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Drowning in Sorrows, Part Two

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 19, 2001

Title: Drowning In Sorrows
Category: Slash UC Mi/Ma/Max
Disclaimers: Nope I don't own them.
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None really
Note: Thanks to Ashleigh for beta reading for me. You rock girl !

        Maria and Max arrived at UFOFonics around 9 o'clock, after she'd forced him to eat something. He was looking pale and sick, truthfully, and Isabel had said that he refused to eat. So, Maria had sat at the table with him to make sure he ate the sandwich she'd fixed.

        The club, thankfully, hadn't started to boom yet when the two arrived. It was early for a Saturday night, which didn't bother Maria. She hated it when it was so crowded you couldn't move.

        "Max, why don't you grab a table and I'll go get us some drinks," Maria decided, gesturing towards the bar.

        "I really don't know if that's a good idea, Maria," Max shook his head, remembering a bit about that sip of alcohol he took last Valentines Day.

        "Max, come on! Lighten up, please? I'll watch out for you, you know," Maria told him, pulling him toward a table. Then, she ordered a drink called Bahama Mama at the bar, one for each of them. The bartender said that the alcohol in it was barely noticeable.

        "Here, try this," Maria said as she sat the drink in front of him. "It's really fruity."

        Max noticed that nearly half of Maria's was already gone. He thought to himself, 'What the hell -- it can't hurt, right?' He grabbed the glass and downed the whole thing.

        Maria stared at him, surprised. "Max, it's not a shot glass! You're not supposed to drink it that fast!" she exclaimed, and then downed the rest of her own.

        "You did," Max laughed, his speech slurred. All of a sudden, he didn't feel so good. The room began to spin, and Max grabbed his head in hopes that it would stop. "God the room's practically flying," Max muttered, talking to himself. Maria was already at the bar getting another drink.

        She came back to the table and noticed how Max was holding his head. "Hey, girlfriend, are you okay?"

        "The damn room won't stop spinning!" Max yelled, and dropped his head on the table.

        "No more drinks for you, mister!" Maria giggled, finishing her second drink. She didn't feel anything, but thought she should stop so at least someone could get them home safe.

        A few minutes later, Max raised his head and asked, "Maria, what's wrong with me?"

        Maria looked at Max with a sweet face and told him, "Oh, honey, you're drunk. Really, really drunk."

        "No! I meant, why doesn't Liz love me anymore?" he said in a wounded voice.

        Maria placed an sympathetic arm over his shoulders and patted his back. "Liz loves you -- she just doesn't want to stand in the way of your destiny."

        "Yeah right. That doesn't explain her sleeping with Kyle," Max mumbled, laying his head back down on the table.

        "She did what? That bitch! I can't believe she did it with Buddha Boy and didn't tell me!" Maria yelled, not believing what Max was saying. She knew Max wouldn't lie to her, but then again, she just couldn't believe that Liz wouldn't tell her something THAT big. They were supposed to be best friends!

        "Don't yell, Maria, my head's killing me," Max whimpered.

        "Ah, poor baby! I'm sorry," Maria said, putting her arms around the drunk alien. 'No wonder he's been like a wounded animal lately,' she thought to herself. "I thought catching Michael with Courtney in a towel was bad, but this is way, way worse," Maria admitted, trying to soothe Max as she rubbed his back.

        "You caught Michael and Courtney in a towel together? Must have been a big towel," Max stated in an incoherent voice.

        Maria cackled at the comment and decided, "Come on Max-- we've had our fun for tonight." She helped him up and they headed out the door.

        Once in the jeep Max turned to Maria and said, "Maria, why would Michael rather be with a tramp like Courtney, instead of an incredibly sexy, loyal, fun, sexy, smart, sexy girl like you? Did I mention sexy?"Max grinned, grabbing her face and looking into her eyes.

        "Yes, several times and although a girl likes to hear that often, I won't take it serious. You're way too drunk and you won't remember anything you said or did in the morning," Maria informed him as she tried to break from his hold.

        Max turned her head back around and said, "Maria, let me tell you a secret: I remember everything." Then, he planted his lips on hers, forcing his tongue into her mouth. He let go of her face and pulled her closer to him, and suddenly she was sitting in his lap.

        "Oh my God," Maria moaned as she felt his growing erection. Maria would have been lost in the moment if it wasn't for the fact that she heard her name yelled out.

        "Maria!" Michael yelled at her. Isabel had told Michael where Maria and Max were going. He'd looked for them in the club but the bouncer said that they left just as he came in. He'd just looked over the parking lot, hoping to find them.

        Michael couldn't believe what he saw when he finally found the Jeep. Maria was being pulled into Max's lap --his best friend, Max, his best friend in the world, any world-- as they kissed passionately.

        Maria broke the kiss and looked for the familiar voice she heard. She found him staring at her and Max, disbelief crossing his face.

        "Michael it's not what you think! We've been drinking," Maria pleaded with him.

        "Max, how could you?" Michael shouted, ready to drag him screaming from the Jeep.

        "How could I? How could YOU, Michael? God knows how special Maria is, but you threw that away for the first tramp that came to town!" Max accused in an angry voice, pulling Maria closer to him.

        "I was not involved with Courtney! I was trying to find out information!" Michael insisted, opening the door and yanking Maria away from Max.

        He grabbed her shoulders and looked deeply into her eyes. "Maria, I love you. I would never cheat on you! How could you kiss my best friend?" He felt the ultimate betrayal in his heart.

        "Because Max needs me! He cares about me and he shows it!" Maria told him with tears in her eyes. "All you ever do is push me away. You push me away and you've pushed Max away. He's been hurting, and you haven't paid one damn bit of attention! Did you even know that Liz slept with Kyle? Did you know how badly this hurt your BEST FRIEND, Michael?"

        "What? Damn, that's low," Michael whispered, looking back at Max. He couldn't believe that Liz would do something like that to Max. 'No wonder he's been so anal lately,' Michael thought. Suddenly, the felt the need to comfort him.

        Then the unthinkable happened. Looking back at Max, that need was turning into lust. For a guy, Max was definitely beautiful.

        "Look, why don't we all go back to my apartment and talk about things?" Michael decided.

        Maria looked at Michael, her eyes widening. She knew that the lust she felt for Max was mirrored in Michael -- he felt the same way about the dark-eyed leader. In fact, the thought of Max with Michael was really turning her on.

        Michael was driving them to his apartment. Maria leaned forward and whispered into his ear, "I know you want Max, too... but I want you both. Is that possible??

        Michael knew what Maria was asking; she wanted him to share her with Max. In return she would share him with Max. Michael could only nod his head in response.

        Maria then moved to Max and whispered, "Max, what would you say to having both me and Michael? Together."

        Max looked over at Michael. Had the feelings he saw in Michael always been there? They were the same feelings Max had felt all his life, even when he was with Liz. 'But will this ruin our friendship?' he wondered.

        'I guess not,' Max decided as Michael's hand snaked over and landed on his thigh.

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