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Liz Parker ; Tess Harding.

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Sent to the RoswellSlash mailing list May 2, 2003

        I watched as she walked in on the hand of my ex - boyfriend. How she could manipulate the whole student body into thinking she was something she was not; into thinking she was beautiful, and perfect.

        At first, I ignored her. Scowled when possible; bad - talked when necessary. Then we found out her secret. And that thin line she had been dancing on soon became shattered. Yes, we all realized it was Roswell, New Mexico and any and all things were possible. Yes, that included befriending three aliens and helping them find their fourth. Who in turn was her. Her, who came up with all possible chances to take Max away from me. To complete destiny.

        Who the hell would steal someone from their soulmate in order to complete an unknown destiny? Alex, Maria and I hadn't trusted her from the start. Never have, never will. Until about two months ago, during third period. Physical Education.

        Maria and I were forced to complete 10 laps before we were to report to our fourth period classes. After saying our goodbyes, we had gone into the locker room to shower and clean up. After being in the shower for five minutes, I felt someone's eyes on me. It wasn't Maria I knew; she was with Michael after all, and I knew she was straighter than barbwire. So who would do such a thing? She would. As I soon was to find out.

        I had finished the shower then, and pulled a towel from the rack to cover myself with. As I was exiting, I saw her. Blonde curls ; pale complexion ; unearthly blue eyes. Gazing at me with such a look of longing, that I had to gasp before narrowing my eyes in anger. How dare she?! First she comes to Roswell, and tries to take Max from me. Now, she's eyeing me with such a look in her eyes that could be clearly stated as hunger. Some alien she was.

        I could tell it was just the two of us ; Maria was gone. Michael, I thought with a roll of brown eyes. I clenched my jaw together in anger when I noticed her gaze still on me, and started toward my locker in disgust. She wasn't after Max; she was too busy eyeing up the competition to notice!

        It was then, as I was pulling on my jeans; the towel still covering my top - half, that she wandered over to me, unshed tears hidden behind slender lashes. Was she crying? I thought, gulping a bit as I realized I had caused her discomfort, was she crying. . over me? Why? She sat down then, on the bench beside the set of lockers, head bowed as her cherry lips curved in a pout, and whimpering noises were added.

        " You're right Liz, I don't belong here. I don't belong anywhere," She whispered then.

        I sighed then, more in regret at myself than her. I made her feel like no one; nobody at all. When the hell had I gotten to be such a bitch, I asked myself mentally, and clasping my jeans, moved to sit down beside her. " Tess, you belong somewhere. Everyone does," I explained casually.

        She gazed up at me through her lashes, and another gasp was tore from my throat. She wasn't anything I had previously thought, she was more than that. Beautiful, even.

        " .. You sure, Liz? " She asked me then.

        I nodded; and leaned closer to her. My arms circled her lithe body then, hugging her close as my senses couldn't help but overreact a bit. She was more than a foreign alien; she was an angel. An angel with one wish - to belong. And I had that opportunity. Me alone.

        "Tess," I whispered, forcing her chin up and gazing into her eyes. God, such beautiful eyes.

        "Yes Liz?" She had responded then, before our eyes locked and our lips met, leaving us breathless.

        We had forgotten the time, the day, the hours. . Everything but each other. And that we were in a locker room, and my upper half which used to be in a towel was exposed. . to Tess. I gulped then, and pulled back. She was smiling at me. An evil little smirk. I narrowed my eyes again in anger; realizing she had played me. M e.

        Then, I woke up. To a knock on the window outside. Relieved I was still in my pajama bottoms and wifebeater, my jaw dropped as I read the note posted:


        Enjoyed the dream, I hope? A shame really, we could be so much more. No one would interfere; no Max, no no one. Tomorrow during third period; watch the stalls before you enter. By the way, you taste like cherries.

        xoxo Tess

        She had done it again. And sadly enough, a smirk crossed my pale tears then. I couldn't wait for tomorrow.

        e n d.

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