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A Match Made in...?

Reply to FehrKitten

Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive September 29,2000

Title: A Match Made in...?
Author: FehrKitten
Fandom: Roswell
Pairing: Michael Guerin/Kyle Valenti
Rating: NC-17, Slash
Status: New
Archive: Yes (If not CKoS, send me the link to check it out )
Sequel to Choklit Cake & Just Add Oil
Disclaimer: I own nothing, no, wait...I got a spifferriffic "new" Mazda Protege...if you're on the road, please don't hit me! Lyrics courtesy of Broadcast: The Cutting Crew Homepage
Summary: Read the prequels if you want to catch up here...

It was close to 10 when Michael heard a knock. He hadn't been expecting Maria, and he knew Max or Is would call before coming by so late on a school night. He tugged on boxers and shuffled to the door, surprised to open it and see Kyle, looking rather glum.

"What's up?" he said, and Kyle shrugged.

"Needed to get out of the house," he said cryptically as Michael stepped back to let him in. Michael frowned at Kyle's back as he shut the door. He could tell something was really bothering him; he could almost read Kyle's thoughts. Kyle was a lot more complex than most people thought, and Michael had learned to read him pretty well, but right now all he was picking up on was loneliness and pain.

"Are you okay?" Michael sat beside Kyle on the sofa, knee almost touching the dark haired boy's.

"Yes. No. I don't know." Kyle leaned forward, elbows on his knees, resting his forehead on his hands. He sighed heavily and Michael fingered a lock of his hair, worried.

"If you need to talk..." he offered, and Kyle nodded, not lifting his head. Michael's tentative touch on his hair turned into a soft caress on the back of his neck, then Michael slid his palm slowly down Kyle's spine. Kyle straightened fractionally under the touch, sighing again. Michael brought his other hand up and flexed his powers just enough as he massaged to ease the tension in the athletic boy's back and shoulders.

i could be your new tomorrow
i could be your shining star
and if you should dare to follow
woe betide your beating heart

"Better?" he asked in a while, and Kyle nodded.

"So you gonna spill or what?" Michael asked, and Kyle shrugged, leaning back against the couch, feeling just a bit calmer.

"My mom..." he said shortly, looking incredibly downcast. Michael nodded in sympathy; never having known a mother, he could only imagine what it must be like to have one and then lose her. Not knowing how to make Kyle feel any better, Michael slid closer to him and looped an arm around his shoulders, pulling him into a gentle hug.

"Thanks," Kyle murmured softly into Michael's ear, inhaling the uniquely spicy scent that was Michael Guerin.

"For what?" Michael rubbed his cheek against Kyle's enjoying the baby-soft smoothness of his skin.

"This. Being here." Kyle turned his head at the same time that Michael did and their lips met in a brief, sweet kiss.

"Close your eyes," Michael regarded him affectionately and he complied. Michael touched his face gently, tracing his features; drawing his fingertips slowly down Kyle's neck, over his throat and then unbuttoning his shirt, baring his chest for more soothing caresses. A small smile touched the corner of Kyle's mouth as Michael pressed gentle kisses onto his forehead, his closed eyelids, his cheeks, the tip of his nose, then claimed his mouth in a soft kiss as his hands began to massage Kyle's shoulders.

i said -you make it happen
you make it right
you do things to me
right through the night

"Feel good?" Michael questioned softly, and Kyle nodded, releasing a sigh as he relaxed under the skillful hands that moved slowly, comfortingly over his shoulders and across his chest. Arousal percolated slowly throughout him and he shifted as his cock swelled in his pants, binding uncomfortably. Michael eyed the firm bulge as he ran a hand down between his legs, adjusting him and releasing the pressure. His fingers caressed the outline through Kyle's clothes, then slid slowly up the flat plane of his stomach.

"Stay over," Michael urged. "Maybe I can make you feel better..." He bent his head, mouth taking gentle possession of first one dark nipple, then the other, teasing them to achingly hard points with his tongue.

"Um..." Rather pleased with the way Michael had taken charge, Kyle tangled his fingers in the spiky, silky hair, luxuriating in the feel of Michael's talented mouth traveling over his chest, biting softly at his nipples and tracing the contours of his muscles with velvety licks. "Okay..."

