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Drowning In Sorrows, Part Three

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 21, 2001

Title: Drowing In Sorrows
Author: Ella
Category: UC/ Slash M/M/M
Disclaimers: Nope I don't own them
Note: thanks for the feedback.

        They reached Michael's apartment in record time. Max helped Maria out of the jeep and she wrapped an arm around him. Michael came around from the passenger side to join them, and the girl slipped her other arm around him. She couldn't believe how lucky she was to actually have two of her favorite guys with her, close to her and wanting more.

        Once they got inside the apartment it was awkward; they had never been in that sort of situation before. Of course, they all knew what they wanted to do -- getting started was the hard part.

        Max sat down on the couch and Michael sat beside him. Michael looked up at Maria expectantly and asked, "What do we do? I mean... where do we begin?"

        "I don't know," Maria replied with a shrug. "This was your idea," Michael returned, staring at her. His mind was actually already filled with thoughts of her. 'God, she looks so sexy in that leather skirt,' Michael thought to himself. The only problem was that her sweater covered her beautiful neck.

        Suddenly, he stood up and walked over to her, grabbing hold of the hem of her shirt and pulling it over her head.

        "Don't waste your time, do you?" she smiled, feeling a little self-conscious.

        "Nope," Michael grinned, before attacking Maria's neck with his lips.

        Maria let out a deep sigh, realizing she'd missed his touch. She could always fuck herself with a vibrator but with plastic, there wasn't much foreplay.

        Michael moved from her neck to her luscious lips, his tongue slipping into her mouth, fighting for domination.

        Then Maria sensed someone behind her. Even though she knew who it was, it still seemed unreal. She felt Max's hands sprawl out and move from her waist. Slowly, they slid over her belly button and underneath her breast. He then cupped her breasts in his hands, reaching for her nipples over her bra. Immediately, they grew harder from his touch. Max rubbed his hand over each one, pressing down on the barrier of the silky fabric. Then he slipped his fingers under the cloth, his flesh coming into contact with Maria's.

        The sensation sent a deep flame through Maria. She could feel her core begin to grow even wetter. Leaning back against Max, she rubbed against his erection in a sensual motion. As she moved back, she pulled Michael closer to her, almost causing him to trip. Then, she broke the kissing frenzy, and, looking at Michael, decided. "Now, you two."

        "What?" Michael asked in disbelief.

        "Come on - I know you want to! I can see it in you. So go for it!" Maria exclaimed. "Tonight's a night for experimentations. It's just us three and no one else," she coaxed as she stepped away.

        Michael and Max stared at each other like a frightened pair of deer, not really knowing what to do. Should they give into Maria's desires -- and their own?

        "Maxwell," Michael whispered, running his hand through his hair. In that instant, a decision seemed to be made.

        Max knew that Michael was hesitant, so he overcame his own fear. He leaned over and planted his lips on Michael's. It began as an innocent kiss, one full of curiosity. But then, Michael slipped his tongue over Max's lips, and he obliged the taller boy by opening his mouth.

        Their tongues touched slowly, hesitantly. Then a hunger overtook them and it grew much more passionate.

        Maria sat on the couch watching the display in amazement. Absently, she wondered if that's what people saw when she and Michael kissed. She had to admit that her and Michael's kisses were as passionate, and just as intense. She could hear the moans coming from both of them as Michael burned a trail down Max's neck with his lips. Maria shifted uncomfortably in her seat, her own arousal growing by the second. She thought to herself that most girls would be turned off by seeing their boyfriends with another man, but not her. She found it rather beautiful and extremely sensual.

        She watched Max place his hand on Michael's cock and gently squeeze. Michael jumped at the sensation and so did Maria. She moved her own hand to her most private area. The pressure was building and she was in serious need of release.

        Then, Michael and Max undressed each other, leaving nothing on but underwear. Maria unzipped her skirt and yanked it off. She watched as the boys started to squeeze and pull at the each other's dick. Maria could no longer stand it; she slipped her hands into her panties and thrust two fingers down inside her. She started to move in a rhythm similar to Max's and Michael's.

        Maria sped up her movement and added two more of her fingers to the dripping ones already inside. Her ass was off the couch and her head was hanging over the back, trying to get in as deep as possible.

        "Oh God! Oh yes! Yes, Yes, Yes! Maria screamed, getting the attention of both Michael and Max. They watched her reach her orgasm, just moments after their own cries of release.

        "Bedroom. Now!" Michael commanded both of them. After watching Maria please herself, he wanted so badly to be inside of her. Hearing her cries of release made him excited again, and he could tell that Max was aroused again as well. He didn't want to wait, so Michael picked Maria off the couch, slung her over his shoulder, and marched to the bedroom.

        "You know, if you'd give me a second, I was going to get up," Maria huffed at the typical barbarian display. She had her arms crossed and looked up at Max who was following them. He smiled at her and brushed her cheek tenderly with his hand.

        In the bedroom, Michael sat her gently on the bed. Then, he bent to her waist, his hands slipping her panties down her hips and legs.

        "That was quite a display out there," Michael said as he finished removing the material.

        "I could say the same," Maria grinned at the two of them.

        "Max, you want to get that?" Michael questioned, gesturing to her bra.

        "With pleasure," Max replied, a grand smile on his face. "Sit up," Max instructed her.

        He took one finger and made a trail down the spine of her back to her bra strap. Max hooked that finger in the bra, bringing it back a little and letting it go with a slap.

        "Ow! Why did you do that?" Maria whimpered, reaching back to rub the sting.

        "Just wanted to see your reaction," Max told her as he unhooked her bra.

        Michael smirked and Maria pushed him in the chest with her foot. "Not funny, pal."

        Michael bent over to kiss her, whispering, "I thought it was."

        "Whatever. Now that I'm completely naked - what about these?" Maria asked tugging both Max's and Michael's underwear.

        "As you wish," Michael agreed, stripping himself free of the material covering his manhood.

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