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Showers, Part One (Tess POV)

Reply to Emma Jane

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list December 3, 2000

Title: Showers
Author: Emma Jane (
Archive: Take it if you desire so, just send me the URL so I can look at it all pretty
Fandom: Roswell :)
Pairing: Tess/Liz
Rating: R
Spoilers: mild ones for Destiny, Nasedo is NOT DEAD YET in this.
Notes/Summary: Two people, on opposite sides of the continent, think about the same thing. Sorry it's so damn short.
Disclaimer: I didn't own Roswell before, and I don't own it now! Please don't sue.
Feedback: "Yes... definitely!" Send to:
Thanks: To my awesome beta reader, Kate, and Semisonic's CD "Feeling Strangely Fine" to which I wrote part two.
POV: Part 1- Tess, Part 2- Liz

The water is nearing unbearably warm as it cascades around my head and down my back and shoulders. But the only thing I notice is her. Her mouth tentatively covering mine, her fingers caressing the skin of my stomach, deterring the rivulets of warm water that play over my skin.

I notice how smooth her back is, as I pull her ever closer to me, begging her nearer with my lips, my fingers, my toes.

The scent of her, that sweet lavender, surrounds me now as my hands twine up in her hair and she leaves a string of kisses from my shoulder to my chin.

"Liz," I sigh as I press my lips firmly to her jawline, eyelids, nose, lips. I gently taste her, a fire explodes in my stomach, and am almost overcome with her.

"Tess," she whispers back, almost unintelligible over the noise of my racing heart and that of the shower. Her hands are tangled in my hair.

"Tess? You've been in there for forty-five minutes! There won't be any more hot water left!"

Nasedo's voice snaps me out of my daydream, and I quickly turn off the water, and watch my fantasy run down the drain.

I reach for a towel and begin to dry myself off, the scent of lavender still hanging around me like a cloud.

I have to stop this... every time I take a shower, she comes to me.

Oh, the curse, the blessing, of lavender shampoo.

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