"Aren't you supposed to be relaxing me?" His eyes blinked open and he regarded Michael with a smile.

"Working on it," Michael replied, dark eyes locked with Kyle's blue ones, daring him as he swirled his tongue over a nipple.

"Interesting relaxation techniques you got there, Guerin," Kyle quipped as he placed a hand on Michael's thigh, kneading lightly before sliding it upwards to cradle Michael's crotch in his palm, caressing the soft swell of his balls and then stroking his shaft.

For some reason the switch to his last name sent frissons of pleasure rippling throughout Michael's body. Both the touch and the intimation turned him on incredibly.

"Me? What about you, Valenti, you learn that in P.E. class?" Michael watched Kyle unbutton the fly of his knit cotton boxers, freeing his erection and studying it as he traced it lightly with a finger.

"Fuck you, Guerin," Kyle grinned at Michael to take the sting out of his words.

"Nuh uh..." Michael rose, flexing his hips and trailing his cock lightly up over the hollow of Kyle's throat, over his chin and up to touch his lips.

"Suck me," he requested huskily, turned on even more by the evident trust as the blue-eyed boy regarded him, then his not-unimpressive erection. Kyle obediently placed a soft kiss on the tip, then sucked the head into his mouth, trapping it against the roof as he worked the sensitive underside with his tongue.

"Oh god, Kyle..." Michael's fingers tangled in Kyle's dark hair as he arched his back, pushing further into the warm, eager mouth. Kyle wrapped his hands around Michael's hips, guiding his speed and depth.

"Stop...I'm too close..." Michael gently pulled back after a moment, bending to kiss away the pout Kyle threw him.

"Tease," Kyle accused, gazing at Michael, unsmiling. Heat and hunger crackled between the two, a familiar ache in both that always seemed to drive them together.

call me
(when you can't take the hunger)
i'm on the tip of your tongue
(desire will pull you under)
i'm on the tip of your tongue

"Come to bed with me...I want you to..." Michael trailed off as he stood, reaching out for Kyle's hand. Kyle accepted the hand up, deliberately bumping into Michael as he stood, which earned him a kiss. He laughed as he made his way down the short hall to the bedroom, for his progress was impeded by arms around his waist and hands fumbling with the fastening on his pants.

"Stop that," he teased, facing Michael in the doorway, standing still and allowing himself to be undressed.

"Nope," the taller boy contradicted him, wrapping his arms around him and steering him towards the bed. With a gentle push, Michael encouraged Kyle to lie on his stomach, and he turned his head to watch Michael undress.

"Mmm..." Heaven was the feel of Michael's warm nude body stretching out atop Kyle's in a full-body hug. Kyle arched his rear upwards against Michael's hardness, bringing a contented purr from both of them. He whimpered a soft protest when Michael moved away, but warm hands drawing his hips upward made him smile. Michael urged him to his knees, shoulders remaining on the bed, and burrowed between his legs, hands warmly fondling his erect shaft and velvety sac.

"What are you doing?" Kyle laughed when Michael's breath tickled him.

"Cheering you up..." Michael looked up at Kyle and grinned devilishly.

"Is THAT what you're doing..." Kyle trailed off when Michael's tongue softly laved his scrotum, dampening the skin before he lightly sucked one testicle into his mouth, making a humming sound in the back of his throat that reverberated through the entire lower half of Kyle's body.

"Oh god you can't do that..." Kyle groaned softly as Michael switched sides, bringing him even closer to exploding.

"What can I do then?" Michael released him, allowing the flesh to slide slowly from his mouth as he trailed soft kisses and licks along the cleft of Kyle's muscled rear.

"Anything...please..." Kyle grabbed fistfuls of the comforter when Michael's tongue probed gently at his tight opening, tantalizing the sensitive nerve endings.

