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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list September 20, 2001

FIC: Once (1/1) Maria/Liz NC-17
Rating: NC-17 f/f slash
Distribution: Ask first, RSArchives
Pairing: Maria/Liz Liz POV
Disclaimer: I don't anything to do with Roswell or the characters of Roswell. I don't profit from anything.
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        I don't think I'll ever be able to answer the inevitable questions of why or how. We'd spent the night in the same bed so many times over the years and nothing like that had ever happened. My best friend Maria had fallen asleep first while we laid in my bed watching TV. The little nightgown she was wearing was tied at her chest by a tiny satin ribbon. It had come untied and all I could do was stare at her overly large areolas. I had seen them so many times before, peeking out of her bra or sometimes when she wore a low cut shirt. She never knew they were visible and I never told her. I actually had thought it was pretty sexy. I can remember swimming with her last summer, those big beautiful areolas peeking out of her top at me.

        Tonight I watched as her breasts rose and fell with each breath she took. The pinkish half circles of skin above her nightgown were intoxicating. I rolled on my side and tentatively reached a hand to her. I touched the imperfect skin and saw her nipple pucker under the thinness of the nightgown. I drew my hand back and waited to see if she woke up. She didn't. Feeling a familiar wetness in-between my legs, I reached down and rolled down my panties, my finger lingering on my wet slit.

        Maria had shifted some, her nipple was trying to escape the confines of the thin nightgown and I waited and watched. She shifted again and her now pert nipple was completely visible. I bit my lip and tried to think of a good reason why I was feeling this way with Maria and came up with nothing. I leaned in to her and gently blew on her nipple and watched it harden. At the same time I felt my own nipples harden but for an entirely different reason. I waited a beat, then traced her areola with my fingertip, taking in each imperfection, ridge and bump.

        I don't know if I quit paying attention then or if I didn't care if she woke up. The wetness between my legs was enthralling, I don't think I had ever been this wet before. I wanted to ram my hand down and explore myself, but I couldn't. Not with Maria's nipple in front of me. I lowered my head and flicked my tongue across the rigid skin. My other hand had found it's way to her other breast and I began to massage it. I guess that's when she woke up, I'm still not sure.

        My mouth secure on her nipple, biting, stretching and pulling; I felt her hand in my hair and I knew I was busted. Everything seemed like a dream, but it was real. So real. I didn't face her, I couldn't. When she didn't try to move away or scream in disgust, I think I got wetter, if that was possible. As I licked her nipple I stared down the expanse of her noticing her little nightgown was a little bit higher than it had been when we laid down. I could see bare flesh above the pink lace. With my mouth still on her nipple, my hand traced circles on her skin, my finger eventually running along the pink trim. I heard a sigh, or maybe it was a moan, escape her lips and I slid my hand inside her panties.

        Her legs spread at once and I felt the moistness of another woman. I knew my heart was racing and my body trembling. She had told me before that she shaved herself, but knowing and feeling were two different things altogether. Where I knew myself and the trim line of hair; Maria was unknown, so soft and smooth, clean. My fingers glided in her wetness over every fold and crevice. I found her hooded clit and pinched, the way I do to myself. I heard her moan softly and I slid one finger inside of her, my thumb rubbing her clit. I was so wet by now I knew I was going to come. I wanted to touch myself as I touched her.

        As if she were reading my mind, I felt her hand slide in-between us and work its way down to my exposed pussy. Her fingers toyed with me the way I was playing with her. Without looking at her, I lowered my head and began to kiss down her chest and stomach while maneuvering my body almost on top of her. I place one knee on either side of her with my face in her pussy and inhaled. I pulled the pink lace to the side. My body hovered above hers and I darted my tongue to her touching wetness. Her back arched and I rested on my elbows, my tongue lapping her up.

        I felt her mouth reach to me and I lowered my body to meet it. The softness of her tongue inside of me, her teeth running over my hardened clit, I'd never felt anything more exciting. I was going to come and I knew she was too. She came first and I lapped up as much as I could. I followed and then I trembled.

        I rested back next to her and slid my hand back in-between her legs. She turned and nuzzled against my breast taking my nipple in her mouth and suckling. It seemed so natural, so normal. We spent the rest of that night touching, kissing and feeling without meeting the other's eyes. When I woke the next morning I felt her hand on my pussy, cupping it. My hand was on hers. She woke after I did and we finally met each other's eyes as we pulled our hands away. She smiled and I smiled and we both knew it was just this once.

        We ate breakfast in my room and got dressed after taking showers, alone. She dressed in a tight low cut shirt, the tops of her beautiful sweet areolas smiling at me over the fabric.


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