Maria, Kyle and Tess just stood by watching it all.

        "Faith sure has brought out a whole different side of Isabel." Maria said.

        "Yeah i haven't seen her this happy in a while." Tess said jealously. "Come on Buddha boy lets dance."

        Kyle reluctantly obliged Tess as Michael and Maria stayed by watching.

        "You know it's nice to see Isabel having fun, especially after that Vilandra thing she went through." Michael said.

        "Yeah i guest she needed it." Maria said. "So do you want to put those dancing lessons to good use right now?"

        "What the hell! why not." Michael said as he and Maria went to dance.

        Everything was going well at the party with everyone having fun and partying into the wee hours.


        Things were very quiet at the police station. Sheriff Valenti left for home at midnight, leaving Deputy Hanson in charge. He was finishing his crossword puzzle when a stranger entered the station. She immediately caught his attention as she approached him.

        "What can do for you ma'am?" Deputy Hanson asked as he straightened his hair.

        "I'm looking for a parolee that goes by the name of Faith." Buffy replied.

        "Faith? Oh you mean that girl that came here to town the other day. She's still here."

        "Where can I find her?"

        "She's staying with the Evans."

        "Do you know where they stay?"

        "They live in the Stonewall neighborhood. Just take a right about mile down the road and find the real beautiful white house."

        "Thank you."

        "Say why are you looking for her?"

        "I'm a friend of her's from California."

        "California huh." Deputy Hanson said, smiling at Buffy. "You California girls sure look a lot better in person."

        "Thanks." Buffy said.

        "How long are you staying here? Because I would love to take a pretty lady like you out for lunch tomorrow."

        "I'm flattered by your offer, but I'll pass on it Deputy Dog." Buffy said sarcastically as she left the station.

        A couple of the other deputies laughed at Deputy Hanson after Buffy turned him down.

        "Okay back to work people."

        Everyone went back to work, still laughing at what had just transpired. Meanwhile Buffy drove down the road to the Evans' place to find Faith.


        Faith, Isabel, Alex, Michael and Maria came out of the party at 2:30 am. Kyle and Tess left an hour earlier to make curfew.

        "You guys here sure know how to throw a party." Faith said.

        "Well we always go all out on a party." Isabel said. "However we're nowhere near as good in the partying department as California."

        "Yeah, but at least you're trying."

        "Hey do you guys hear something?" Michael asked as everyone stop to hear the noise.

        "Yeah it's coming from that car over there." Maria said as she pointed out the source of the noise. "Nothing like young love."

        "Wait I hear some screaming." Isabel said as a girl ran out of the car.

        "Get away from me." The girl yelled as she ran away from the guy with her shirt torn.

        "Are you alright?" Maria asked.

        "That asshole there won't take no for an answer."

        "Come on we were just having a little fun." The guy said as he pulled his pants up.

        "Look you pushed the line dumbass." Isabel yelled. "So why don't you take your sorry drunk ass outta here."

        "Shut up bitch."

        "Don't call her a bitch asshole." Michael said as he pushed the guy. "Just go home and forget this happen."

        "Fuck off." The guy said as he gave Michael a hard right, which staggered him.

        Faith quickly grabbed the guy's left arm, twisted it around and threw him on the ground.

        "I'm gonna fuck you up ya little bitch." The guy said as he charged at Faith.

        She quickly moved out of the way and gave him a side kick to the stomach,which knocked him down. The guy, who was twice the size of Faith got up again, but Faith immediately kicked him in the groin and knocked him back down with a left hook. Then she got on top of him and started pummeling him with vicious punches to the head. Everyone that had gathered around to watch the fight was shocked at Faith's truculent rage as she reduced the guy's face to a bloody mess.

        "Faith stop it." Isabel said as she tried to pull Faith away from the guy.

        Faith quickly flinched at Isabel with her right fisted hand, which caused Isabel to back away from her. Faith looked down at the guy, who was badly beaten to a bloody pulp by her and was even shocked the brutality with which she did to the guy. Then everything started to come back to Faith when she looked at her hands, which had a large amount of the guy's blood. She thought about all the terrible things she did back at Sunnydale. She couldn't believe that she had reverted to her old ways after doing so well for a while.

