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Choklit Cake, Part Two

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Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive September 29 ,2000

Title: Choklit Cake (2/2)
Author: FehrKitten
Rating: NC-17, Slash
Disclaimer: I own nothing. The lyrics are from a super sexy driving kick-ass Kingdom Come song...80's rock yay!
Summary: Michael has a visitor...
Category: Michael/Kyle slash

Michael's thumb stroked the base of Kyle's neck in a brief caress and his voice was husky as he inquired, "Here?" His dark eyes burned hotly as his gaze traveled over Kyle's face, dark hair parted in clean waves from his brow, rapidly darkening blue eyes startled, lips parted slightly as he tried to think.

"I...I don't know," he stammered lamely, mentally kicking himself for sounding like a dumbass.

say it...say it...say it...

Michael's graceful artist's fingers brushed gently over Kyle's flushed skin and he touched the wildly fluttering pulse at the base of his throat with a fingertip. "Here?" he repeated, delighted by his sudden feeling of power at having Perfect-Big-Man-On-Campus Kyle off balance. Perfect, fair-skinned, muscular Kyle, who was regarding him as though he was not sure whether to run away from Michael...or towards him.

Kyle's heated gaze dropped and he focused on Michael's chest, noticing through his light grey t-shirt that his nipples were rock-hard, and it was most definitely not cold in the room. "Here," he said unsteadily, tracing a tiny circle with his fingertip over one pert nipple, then the other, repeating the action and being rewarded with a soft gasp from Michael. Emboldened, Kyle ran his fingers lightly down Michael's chest, feeling his stomach muscles quiver as he stroked across his flat belly. Michael's hand dropped to the neck of Kyle's tank top and he drew him slowly closer with a gentle tug. Their bodies touched lightly and both found it an interesting sensation. Their faces were close, almost touching, warm breath mingling as both stood with closed eyes, tentatively growing progressively bolder in their contact.

Kyle trembled when he felt Michael's warm hands close on his body, fingers tracing the shape of his waist and hips before slipping inside the waistband of his shorts. Michael's hot mouth closed on Kyle's throat, tongue lashing lightly at the hammering pulse as he began to ease the shorts down. "Ohh..." Kyle sighed softly as the air caressed his nakedness, and he stepped carefully out of the shorts when they pooled around his feet.

"What about here?" Michael's voice was soft against Kyle's throat as his hand slid between his athletic thighs, fingers caressing the sensitive spot behind his velvety sac.

"That's a possibility," Kyle choked out, his hips arching instinctively against Michael's touch, rigid cock begging to be stroked. Kyle ran his fingers through Michael's spiky dark golden locks, holding his head closer, urging his beautiful mouth to further explorations. Kyle was definitely feeling kind of kinky, standing in only a tank top and shoes with Michael's fingers caressing his perineum and his forearm lightly brushing his shaft.

ohh...take my love...
take it, take it, take my love

Smiling against the satiny skin of Kyle's throat, Michael withdrew his hand slowly and grasped Kyle's shaft, pumping him slowly, once, twice, and Kyle thought his heart was going to stop right there. Michael disentangled enough to look into Kyle's stormy blue eyes, and he let his dark gaze roam over Kyle's face, their expressions a mirror image of desire. Grasping the tank top and flexing his powers just enough to weaken the fabric, but not enough to alert Kyle to anything untoward, Michael ripped the shirt down the middle and slid it from Kyle's unprotesting body, drinking in the sight of the shorter boy's nakedness: lovely unblemished ivory skin, muscular chest and legs, proud arousal jutting from a dark nest of soft hair.

Kyle was aware that he was in a more vulnerable position, being the undressed one, and he protested softly, breath warm against Michael's skin, his fingers seeking the buttons of Michael's jeans. Michael made a soft noise deep in his throat as Kyle freed him of his clothes, almost purring as gentle hands traveled over his body. Kyle admired the differences in their appearances...Michael was leaner, more wiry, with satiny golden skin and sandy body hair. He closed his hand over Michael's arousal, and the taller boy groaned softly, a maddening sound that drove Kyle to seek his mouth in a deep kiss. Tongues fought for domination and hands caressed skin as they kissed. Braving a husky protest from Kyle, Michael slid his body against his dark-haired companion's as he dropped slowly to his knees to undress Kyle the rest of the way.

don't you know i really care for you
i really do...i do...

