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Just Add Oil, Part Two

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Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive September 29,2000

Title: Just Add Oil (sequel to Choklit Cake) (2/2)
Author: FehrKitten
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing but a Corolla that eats alternators like candy. Lyrics are courtesy of Berlin. Shouts and props and sugar-frosted aliens to everybody who supported me on this one, and an extra serving of Alien Blood for Kristin Helen Wilcox :D
Category: Slash
Summary: ready-bake choklit cake? just add oil...

We touched
there was temperature
i'm not the same
now i'm passing through your door
it's a pleasure game

What am I doing here, Kyle thought to himself as he raised his hand to knock, then hesitated. Sighing, he tentatively tapped on the door. He heard a muffled "it's open!" and he went in. He shut the door behind him and stood there nervously. Michael walked in from the back of the apartment, dark eyes flashing as he looked at Kyle. "Made it, huh, supermodel?" Michael teased, and the corner of Kyle's mouth twitched upwards in an unwilling smile. He was as nervous as a virgin bride, and he felt like bolting, but he made himself walk further into the room.

"Yeah, I did," he answered, noticing the smooth curves of Michael's shoulders, bared by his white tank top. Desire swept through him, weakening his knees, as he thought about how that baby-soft skin had felt under his hands. Michael approached him, studying the dark, smoky look in Kyle's blue eyes, stopping just within touching distance.

He smells wonderful, Michael noted, taking in Kyle's still-damp hair and inhaling his freshly-showered scent. Be a decent host, he thought scoldingly to himself. "Do you want anything-" he was cut off as Kyle's mouth descended on his.

you're the object of my smile
i'm a life machine
sentimental sound on sound
time to switch the scene

"I want lots of things," Kyle answered in a low growl, kissing Michael deeply, arching his hips against Michael's in a sensual motion that left nothing to the imagination. The main thing that he wanted was very obvious. "I want you naked, I want your skin, I want your mouth, your hands, your cock...I want you all over me..." he punctuated his words with gentle nips across Michael's neck, hands sliding up under his tank top, seeking skin. Cool air caressed his chest and back as Michael's fingers undid his shirt buttons, and Kyle released Michael long enough to let the shirt drop to the floor.

Michael glided his fingers lightly over Kyle's warm skin, thinking about how he'd looked drenched in oil, gilded by the sun. "Your skin is incredible," he said softly, tangling his fingers into Kyle's dark mane as the athletic boy kissed his way down to Michael's already tight nipples. "Ohh," his breath caught in his throat as Kyle lightly caught a nipple between his teeth, tongue lashing it in sweet torture. Kyle's fingers dipped briefly into Michael's waistband, then he eased the sweats down off Michael's lean hips. He rubbed his palm lightly over the taller boy's scrotum, enjoying the texture as he gently cupped the weight in his hand, and then he ran his fingers lightly over Michael's eager erection. Michael gripped Kyle's forearms firmly, his breathing harsh. "Strip," he said, and Kyle arched a brow inquisitively at him. "Strip," he repeated, "I want to see you."

"I feel like such a piece of meat," Kyle quipped, moving back enough to give himself space. He slowly undressed, gratified to see the passion burning in Michael's dark eyes. Michael watched Kyle eagerly, hand gently stroking himself as he waited. Now fully naked, Kyle approached Michael and took the bottom of his tank top in his hands. Michael raised his arms, allowing the top to come off over his head, and his hands closed over Kyle's rigid cock as he sought his mouth in another kiss. Kyle moaned softly at the feel of Michael's hands stroking him, bringing them into contact and gently rubbing their shafts together, silky drops of pre-cum mingling as they arched against one another.

"You are a piece of meat, jock-boy, didn't you know?" Michael teased Kyle, lashing his lips with delicate flicks of his tongue, fondling his rear with gentle squeezes.

"Suck my dick, Guerin," Kyle returned, and Michael chuckled.

"Oh, I will," he said, slapping Kyle's ass lightly. "Wouldya look at that nice tight jock-boy ass," he laughed as Kyle arched against him reflexively. "Like that?" he did it again, feeling incredibly kinky at the sound of his hand contacting skin.

"Uh-huh," Kyle replied breathlessly, the light stinging sensation sending bolts of heat straight to his cock, making it even harder and him even hungrier. He pushed Michael gently back until the couch contacted the back of his knees, forcing him to sit, and then Kyle dropped to his knees, spreading Michael's thighs with his hands. He kissed Michael, breathing softly, "Tell me."

