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Pen Pals, Part One

Reply to Hot Rod

Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive April 19, 2001

Title:Pen Pals part 1
Author: Hot Rod
Disclaimer: The characters in this story are the creation and property of Jason Katims, Josh Whedon, 20th Century Fox
and the WB Network. All infringements are unintentional.
Couple: Isabel/Faith
Category: Crossover
Rating: PG-13(for strong language)
Summary: Faith is out on parole and goes to Roswell to see her pen pal Isabel.

        "Alright ladies get in line for your mail." A guard yelled as the inmates at the California maximum women's prison waited in line for their mail. "Another letter from your kid April, How sweet. Nothing for you Gena. Ahh Faith, another letter from Isabel."

        Faith quickly snatched the letter from the guard.

        "She sounds pretty hot Faith. I bet you can wait to fuck her when you get out."

        Faith was very tempted to pummel the guard, but she held her temper and decided against doing it.

        "You're lucky my parole hearing is coming up." Faith said as she squeezed the guard's hand. "Otherwise I would break your fucking neck."

        The guard was left speechless and holding her hurting hand after hearing Faith's comment. Faith walked back to her cell, anxious to read Isabel's latest letter.


        "Come on Dawn push harder." Buffy said as she and Dawn finished their workout.

        Dawn quickly collapsed on the floor after finishing practicing her kicks.

        "I can't see how you do this everyday."

        "Don't worry you'll get the hang of it after a while." Buffy said as she sat down next to Dawn. Buffy loved working out with Dawn, which she had been doing lately. It was a great way for them to bond with each other, especially after their mother's death. The mailman appeared on the porch to put the mail in their mailbox.

        "I'll get the mail." Dawn said as she went outside.

        Buffy went to the kitchen to drink some bottled water to cool off. Then Dawn ran in to hand Buffy the mail.

        "What came today?" Buffy asked.

        "Just some junk." Dawn replied as she looked through the mail. "Oh you got another letter from someone named Faith."

        "Throw it away." Buffy snapped.

        "I don't understand why you won't-"

        "Just do it Dawn!" Buffy yelled.

        Dawn obliged as Buffy ran upstairs to her room. Then she took it out of the trash as soon as Buffy left and read it.

Dear B,

        I'm very sorry to hear about your mom. She was a very nice lady. I wished that I had the chance to apologize to her for tying her up when I switched bodies with you and for putting you through hell with all that I've done to you. I really would love to hear from you soon. I understand if you don't want to write me, especially after what I've done to you, but I miss what we had B. Now I'm paying the consequence for all the shit I did to you. I hope you find it in your heart to write me back soon. Please don't hate me forever.

Love, Faith

P.S. Tell Dawn I said hi.

        Dawn sat in silence after reading Faith's latest letter to Buffy. She was very curious about who Faith is and what she did to her sister. So she immediately went upstairs to find out from Buffy.


        Faith sat on her bed in the cell to read Isabel's letter. After she threw the envelope on the floor, she opened the letter and begin to read it.

Dear Faith,

        I was very glad to get your last letter. If you want to know I've been doing very well lately. Things have been pretty quiet since the Dupes were in town. I've been very busy trying to graduate early. I really want to get out of Roswell soon. I feel that there's something big out there waiting for me. Anyway enough about me. How's things between you and B? Has she written to you yet? I'm sure she's still very hurt by what you did to her, so give it some time. By the way i'm sorry to hear about her mom dying. I started crying after reading about it and immediately went to give my mom a hug. It really made me think about how fragile life is. Anyway i hope you're doing well Faith. I really hope that we'll finally meet each other on the outside someday."

Your friend, Isabel

P.S. I added something special in this letter for you.

        Faith picked up the envelope and found a picture of Isabel. Isabel was standing on a wall, wearing an all black outfit, which was highlighted by her leather pants. Faith's heart skipped a beat when she first saw the picture. She immediately put it next to a picture of Buffy in her small photo album that she made. As she stared at Isabel's picture, Faith knew that she had to get out on parole soon so she could finally meet her.


        "Buffy are you alright?" Dawn asked as she entered Buffy's room.

        Buffy just sat silently on her bed.

        "Listen I'm sorry about asking you about the letter." "It's okay." Buffy said as she turned to face Dawn.

        Dawn noticed her sister's eyes were red from crying.

        "I should've told you about Faith sooner."