Unable to believe what was transpiring, totally lost in the moment and overtaken by the hot desire spiraling up from the pit of his belly, Kyle looked down at Michael, who was grinning wickedly up at him from his kneeling position. He stroked his fingers lightly up the insides of Kyle's thighs, making them quiver ever so slightly, and he leaned forward, his spiky locks tickling as he licked a slow path from the base of Kyle's cock to the tip, tasting the musky drops of pre-cum gathered there. Michael gave Kyle a searching look, eyes almost black as he deep throated Kyle with agonizing slowness. Kyle's hands clenched on Michael's shoulders and his head tilted back, eyes closed, ragged breaths escaping his parted lips. He knew he ought to be thinking about what he was doing, was about to do, but at that moment he didn't care. All his energy was focused on the silky tongue sliding over his cock. He wanted to fuck that beautiful mouth; he wanted to savage it, to worship it. Every nerve in his body screamed for release.

"Ohh...oh god...oh my god yesss..." Kyle was in ecstasy with Michael's mouth working magic upon his cock, the fingers of one hand teasing Kyle's nipples and the other massaging and stroking between his thighs. Michael felt the other boy's scrotum start to tighten and Kyle tried to warn him. "Michael, stop..I'm going to--ohhh!" Kyle's muscles stood out in sharp relief as his whole body tightened with the force of his orgasm. He moaned softly, and Michael grasped his hips lightly, steadying him as he reached his shuddering climax.

"Holy fuck," Kyle wiped his brow, dazedly watching Michael lick the last milky drops from him.

"Holy? I don't think so," In a fluid motion, Michael rose and captured Kyle's face between his hands, leaning in and kissing him. Kyle could taste himself on Michael's lips, a dark musky taste, as he returned the kiss. Michael stroked his fingers down Kyle's sweat-sheened back, reluctant to break contact, but then he slowly pulled away.

"Where are you gonna say you went?" he asked, and Kyle looked puzzled.

"Huh?" he gave Michael a quizzical look, still rather dazed and feeling kind of shaky.

"Well, if you were going cycling, you could have been to Texas and back by now," Michael smirked, but it was with humor, not malice, and he bent to start gathering Kyle's clothes and his own.

"Oh." Kyle watched Michael's graceful movements and ruefully wished he had more time...time to shook his head to clear it of thoughts of Michael's long legs and talented hands and incredible mouth...Enough! he thought to himself, and reached for his shorts. Their fingers touched as the garment changed hands, and they exchanged a long look. "You're still an ass, Guerin," Kyle smiled, his gaze riveted on Michael's sexy mouth as an answering smile struggled to break through. "And you're still a jock boy, Jock Boy," Michael returned, "and stop thinking about my ass."

"Don't flatter yourself," Kyle returned, raising up from tying his shoes and eyeing the remains of his tank top. "Dustrag?" he offered jokingly, and Michael snickered.

"Do I look like the domestic type?" he shot back, and Kyle moved like lightning, grabbing him and kissing him roughly.

"You and your goddamned sexy smart mouth," he growled softly, tracing Michael's lips with his tongue before deepening the kiss. "Domestic? Yeah. On your knees, bitch," he playfully bit at Michael's full lips, and Michael laughed aloud.

"How quickly they forget," he teased, and one last feather-light kiss was exchanged.

"See you round, ya weirdo," Kyle paused at the door, looking at Michael, who was close behind him.

Not if I see you first, jock boy," the caustic words were in complete opposition to the agonizingly sweet reality of Kyle's hand caressing his aching, unrelieved arousal, and Michael was thinking that he'd need to take a nice steamy shower, but Kyle's parting words changed his mind.

"Save me some...cake, that is," and the door clicked softly shut behind Kyle.

baby yes i wanna be your sugar now
you want it this i know
you and me we're gonna see...
we're gonna see...

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