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Showers, Part Two (Liz POV)

Reply to Emma Jane/H3> Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list December 3, 2000

I thought I would be tortured night after night over my decision to leave Max Evans to his destiny.

But that hasn't been bothering me.

But I am actually enjoying my time here in Florida. I love walking along the boardwalk on the way home to my aunt's house. I turn to look out on the ocean and the clean scent of the salt water on the air fills my nose as I take a deep breath

I feel a drop of rain on my nose, and I smile. I love rain in Florida. It is so different from rain in Roswell. Rain here almost makes me believe that anything could happen. It sounds corny, but I think that rain is magical.

The rain is falling in showers now, and I don't even care that my sun dress is soaked and my hair is plastered to my neck.

I feel a hesitant touch at my back, and I lean back into the familiarly small hands. She stands close behind me now, gently lifting my hair from my neck so she can kiss it.

"Liz," she whispers sweetly into my ear, "I can see right through your dress." I can feel her smile wickedly and I smile right back.

"Good." I pull her hands around me in a sort of backwards hug, then slowly, the rain stops, and I touch her palm with mine, and we walk apart from each other.

I smile and blow a kiss towards the place where I imagine her to be. "Good night, Tess." I shake my head a little, letting the water fall off like a curtain across my shoulders. And I am alone again.

What *has* been haunting me night after night is my decision to leave my destiny to Max Evans.

The End

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