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On Vacation

Reply to Gale

Posted to the rwguiltypleasures mailing list April 25, 2001

TITLE: On Vacation
AUTHOR: Gale Dumont
RATING: PG-13. If m/m offends you, get thee hence.
ARCHIVE: RSA, American Pie, Guilty Pleasures if pilar wants. Otherwise, please ask.
SUMMARY: Kyle and Alex, somewhere I have never traveled.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: It's not fair. Thus, it has to be fair somewhere else.

        It's two blocks up and over from the hotel to the ocean. On the way is a little coffee place -- not Starbucks, but *real* coffee; no lattes or cappuccinos or anything with fancy foreign names. Coffee. Juan Valdez may or may not be involved; neither of them bothered to ask. Alex gets two creams and two sugars, stirs it until it's not brown so much as it is very, very dark white. Kyle takes his black. They don't speak as they pay and start walking.

        Coffees in hand, they walk the two blocks up and over. Settle on the beach, on a blanket, and watch the sun come up. Alex shifts around for a few seconds, trying to get comfortable. His cotton pants, about three sizes too big for him, make little scritching noises against the sand.

        "Should've gotten vanilla," Alex says finally. He briefly makes a face and takes another sip.

        Kyle shoots him a look. "That wasn't the type of place to add flavor for an extra fifty cents."


        More silence. It's fairly companionable. Alex knows from companionable silences; his best friends are girls, after all, and when they're not talking a mile a minute they're not saying anything.

        Kyle takes a deep breath and says, finally, "This was a good idea."


        "Coming out here. Away from...everything else." It's been tense back home, lately. College seems like it's going to start in a heartbeat, and that's stirring up all sorts of awkwardness. As they boarded the plane, Kyle imagined he could still hear Michael and Maria arguing about whether or not he'd be going to art school in-state. They'll probably still be arguing about it when they get back. Kyle spares a shred of sympathy for Michael; he knows first-hand what it's like to be on the other end of a DeLuca Rant.

        He realizes he's fallen silent, so he tries again. Opening Conversational Gambits, Chapter One. "I've never seen the Pacific before."

        Alex sits up a little. "My parents and I lived here until I was three. I don't remember it too well, but I remember the smell. Salty and a little...distant, I guess. That's one of the first things I noticed when we moved to New Mexico. I mean, don't get me wrong. It's beautiful, but it's too dry."

        Kyle just shrugs. He's never noticed a difference one way or another. Living in New Mexico your entire life will do that to you, he supposes. He stirs his coffee and takes another sip, grimaces. Too bitter.

        Alex reaches over and squeezes the other boy's hand. "I'm glad you're here," he says, and his eyes are shining so brightly Kyle can hardly stand to look at them directly.

        But he does.

        "I'm glad, too," he says softly, smiling. It feels strange to smile at all, let alone in another state, with someone who wasn't Liz or Tess. Good strange, though, not hey-where'd-the-bullet-hole-go strange. The kind of strange that lets him sit on the beach with someone he'd never spoken more than twenty words to before the past year and a half, sipping coffee that's getting colder by the minute and savoring the feel of warm skin against his own.

        "Y'know, if you wanted to, we could just head back to the hotel. Forget this whole sunrise thing for today. There'll be another one tomorrow."

        Alex shoots him a look. "It can wait, Cowboy," he says dryly, shifting a little closer to him. He's smiling.

        Tess wouldn't have smiled. Tess would have jumped him. Liz would have smiled, but it would have been embarrassed, surprised that she was here. That she'd been chosen by Kyle Valenti, Big Man on Campus.

        Alex isn't embarrassed. He's amused, and happy, and probably getting hornier by the second, but he's not embarrassed. He's also not the type to jump anyone on a public beach, so Kyle mentally sighs and scratches that off his mental "What To Do On Vacation" list.

        In pencil. Light pencil.

        There's always tomorrow, after all.

        Kyle grins and finishes off his coffee.

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