        "It's okay Buffy." Dawn said as she sat next to her sister. "You really had a lot on your mind."

        "Well I want to tell you the story about Faith. She was a slayer that came here a couple of years ago. She was a damn good slayer, but she really had a lot of issues. Then one night we out for a little night on the town. We were slaying some vamps and came across this guy in a suit in an alley. Faith staked him, but we found out that he was human and he died there."

        "So that's when she went to the mayor and did all that stuff to you."

        "Yeah. I tried to get her to see the error of her ways, but she was really out there and didn't listen to me. So I did what I had to do and stabbed her the night before graduation. I really cared about her, but she spat in my face and now I don't want anything to do with her."

        "Buffy she's trying to turn her life around and wants to hear from you."

        "Look Dawn don't fall for any kind of shitty remorseful excuse from her. If you do, she'll stab you on the back."

        "She really misses you."

        "I don't care Dawn." Buffy said spitefully with tears streaming down from her green eyes. "If she really cared about me, she wouldn't have done those things to me. As far as I'm concerned Faith is nothing to me."

        Dawn sat in shock after hearing Buffy's angry rant about Faith. Then Buffy took the letter from Dawn and set it on fire.

        As Buffy burned Faith's letter, Dawn wondered if she really meant what she said about Faith.


        "Mom we're home." Isabel yelled as she and Max entered the house.

        "Hi there kids." Diane Evans said as she welcome Isabel and Max with a hug. "So how was school."

        "Just the usual hard work and teenage angst." Max replied.

        "That's good to hear." Diane said as she gathered the mail. "Oh Isabel you got another letter from your pen pal Faith."

        Isabel quickly took the letter from her mom and ran upstairs to her room to read it. After she closed her door, she opened it and begin to read it.

Dear Isabel,

        Hey babe, how's things over in Roswell? Things are looking up for me right now. I have a parole hearing in a few days. If all goes well, I'll be out soon. In fact if I get out, I'll be sure to come visit you in Roswell.

        As for B, i still haven't heard from her yet. I highly doubt that she'll write me back anytime soon. However I have you to write to instead. I don't mean to be all sappy and shit, but your letters are like a ray of sunshine in my otherwise gloomy life. Just reading them gets me going everyday. I really hope that I'll make parole so we can finally meet each other. Just be on the lookout for a hot brunette with a badass attitude.

five by five Faith

P.S. I love the picture you sent me. I think that you're very beautiful and pretty damn sexy.

        Isabel jumped up and down on her bed in a fit of glee after reading Faith's letter. Now she could finally meet her pen pal at last if everything went as planned.


        Faith entered the room handcuffed with the parole board waiting for her.

        "Have a seat Faith." Don Jefferson, the head of the parole board said. Faith quickly obliged. "Well Faith we've carefully looked at your record and see that you were pretty wild when you first came here, beating up a couple of guards and a few inmates."

        "Well sir I did that in self-defense." Faith replied.

        "I understand defending yourself Faith, but assaulting a guard for saying something you didn't like won't do you any good. However we're very glad that you've made progress in the last few months, especially with you getting your GED."

        Faith nervously looked around the room at each parole board member who held the fate of her brief freedom in their hands.

        "Faith we have talked long and hard about this decision and we've decided to grant you your parole." Faith breathed a sigh of relief. "However we're still concerned about the possiblities of you losing your temper and possibly injuring someone."

        "You don't have to worry about that sir." Faith said. "I really want to make this work and I don't intend to do anything to screw it up."

        "Alright Faith we'll be watching you."

        "Thank you very much." Faith said as she stood up. "By the way I have a special request."

        "What is it?" Steven Barber, the warden asked.

        "I want to go to Roswell, New Mexico to spend some time with a special friend."

        "Well these out of state visits are very tricky, but I'll be sure to give the sheriff there a call to inform him you're going to be there."

        "Thank you again." Faith said as she shook hands with all of the parole board members. She let out a loud yell and pumped her fists after she got outside. Now she could finally meet Isabel at last.


        "Could somebody get the phone? Angel yelled as he was punching his speedbag.

        "Yo Angel it's for you." Gunn said as he entered the workout room. "It's that girl from jail, what's her name?"

        "Faith." Angel said as he took the phone from Gunn. "Hey Faith what's going on?"

        "You won't believe what happened to me today?" Faith said.

        "Don't tell me, You killed the warden?"

        "No dumbass, I made parole."

