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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list January 14, 2001

Title: Seduction
Author: Ender
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or anything Roswell-related.
Category: Slash, Tess/Liz
Author's Notes: Tess POV.
Rating: NC17
Feedback: I crave it almost as much as chocolate and new Roswell episodes.

I seduced her, you know. She thinks it was just this spontaneous thing that happened between us, but it wasn't. I planned it. From the moment when I brushed my hand against her arm and saw her eyes widen with surprise and something else. A hint of awareness. I knew then what I was going to do. I knew that she wanted me and that I would use that.

I've always had an instinct for that sort of thing, knowing when people wanted me. I don't know if that's part of my alien powers or not. It's just always been that way. I have an awareness about people, what they want, what they crave. I can sense a man's eyes crawling over my body. I can almost hear the thoughts buzzing through their brains--Oh baby, gotta get me some of that. Look at those legs. Wonder if the hair between her legs is as blonde and curly as the hair on top of her head. Men are not exactly a mystery.

Growing up, I wasn't allowed to let a boy touch me. Not further than the occasional kiss, anyway. Nasedo wouldn't allow it. We must keep the queen pure and virginal for her absent king until he comes to claim what is his. I was supposed to be his. But what do you do when the king doesn't want the prize tucked between his queen's legs?

Nasedo didn't care if I touched a girl, though. Somehow he didn't consider that impure. Maybe some things really are universal, like the male definition of virginity. If a guy hasn't been there, it's still uncharted territory. So I touched a girl the first chance I got. I remember how warm her skin felt against mine when I pressed up against her. I remember the way she pulled away at first, and how I grabbed her hand and pressed it to my cheek. I remember how she protested at first that she didn't want to touch me. And how I listened to her voice tremble and her breathing quicken. Because she was lying, and I knew it. She wanted to touch me. And I knew it. Because I always knew it. I remember the way she shivered when I traced my tongue across her lower lip and the way she swayed against me when I trailed my finger down her stomach, undid her jeans, and felt the wetness between her legs.

The problem with Max was that he wanted me. I knew he wanted me. I felt it coming off of him in waves. But he wouldn't give in to it. No matter how many games I played and how many tricks I pulled—Hell, even when I tried being sincere and honest—he never gave in. Because of Liz. Because while I was spending my entire life saving myself for him, he was saving himself for her. God, I hated her.

So when I brushed against her that day and saw her reaction, I knew what I was going to do. If I couldn't get past Max's defenses, I'd get past Liz's.

And it was so easy. We'd ended up in the same physics class together, and it was easy enough to talk her into getting together for a study session at her house. She was suspicious, sure. But she was also curious. She wanted a chance to study me and understand what she'd felt the other day.

So we studied, and I watched her. I waited for the perfect moment. And then it happened. We were getting up to take a break when she stumbled over something and fell against me. I held her there, and neither of us moved. I felt her hair brush against my cheek. I could smell her apple-scented shampoo and a cinnamon-y something underneath that. I closed my eyes and drank her in.

I felt her start to pull away and I brought her hand up to my cheek. I heard her breathing quicken and felt her tremble slightly. God, it was just like that first girl. Only the protests I was expecting didn't come. When I finally opened my eyes and looked into hers, I didn't find the fear I was so sure would be there. There was caution and wariness, but also curiosity. Fascination. She wanted to know what came next. And for the first time, I understood why Max loved her so much.

So I lowered her hand to my chest and placed it over my heart. Her expression didn't change but her breathing did. And I kissed her. I don't think anything has ever tasted so sweet to me as her mouth. I slowly undid her shirt buttons and unclasped her bra. Her breasts were small but perfect. I trailed little kisses across them. I unsnapped her jeans and pulled them down. She stepped out of them without hesitation. I heard her gasp as I kissed her through her cotton panties. We fell onto the bed, tangled together. And I watched her eyes finally close as I entered her with my fingers, sliding in and out of her until she came, gasping for air.

And as I was lying curled up beside her, she did something that I never would have expected. She started to touch me. Slowly and hesitantly at first, her fingers slid under my shirt and rubbed against my nipples. I moaned, surprised. I'd always been the seducer with girls. Usually, they wouldn't touch me back unless I initiated it. I started to grab her hand, to show her where to touch me, but she stopped me.

"Let me, " she whispered. "Trust me. Just close your eyes."

So I closed my eyes. Her fingers and mouth explored me, teasing me, hunting for the places that would make me gasp and moan. And when her hot mouth and tongue reached the place between my legs, I cried out and grabbed her head and pulled her closer. When I opened my eyes, she was next to me, smiling at me shyly. I kissed her, tasting myself on her, thanking her. As I drifted off to sleep, I realized that I didn't care about Max anymore. He wasn't mine and he never would be. But Liz was mine, and I would fight for her. Even if I had to fight Max.

So yeah, I seduced her. But in her own way, she seduced me, too. I wonder sometimes if I'll still be as fascinating to her when she's figured out all my secrets, if she'd still love me if she knew I had planned to use her to hurt Max. Sometimes I think she already knows and doesn't care. But usually, I just think about her. And the way her eyes go dark when I touch her. And the taste of her mouth.

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