"Anything?" Fingers joined the tongue, rubbing him with leisurely affection. An aroused Kyle was an open book to Michael's extra senses, and he could tell when he did something that Kyle especially liked.

take me slowly, take me quickly
take me to your eastern sky
through the mirrors on your ceiling
you lay bare your dark desire

"Anything..." Kyle choked out again, hips moving restlessly in response to the sensations rippling throughout his body. The tip of his erection grazed the surface of the bedspread and he could have come just from that friction, had Michael not wrapped a hand around him, stilling his motion. "Michael, please...I need...make me come," his hips moved against Michael's hand as he sought release, but Michael wouldn't let him.

"Easy..." Michael released Kyle, sliding up to embrace the dark haired boy, body pressing Kyle's to the bed as he kissed his temple. "I will. Just not yet."

A frustrated groan left Kyle's throat. "Are you sure you haven't done this before? Because you'd be one hell of a dom."

Michael laughed softly as he reached into a drawer on the nightstand. "I have done this before," he admitted, feeling Kyle freeze beneath him. "To you," he continued, "in my dreams..." He felt Kyle relax and he nibbled softly on his earlobe, whispering, "I want to make love to you."

"You mean..."

"Uh huh."

"Okay. Just don't...don't hurt me, okay?"

"I would never hurt you, Kyle," Michael spoke gently, hoping his voice conveyed the intensity of his feelings for the other boy.

"Michael?" Kyle's tone was serious and Michael's brow creased with worry as he paused, listening.

"Don't knock me up. I'm too young for a shotgun wedding," Kyle quipped, rewarded by a smack on the ass from Michael's strong hand.

"Do you want me behind you or in front of you?" Michael inquired, teasing Kyle with a lubricated finger.

"Well, I'd like to be able to watch you..." Kyle trailed off as Michael urged him to roll over onto his back. He worked gently with his finger, then a second, relaxing Kyle as he kissed him, tongue thrusting in sync with his fingers. Withdrawing his hand, Michael kissed a slow, fiery path downwards, teasing Kyle's nipples, then his navel, then sucking his cock deeply into his hot mouth. He massaged Kyle's upper thighs lightly with his capable hands, feeling lassitude spread throughout the dark-haired boy at the gentle ministrations.

Kyle watched interestedly, heat sparking in his darkened blue eyes as Michael sat up between his thighs, rolling a condom down over his erection, then spreading lubricant over it. Reaching out, Kyle helped spread the lubricant, not surprisingly with more stroking than was strictly necessary. He flashed a wicked smile at Michael that made Michael feel a bit reckless, and he parted Kyle's thighs, positioning himself at his entry.

i said -you make it happen
you make it last
you give things to me
right on through the night

"Are you ready for me?" he asked breathlessly.

"I'm always ready for you..." Kyle's velvety tone drove Michael crazy. He began to push gently in. "Am I hurting you?" he asked quickly when Kyle closed his eyes and let a soft groan loose, but Kyle opened his eyes again, looking at Michael like a dieter looks at a sundae.

"No, you're not hurting it all the way..." Kyle reached for Michael's hips, urging him to press deeply inward. Michael sheathed himself in one smooth motion, then stilled as he felt Kyle's muscles adjusting around him. He withdrew then, pushing forward with another deep stroke, watching Kyle's face as his eyes darkened and his lips parted. Kyle felt like Michael was touching every part of him at once and it made him burn all over. Affection and gentleness gave way to lust and hunger and need...

"Fuck me, Guerin," Kyle muttered hoarsely. "Fuck me...get me off," his hand wrapped around his own cock and Michael brushed it aside, taking Kyle in his own hands, still slick with lubricant.

"You like that, Valenti?" Michael thrust fiercely, hands working Kyle's erection in rhythm with his thrusting.

"Oh god yes," Kyle's head thrashed from side to side on the pillow, his hips pumping hard as he fucked Michael's hands. "Yes, yes...oh god I wanna come...oh fuck..."

call me
(when you can't take the hunger)
i'm on the tip of your tongue
(desire will pull you under)
i'm on the tip of your tongue
(we'll sow the seeds 'til slumber)
i'm on the tip of your tongue

Although he was afraid he was going to hurt Kyle's virginal opening...his incredibly tight, hot, slick...Michael shook his head, bringing his thoughts back to the present. If his Kyle wanted everything, then he would give it to him.

