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You Were Meant For Me

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list August 26, 2001

Title: You Were Meant For Me
Category: Slash Maria/Isabel and mention of Michael/Maria/Isabel and Michael/Maria
Rating: Heavy R some petting and mention of sex.
Spoilers: None unless you haven't seen most of season 2.
Note: Thanks to Caryl for beta reading for me.

        Maria Deluca had, at one time, thought that Michael Guerin would leave her for Isabel Evans. But it hadn't turned out like that. Instead she had left him for Isabel. She never thought it would be her leaving him for Isabel. It started over the summer after destiny.

        Maria was hanging out with Max but she was also hanging out with Isabel. She didn't blame Isabel for Michael leaving her. Maria knew that Isabel didn't want to go through with her destiny with Michael. She had doubts about Michael though and felt that a part of him did.

        The first kiss was soft and awkward. The second was a more confident kiss. The third was filled with a new passion; that neither of them felt before. More kisses led to more touching.

        Maria loved the way Isabel touched her. Her touches were soft and not grabby like Michael's. Isabel knew Maria's body better than Michael ever did. The voluptuous blonde knew how to please the blonde siren. The thing about it was that Isabel was more interested in pleasing Maria than herself.

        As weird as it may seem Maria felt like a queen when she was with Isabel. Isabel didn't ridicule her, she didn't consider her a dumb blonde or Liz's side kick. The alien princess actually paid attention to her and thought anything the small pixie said was important. Her lover made sure others listened too. Isabel wouldn't let anyone put Maria down.

        Most people thought of their relationship as a close friendship. Max seemed to know there was something more but he didn't say anything. Except for this one time. Maria was over at Max's and Isabel's house and her and Isabel were laughing and giggling for no particular reason. Maria went to get something to drink in the kitchen. Max was there and he looked at Maria and said, "You're good for her, you know. I've never heard her laugh like that. It's great that she has someone like you."

        Maria just smiled at him and said, "Thank you."

        Isabel and Maria were together constantly. Liz was jealous and made it a point to question the pairing. Liz felt like she was losing her best friend. Michael was jealous too in ways but he wouldn't show it. He was still keeping his distance from Maria, plus he had to deal with Courtney, a new waitress that kept bothering him. Alex didn't mind it he was happy that Isabel had a friend. He stopped chasing Isabel and found another girl. Although that doesn't mean that he knew anything about the affair. He just got tired of waiting around. He and Isabel were still good friends.

        Michael finally smartened up about Maria. He wanted a relationship with her. Isabel was willing to share, she knew how much Michael needed Maria, but she told him if he hurt Maria she'd hurt him. Michael and Maria were a couple to the outside world. Isabel and Maria were a couple in their own world.

        Michael found out about Isabel and Maria's relationship. One day Spaceboy and his pixie were making out and he saw inside her past, like he did before with the red shoes. He really didn't like the idea of sharing and he was very upset. Maria told him she was sorry but she wasn't going to give up Isabel. He would have to accept the relationship if he wanted to continue seeing her.

        "Michael, you don't understand. Isabel and I were meant for each other. I was lonely and so was she and we found each other. I'd like to think you for that. If you'd never broken up with me then I may have never found her."

        "What about us? What about me?" Michael asked, he was hurt, he couldn't believe that his Maria was with Isabel.

        "I want to be with you too, Michael. Isabel understands the relationship between us and accepts it, why can't you?

        " Maria didn't want to let go of Michael. She did need him.

        Michael didn't know what to think so he asked her to give him some time. She told him that she'd give him all the time he needed and reminded him that she still loved him and would always love him.

        After that Maria left his apartment and drove to the Evan's house. She had to tell Isabel. She went to her window and crawled in. Part of her was so afraid of losing Michael she didn't realize the tears that were already forming in her eyes. She looked at Isabel who was wearing her silk red pajamas and sleeping peacefully.

        Isabel got up at the sound of Maria crying. She knew it was Maria it was just the vibe she gave off. Michael was right about her having vibes.

        "Maria, sweetie what's wrong?" Isabel asked, and took her in to her arms.

        " He knows. Michael knows about us," she said, between sobs.

        Maria couldn't see it since her head was buried in Isabel's chest but the tall blonde had a look of horror on her face. She was afraid of losing her lifetime friend.

        "What did he say?" Isabel asked the distraught girl.

        "Just that he had to think about the situation which for him could mean anything. Isabel, he was too calm and he looked so hurt. I think I lost him." Maria felt so lost.

