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The Only One

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Sent to Extra Sugar November 25, 2000

The Only One by Erin PG-13

Isabel slammed her bedroom door and fell onto the bed. She was so tired. Not physically, but in her mind. Everyday was a constant strain; over and over she had to deal with this reality. A reality she didn't understand...

I'm supposed to be with Michael...I'm a traitor...I betrayed my brother...I killed us name is Vilandra.

Even lying in the room she has known as home for over a decade, Isabel suddenly felt out of place, and those same thoughts repeated in her head. Just as she finally started to rest her eyes, she heard muffled crying. She jumped off the bed and started scouring the room for the source of that faint, desperate sound.

"Who's in here?"

No answer.

Isabel went over to her closet and trusting her instinct, she swung open the door. There lie Tess, sitting in fetal position in the corner of Isabel's closet. She flipped on the closet light and saw dark blue mascara running down Tess's swollen face. Her wavy blonde strands clung to her face and all she could was stare at Isabel. Isabel ran over to her, holding her against her.

"Tess...Tess what's the matter? Why are you crying?" Isabel said in a quiet, yet panicked voice.

"I-I don't know Isabel. I was walking through the park and my mind started to wander, thinking about everything we've-I've-been through. I can't take it anymore Isabel. I'm tired of feeling wanted but unwelcome, loved but unwanted. You all have made me feel much better the last few months, but I'm sick of wondering whether you all are doing it out of loyalty or doing because you actually want to." Tess said, with each word getting stronger and louder.

Isabel sighed. She had already felt guilty about how they had all treated Tess in the beginning. She didn't know it hurt Tess this much though. She knew she couldn't speak for Max or Michael, but she could speak for herself. Isabel pulled Tess up, and with a tight grip on Tess's shoulders, she looked straight into her eerily beautiful eyes.

"Tess, you have no idea how long I've been feeling this guilt inside about how we, how I, treated you. How horrible it must have been to come to Roswell to find your true family, and we all gave you the cold shoulder. I can never apologize enough for that. But I guess I didn't truly want to face actually being an alien, at least not at the sudden pace that you brought the knowledge of our past. I'm sorry Tess, I'll never do that to you again."

Tess got up on her knees and embraced Isabel with a firm hug. It meant so much to hear Isabel say those things to her. Since she first came to Roswell, Tess had admired her so much. That grace, that beauty, that intelligence just blew her away.

Isabel finally broke the hug and asked "But why did you come and hide in my closet?"

Tess started down at the floor for a moment before speaking. "I came to your window and saw you weren't here, but I didn't want to leave. So I crawled through the window and went into your closet so no one would see me. Plus..." Her voice trailed off.

"What is it Tess?"

"I just wanted to be near the things that were yours. The smell of you on your clothes, your various things that are lying around in here...comforted me. You comforted me Isabel."

Isabel was overwhelmed. Her mind had a million thoughts racing in it; she didn't know how to react. But all she knew was at this moment she could resist the fragile Tess. She grabbed Tess's face and gave her a long, but soft kiss on her delicate lips. After they let go of the embrace, the two girls stared at one another. The kiss was something unexpected, but magical. Isabel and Tess stood up at the same time and walked out of the closet.



"Will you hold me for the rest of the night, so I can sleep?" Tess said, whose face now was a mess from the tears and makeup.

"Of course Tess, let me clean your face first."

Isabel walked over to her too full dresser and grabbed a face pad. She gently wiped away all the colors and dried tears that covered Tess's face. She then took Tess by the hand and crawled up onto the bed. She pulled Tess close, with her face against her chest.

As the two young aliens drifted off to sleep, Isabel didn't have any of those bad thoughts that had invaded her for weeks. As she took in the smell of Tess lying against her, and the taste of her on her lips, it comforted her. Tess comforted her.

The End

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