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Reply to Gale

Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive March 12, 2001

TITLE: Whispers; Curupira/Iara (Beastmaster)
AUTHOR: Gale Dumont
DISCLAIMER: If they were mine, we'd see how well green and silver go together.
ARCHIVE: RSA: Familiar Faces; anyone else, please ask
SUMMARY: Iara talks to Curupira, twenty thousand leagues under the sea. Or maybe it's just a few feet. Not as slashy as I'd intended it to be.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: I don't much like Curupira. I don't like Iara at all. But the two of them...

        Are you cold, little demon? If the feel of the sea against your skin not to your liking? Would you rather you were safely nestled in the crook of a tree, playing with your tigers and befuddling travelers?

        Poor Curupira. Even now, immobile and miserable, you try to hurt me. You won't, you know. My waters will drown your fire before it can reach me. You are powerless. Accept it. The pain will lessen, as will your suffering. Things will be so much easier...

        But of course, you won't listen. Stubborn even now. Not that I can blame you. If our positions were reversed -- which would never happen -- if I were cut off from the sea, trapped in the lush green of the forests, no cool waves lapping at my stomach, no humans to play with beneath the waves... I shudder at the thought. I would struggle, too.

        And then...

        And then, perhaps, I would stop struggling quite so hard. There would be nothing I could do, after all; forests are mazes to me, and all that green would confuse my eyes. I would sit somewhere quiet and try to accept what had happened to me. Delude myself that there *would* come a time when I could escape, but until that time, I would have to put all thoughts of the sea behind me.

        I would talk to you, if you would listen -- and even if you would not; that's never stopped me before. I would sit and watch what little sun gets through the canopy of trees play against my skin, making it shine and glitter. I would shift my weight so that the sun shone flatteringly upon me when you were near, the better to catch your eye.

        You say you do not like pretty things, but you seem awfully fond of your Beastmaster. He's certainly pretty enough. I would so love to see how golden his skin can be beneath the water...but no. He's far more entertaining to me right now alive. There's more than enough time for play later, when his color is fading and his muscles growing weak. He might even welcome my caresses then. I can make it painless.

        Oh, does that thought bother you, little demon? You, who have killed mortals for no reason other than boredom? I would say that I'm surprised, but I'm not. He's changed you, this one, given you a heart. The others never did that.

        Come to think of it, now, you never gave any of the others a tiger, did you?

        Still, it's of little consequence now. You're down here and he's up there, helping those in need. And I'm in both places -- Iara, Demon-Goddess of Seas and Forests, doing whatever I want, whenever I want. And there's nothing you can do to stop me.

        Oh, Curupira. Sweet little demon.

        This is going to be so much fun.

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