        "Baby, you're not going to lose him. I'm not going to lose him either. He'll understand. I know it. Just give him the time he needs," Isabel told her, as she wiped the pixie's eyes.

        "Why don't you call your mom and tell her you're staying here tonight? You can use my phone. I don't want you driving as upset as you are." Isabel walked over to get her phone off its stand and handed it to Maria.

        Maria called her mom and told her that she was going to stay at Isabel's. All the while Isabel was gently massaging her back trying to comfort her. Mrs. Deluca said it was okay for Maria to stay. Maria handed the phone back to Isabel.

        Isabel put the phone up and went to get something for Maria to sleep in out of her drawer. Maria changed in front of her alien princess. She was comfortable with it. Isabel just stared at her beautiful girlfriend. The pale blue tank top that Isabel gave Maria hardly fit the small girl. It went over her hips where on Isabel it fit just above the hips.

        The tall blonde walked over to the short one and placed a kiss on her mouth. Maria started to tingle inside, Isabel had that effect on her. Isabel made her forget her problems and her fears. Maria returned the kiss but this time she used her tongue. Isabel wrapped the tiny blonde in her arms and continued to kiss her passionately.

        Isabel walked Maria over to the bed. They were still attached at the mouth. The princess laid Maria on the bed and with her on top she placed a knee between Maria's legs. After a few minutes they broke the kiss for some much needed air. Isabel raised up and Maria started to unbutton her red silk pajama top.

        Maria slid the top down, showing Isabel's full breasts. She had to touch them. Her hands moved to the large orbs and Isabel sighed in content. Maria's hands explored her breasts giving Isabel her own type of breast examination.

        Her palms brushed over her rosy perk nipples. Isabel's eyes were closed, she moaned deeply when Maria pinched both nipples. Maria sat up, wrapped her arms around the blonde bombshell and straddled her waist. Her mouth went over one of the hardened nipples, she began to suck it like a baby. The siren's tongue flickered over the tip, teeth gently bit down on the sensitive flesh.

        Isabel sucked in her breath when Maria bit down. The alien princess grabbed hold of Maria's hair for support. She thought that she would melt right there. She whined when Maria moved her mouth from the nipple but sighed when she moved to the other one. Maria's hand moved from Isabel's backside to the breast that she just left, she began to roll it around in her hand, and pinched at it to keep it hard.

        "Oh baby," Isabel moaned. Isabel pulled Maria away from her breast and kissed Maria's already swollen pink lips. The kiss started out soft but then it escalated into heated passion. Isabel laid Maria back on her bed, her hands roamed underneath the pale blue tank. The tank top slid upwards as Isabel's hands roamed upwards to Maria's breasts.

        Isabel wanted Maria to forget what happened with Michael at least for just this one night. She wanted her to feel special and loved. It was something that her little pixie didn't feel often even though she was.

        All clothes were removed from that point of the evening. The night was filled with love, extreme pleasure, and passion. They made love over and over again until they both were spent.

        It was in the early morning hours just before dawn. Maria was curled up into Isabel. Isabel's arm was around Maria's waist her face buried in her hair breathing in the coconut and almond scent. Isabel had yet to go to sleep, she was staring at the sleeping angel in her arms. She brushed some hair out of the girl's face and behind her ear. Isabel laid her head down and whispered into Maria's ear, " No matter what happens with Michael you were meant for me." It was the one thing that the alien princess was sure of.

        After a few days of thinking Michael realized what Maria meant to Isabel. Isabel went to his apartment and talked to him. She told him that she felt that Maria was meant for her. She told him that she thought Maria was also meant for him, and she knew how much Maria needed him and vice versa.

        Michael knew it was true. He couldn't think of not being able to touch his pixie, hold her, and talk to her. Most of all, he needed her for the comfort that his angel gave him. He never believed in unconditional love until he met Maria. She loved him for all his flaws, for everything that made him who he was, and she didn't have to, she just did.

        The brooding alien came up with the conclusion that he was just going to have to share. He didn't want to take Maria away from Isabel. He saw how happy she'd been lately. Michael didn't know how it would work but he knew that it had too. They would have to always be careful but at least the three of them would be happy together. He hugged Isabel and told her, " We'll make things work."

        Isabel smiled, " Thank you. You've made the right decision. Now let's go tell Maria. I know she'll be thrilled. She's been a little down lately."

        " I know, I think we all have," Michael said, as he grabbed his jacket so they could go see 'their' girlfriend.

        "But things are looking better." Isabel couldn't help but grin on their way out. Today was the beginning of a new life with the one she loved.

        The End

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