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This page is for fic and sites that slash characters played by Roswell cast members in other shows, or movies. Stories are also indexed under Fiction by Title and Fiction by Author, but not Fiction by Partners.

Cameron in Rites of Passage was played by Jason Behr, who plays Max on Roswell.
  • Boat Scene by Shelly and Sherri (Cameron/Red, Cameron/Frank)
Emilie de Ravin, who plays Tess on Roswell, also played the forest demon Curupira on Beastmaster. Darla
The vampire Darla on Angel is played by Julie Benz, who played Ms. Topolsky on Roswell through the season one ep, 'Crazy.' Nick
Brendan Fehr, who plays Michael Guerin on Roswell, plays Nick, the infected vampire hunter in 'The Forsaken'. 'Forsaken' Sean, played by Kerr Smith, has nothing to do with 'Roswell' Sean, played by Devon Gummersaul. All 'Forsaken' fic are Nick/Sean, unless labeled otherwise.
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