        "That's great Faith. Are you coming here?"

        "Well maybe."

        "Any plans to go back to Sunnydale?"

        "No. I think I can do without Buffy trying to kill me. Besides I'm heading over to Roswell, New Mexico."

        "Why are you going there? To see the alien crash site?"

        "Yeah and hang out with all those UFO geeks." Faith said sarcastically. "Actually I'm going to see a friend of mine that I've been writing to."

        "Are you going to be alright over there?"

        "Yeah I'll be fine. All i have to do is check in with this sheriff Valenti that they have there and keep my nose clean. Plus I have this detector thing on my ankle to track my movement and if you're wondering I won't tear it off."

        "Well alright Faith have a good time there."

        "I will and thanks for being there for me Angel."

        "Anytime." Angel said as Faith hung up.

        "So what's up with this Faith chick?" Gunn asked as he threw the medicine ball at Wesley.

        "She's an old friend." Angel replied. "She's going to be out on parole."

        "Faith out on parole!" Cordelia said as she came in the room. "What's happening to our justice system?"

        "Look she's going to be in Roswell, New Mexico, so you don't have to worry about her coming here."

        "I really think she should stay inside to pay for what she did."

        "I agree with Cordelia." Wesley said. "We don't know what she's going to do next."

        "Look she's trying to change, but she needs a little time on the outside to see this friend she has there. Beside she has kept her nose clean lately."

        Cordelia and Wesley shook their heads in disagreement with Angel. Their last moments with Faith were still fresh on their minds, especially Wesley's.

        "Well I don't agree with it, but if it makes Faith happy, then we won't interfere."

        "Good enough for me." Angel said. "By the way guys please don't mention any of this to Buffy. I'm very sure she would go after Faith if she found out about it."

        "We won't." Cordelia said as she, Angel, Gunn and Wesley went upstairs.


        Things were unusually slow at the Crashdown Cafe. Maria sat in a booth reading the latest issue of Cosmo, while Liz was talking to a customer at the counter and Michael cooked some burgers in the back. Then Liz noticed a brunette walking in the cafe. She immediately noticed how beautiful and unique she looked, wearing her blue jeans and a black Deftones t-shirt.

        "Maria could you get this girl here." Liz said.

        "Alright." Maria said as she threw down her magazine in disgust and ran behind the counter. "Welcome to the Crashdown, may I help you?"

        "Yeah I want a Will Smith burger, an order of fries and a chocolate shake." Faith said.

        "Hey Michael give me a burger, an-"

        "I heard her." Michael said.

        "Well excuse me smartass." Maria yelled. "You have to excuse him, he doesn't have great social skills."

        "That's okay."

        Faith started staring at Maria. She was mesmerized by her beauty and gave Maria a flirtatious smile when she stared back at her.

        "Did anyone ever tell you look mighty good in that uniform?"


        "Well I think you do."

        "Thanks." Maria said, nervously smiling at Faith's comment.

        "I bet you get a lot of tips from the fellas."


        "Listen I would love to give you a special tip after I'm done eating." Faith said, winking at Maria.

        "Look I don't swing that way, so stop coming on to me." Maria snapped as she gave Faith her order.

        "Damn girl I was just messing you. You really need to loosen up babe."

        "I'm sorry." Maria said as she wiped down the counter. "I'm not used to your kind of humor."

        "That's okay Maria." Faith said as she looked at Maria's nametag. "By the way your friend looks pretty interested back there."

        "Go back to work Michael, she was just joking."

        Michael quickly obliged, laughing at what had just transpired.

        "So Maria do you know a girl by the name of Isabel Evans?" Faith asked while she chewed on her fries.

        "Yeah, I mean no." "Why are you giving me two different answers?"

        "I'm sorry we're a little paranoid whenever someone asks about us."

        "I understand." Faith said as Isabel entered the cafe with Alex. "Could you tell her that Faith's here."

        Isabel quickly stopped in her tracks when she heard what Faith had just said. She slowly approached her. Faith quickly noticed her and was very stunned when she saw her.

        "Oh my god!" "Are you Faith?" Isabel asked.

        "Yeah." Faith replied as she got to hug Isabel. "I've been waiting so long to meet you."

        "Same here."

        As Faith and Isabel hugged each other, Alex, Liz and Maria were very befuddled on what was going on and begin to think about the questions they wanted to ask them.

        To be continued..

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