"Tell you what?" Michael's fingers wandered over Kyle's chest, lightly pinching his nipples, and he winced when Kyle bit his lip a little fiercely.

"Tell me," Kyle's voice was husky with passion and need, and Michael relented, winding his fingers into the dark silk of Kyle's hair as he answered.

you're the passion in me
you've broken down the system
you're the vision i see
a pleasure victim

Michael's tongue lightly traced the contours of Kyle's ear as he spoke softly, coarse words that set Kyle on fire. "I want you to suck me...I want to watch you, to see your sexy mouth on my cock...I want to come in your mouth...all over you...god I wanna fuck you...ohhh" he moaned softly when Kyle dropped down suddenly and took him into his mouth. His hips moved in rhythm with Kyle's mouth and he pulled the dark hair that was tangled in his fingers, rewarded by a soft groan of pleasure. "I'm going to--ohhh god..." Michael arched his hips off of the couch, straining as Kyle's mouth milked every last drop from him. His dark eyes, heavy-lidded with pleasure, met Kyle's smoky blue ones as Kyle looked up at him. Rising, Kyle kissed Michael, a lingering kiss tinged with Michael's own dusky taste. He stood before Michael, hand working his own erection, and his head dropped back, a moan escaping his lips as he came, wet warmth splashing across Michael's belly and crotch. Michael wished fleetingly that he could capture Kyle's expression on paper.

Winded, Kyle dropped to the couch beside Michael, eyes closed as he recovered his breath. Reluctant to break contact, he trailed his fingers lightly over Michael's thigh in a gentle pattern. Michael rested his head against Kyle's shoulder, fingers caressing his cheek as their heartbeats steadied. He kissed him softly before rising from the couch and going to the bathroom to wash up.


Sticking his finger into the water to test the temperature, Michael stepped into the tub. He scooped water up with his hands, washing the stickiness off of his belly and thighs. Kyle appeared in the doorway, watching him for a moment before stepping inside. "Stop that," he said, and Michael quirked a brow at him.

"Stop what?" the humidity in the bath wasn't affecting Michael's spiky hair in the slightest as he continued to splash water over himself. Kyle watched the water sluice over Michael's pale golden skin and couldn't resist touching.

"Stop doing this," he wove damp fingers into the soft hair on the nape of Michael's neck and met his mouth with a soft, moist kiss, nudging him gently with renewed arousal. Michael's warm, wet hand closed around him and Kyle moaned softly, on fire with hunger and need.

"You jock-boy supermodels sure are demanding," Michael teased softly, his hands tormenting Kyle, turning the dark-haired boy's bones to molten liquid. "Do this, go here, touch this," he stepped out onto the bath mat, skin rubbing Kyle's intimately as he reached for a towel.

Kyle took the towel from Michael's hands and gently dried him off, biting his earlobe and murmuring huskily in his ear, "You forgot 'suck this'." Michael's hands clutched Kyle's backside and he held him firmly, grinding his hips against Kyle's in a smooth rolling motion.

"Bedroom," he growled, releasing Kyle, who immediately headed that way, Michael right behind him. They fell to the bed in a tangle of limbs, hands caressing, mouths searching, bodies straining to be closer, seeking completion. "I want your mouth," he breathed, and Kyle slid atop him, licking his way up Michael's shaft to the tip.

"I want yours," Kyle returned, sliding around until Michael could reach him, dark head buried between pale golden thighs and sandy, spiky one between ivory, in an interesting palette of contrasts.


They lay quietly, their tastes mingling as they kissed before sliding into sleep, Kyle curled up against Michael's back.


simple figures fill my mind
some i recognize
bodies always look the same
never see their eyes

Michael awoke, or thought he did, but realized that he'd unintentionally dreamwalked into Kyle's sleep. He began to walk in the darkened room? Hall? There were no clues to identify the location. Noises off to the left drew him, and as he approached, he quickly faded into the background as he came upon himself and Maria in a very compromising position. The dream Michael was naked, legs spread, head tipped back and soft sounds of passion escaping his throat as Maria's sultry, ruby red lips traveled over his achingly hard arousal. Michael noticed the dream Kyle watching, a most willing voyeur, and felt the force of his attention. He could feel Kyle's responsiveness as the dark-haired boy's pulse rose.

Kyle reluctantly forced himself to turn away, only to find that he could not. He discovered that he was bound, legs apart and wrists fastened together, secured over his head. Panic fluttered briefly in his chest but calmed when he felt warm, familiar hands slide over his chest from behind. "Michael," he breathed, and Michael pressed a kiss onto Kyle's bare shoulder as he glided his hands over the tight athletic body. Kyle looked down and watched as Michael slowly, thoroughly coated his body with gleaming massage oil, hands touching everywhere, lingering between his parted thighs.