        "I'm so sorry Isabel." Faith said.

        "Come Faith let's get out of here." Isabel said as she and Alex took Faith to the jeep.

        They sped off into the night back to Roswell before the police arrived at the scene.


        Buffy patiently waited outside the Evans house. She was tempted to knock on the door to see if Faith was there, but she didn't want to disturb them at that time of the night. Then as she was about to start the rental car, Buffy saw a jeep pull up to the driveway. She saw Faith and Isabel, whose identities was obscured from Buffy's sight by the dark. She stealthfully got out of the car and went into the yard, where she hid behind a tree and heard Isabel's voice.

        "It's going to be alright Faith." Isabel said as she unlocked the door.

        Now Buffy knew that Faith was here. She decided to camp out on the yard to see what was going on inside the house.


        Faith slipped on an old shirt of Max's after she dried off from her shower. She looked at herself in the mirror as she tried to get the guy's blood off her hands. Faith couldn't believe that she had return to her old brutal ways after doing so well for a while. Now she hated herself for jeopardizing her parole and possibly adding more years to her sentence.

        "You really fucked up tonight you stupid cunt." Faith said to herself as she punched the mirror, causing some of the glass in it to fall into the sink.

        Isabel quickly ran into the bathroom after she heard the glass and pulled Faith away from the sink. "Oh my god Faith." Isabel said as she looked at Faith's left hand, which was bleeding after she punched the mirror with it. "Why are you doing this to yourself?"

        "I'm so sorry I fucked up your night." Faith said with her eyes watering. "You must hate me for what I did to that guy."

        "Don't say that Faith." Isabel said as she put the glass in the garbage can. "You did the right thing-"

        "No I didn't." Faith yelled. "I wish you didn't see that happen. I wish you didn't see the real me tonight."

        "No I didn't see the real you."

        "Yes you did. I'm a terrible person Isabel."

        "No you're not Faith." Isabel said as she grabbed Faith by her shoulders. "Listen to me, you did what any honorable person would do in that situation. It took a lot of balls to stand up and kick that guy's ass." Isabel saw tears come from Faith's eyes. Now she saw a more vulnerable side of Faith for the first time.

        "Remember when I told you about that time I saved Tess?" Isabel asked.

        "Yeah." Faith said as Isabel put a bandage on her left hand.

        "I felt very horrible after I killed Whitaker, but I had to do it to save Tess."

        Faith and Isabel made their way to the living room, where Faith got ready for bed on the couch.

        "Listen to me Faith, you're not this terrible monster that people make you out to be." Isabel said as she sat beside Faith on the couch. "You're a very beautiful person and a special friend, at least to me."

        "Thanks Izzy." Faith said. "It means a lot coming from you."

        Isabel and Faith immediately shared a hug with each other. Then after breaking away from the embrace, Isabel looked into Faith's brown eyes and rubbed her long hair. She knew that she was looking at the real Faith, not the Faith with the tough girl facade that she always put up. Isabel also felt her attraction to Faith growing by the moment. Then she rubbed Faith's lips with the tip of her finger and leaned in for a kiss. Faith didn't object to Isabel's move and returned the kiss, which was very sensual. They quickly pulled away from their liplock after a few seconds.

        "I've to go to bed." Isabel said as she got up from the couch. "Good night Faith."

        "Good night." Faith replied as Isabel left the leaving room.

        Faith felt her lips, which were feeling hot after the kiss. As she went to sleep, Faith smiled to herself, thinking about her kiss with Isabel. Now she knew that things were getting pretty interesting between them.


        Buffy quickly sneaked out of the yard and went to the rental car after she saw the kiss between Faith and Isabel. As she drove away from the Evans house, Buffy felt mixed emotions about seeing the kiss. On one hand she felt relieved that it happened so Faith would stop thinking about her so much and on the other she felt a certain sadness, feeling that she was losing Faith forever. Whatever she felt, Buffy knew that she had to confront Faith tomorrow.

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