*Slam* "Is this how you like to be fucked, Valenti?" *Slam* "Do you like knowing I dream about burying myself in you?" *Slam* "Do you like knowing that you own me, you beautiful son of a bitch?"

Kyle groaned, straining against Michael as he climaxed for what seemed like an eternity in a scorching spray that splashed his belly. Michael was not far behind him, pressing so deeply in that it actually hurt for a fleeting second as he gushed to his own noisy climax, moaning Kyle's name. He collapsed atop the dark-haired boy, showering his face with kisses, tasting the salt of his sweat. After a moment he withdrew his body from Kyle's, carefully removing the condom and dropping it in the bedside trash before snuggling his exhausted, sweaty lover against him, facing each other on their sides.

They just stared at each other for a long moment, amazed by what had just happened. "I dream about it too, you know," Kyle finally said, tracing Michael's perfectly sculpted lips with a fingertip, watching his tongue flick out to taste skin. At that, Kyle had to claim a kiss and he found himself wrapped securely in Michael's embrace. Feeling incredibly sleepy, he ventured a question.

"I own you?"

"Uh huh," Michael assented, shifting position until they nestled perfectly together.\par

"I do?"

"Yes," was a soft hiss as lips met in a kiss.

"Do I have to take you for walks and feed you?"

"I'd rather you take me to bed and love me," was Michael's answer.

all that you want
all that you give
all you say
all that you feel

Kyle cocked a brow inquiringly as he looked into Michael's fathomless dark eyes. "Love?" He opened his mouth to continue and then shut it again. He couldn't think of what to say in response to that particular bit of information.

Michael closed his eyes and rested his head against his lover's chest and Kyle drew in a shaky breath, slowly releasing it. It wasn't such a bad thing, he decided. "Me too," he said at last, tightening his arms in a brief hug.

"Son of a bitch?" he brought up in a few moments, changing the subject.

"She left you. No offense," Michael shrugged.

"None taken," Kyle drew back and looked into Michael's dark, inviting eyes. "Beautiful?" He was fascinated by the range of expression that flitted across Michael's face in just a few seconds.

"Beautiful," Michael said. "Sexy..." he stopped when Kyle blushed scarlet to the roots of his hair and hid his face in Michael's shoulder.

A soft purr escaped Kyle when he felt Michael's hand pass gently down his body, stroking gently where he was newly sore.

"Are you okay? Did I hurt you?"

"No, isn't hurt,'s kind of uncomfortable but..." Kyle trailed off at Michael's look of distress. "You can kiss it better in the morning and I'll show you how it feels...if you want?"

Michael's answer was to kiss him, hungrily. "I want."

Kyle made soft protesty-noises after a moment. "I need to clean up before I fall asleep here."

"I'll get it." Michael padded to the bathroom in search of a warm washcloth and brought it in, gently washing Kyle's body.

"Oh," he said quietly, pausing in his attentions.

"What's 'oh' for?" Kyle raised his head, trying to see what Michael was looking at.

"You bled just a little bit," Michael looked apologetic as he bent to press a soft kiss onto Kyle's upper thigh. "I'm sorry...I said I wouldn't hurt you..."

"I'm okay, Michael. Don't worry." Kyle beckoned and Michael tossed the washcloth through the open bathroom doorway, where they heard it land with a soft splat. He then slid willingly into Kyle's arms for a hug. "You're a most generous master," Kyle joked, feeling the vibrations as Michael laughed.

"What, does that make you my bitch?" he joked back, propping on his elbow to look at Kyle's face, enjoying the sleepy expression the other boy was wearing.

"I'm not exactly built right to be a bitch," Kyle remarked wryly, studying Michael in return. Michael could read mild anxiety rising off of Kyle and sought to assuage it by pulling him closer, body to body.

call me
(when you can't take the hunger)
i'm on the tip of your tongue
(desire will pull you under)

"Lover," he whispered, tucking wayward chestnut strands behind Kyle's ear. "Mine...?"

i'm on the tip of your tongue
(when every juice is flowing)
i'm on the tip of your tongue
(we'll sow the seeds 'til slumber)

"You know it," Kyle returned drowsily, unable to keep his eyes open any longer. Michael settled beside him, content.

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