In the dream, Kyle's mind dished up a sensation that he'd found that he loved: Michael rubbing gently against his backside, arousal insistent. It made Kyle feel deliciously submissive, like he would beg to be taken if that's what his lover wanted. Suddenly his pleasurable mood was interrupted by a none too gentle slap on his ass. He winced and heard Michael's soft chuckle.

"Too hard?" Michael punctuated his question with a thrust of his hips and Kyle arched back against him instinctively, oily skin creating delicious friction.

"No," he shook his head in negation, and Michael smacked him again. It stung, but it was strangely exhilarating and soon he found the sting pleasurable. Michael rocked his hips against Kyle in a smooth rhythm, rubbing his cock between Kyle's cheeks, the massage oil making their skin glide smoothly, and he delivered a few sharp slaps to Kyle's now-red posterior.

"Do you like it?" Michael's breathing was harsh in Kyle's ear and he replaced his cock with his hand, fingering Kyle's sensitive opening.

"Uh huh," Kyle panted, feeling orgasm building in his body. Michael's fingers felt like heaven and Kyle was so close to the edge...Michael slapped his ass one more time, hard, and Kyle cried out as he came hard, splashing his belly and thighs and the floor.

Michael reached over Kyle's head and freed his wrists, urging him to bend over and lean on a counter that had materialized out of nowhere (aren't dreams crazy? :). Kyle complied, relaxed and sated, and felt Michael ever so gently begin to push inside of him. It hurt, but in a stretchy kind of way and he remained relaxed. "Tell me if I hurt you," Michael's breathing was ragged; Kyle was so tight around him that he wanted to just pound the hell out of him, but he wanted Kyle to get used to him. He eased in slowly, pumping gently with his hips to spread the lubrication, and leaned over and rested his chest against Kyle's back when he was fully sheathed. "Okay?" he asked, stroking the dark hair back from Kyle's brow.

Kyle nodded, breathing "uh huh" as he tentatively moved his hips. It felt strange; he felt so...full. That was the best way he could describe it. Full. He rolled his hips in a tight experimental circle and heard Michael gasp. "What?" he asked warily, and Michael began to move carefully.

"If you do that again I swear you're going to give me the most pleasurable 2 seconds of my life," Michael commented wryly, and felt Kyle's muscles twitch inside as he chuckled. That felt even better and Michael couldn't hold back any longer. He grasped Kyle's hips and pumped forcefully, driven on by Kyle's soft sounds of encouragement and the sight of his flushed face and parted lips. "Oh. My. God. Ohhhh fuuuuck..." Michael exploded, filling Kyle to overflowing with his warm seed. He collapsed atop Kyle's back, breathing heavily, dropping tender kisses on his skin. "I hope I didn't hurt you," he panted, and Kyle shook his head no.


Michael woke in a sweat, jolted out of Kyle's dream. He was dazed by the memory of the raw animal passion he'd felt. Looking at the sleeping Kyle, Michael was so tempted to roll him over and take him, just like in the dream, but this was the first time he'd ever even contemplated anything like that, and that gave him pause. Kyle must have been aware of his motion because he opened one blue eye and looked sleepily at Michael, then the other one. A tentative smile touched his mouth as Michael said, "Good morning, jock-boy," and then his face fell.

"Oh, hell, I didn't mean to fall asleep, I should get going," he said, fingers wandering delicately over Michael's stomach under the covers, his eyes saying that leaving was the last thing he wanted to do at that moment.

to the touch there's always you
how can i erase
your flaming candles, whispered words
then your soft embrace

"Uh huh," Michael's eyes closed as Kyle's questing fingers delved into the wiry hair between his thighs. "Mm," he sighed softly as the fingers were replaced by a talented tongue. He ran his fingers through the Kyle's dark silken locks, his blood simmering. With just a touch, Kyle could make him incredibly hot. It was, to say the least, an unexpected development in their relationship.

Grinning wickedly, Kyle drew back just as Michael came, and directed the flow upwards onto Michael's chest. He chuckled as Michael swore at him, and leaning over, he kissed him. "You and your dirty mouth," he teased, sliding from the bed and dressing. "See you 'round, Guerin," he said, and Michael threw a pillow at him as he left the bedroom.

"Not if I see you first, Valenti," he called, and Kyle's laughter reached his ears before the door clicked shut.


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