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Drowning in Sorrows, Part One

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 19, 2001

Title: Drowning Your Sorrows
Category: Slash M/M/M
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None
Summary: Takes place after the Harvest.
Challenge: Max is feeling down after Liz dumps him yet again so he can pursue destiny. So, Maria decides to take him clubbing.
They get drunk and start making out. Michael catches them and the trio go to Michael's place to do NC-17 stuff.
Just a simple smut fic will do, and if you could include a little Michael/Max slash it would be cool!
Note: Thanks to Ashleigh for beta reading for me.

        Isabel didn't know what to do. Max was in one of his funks again, and she just knew it had to something to do with Liz. The entire Evans family was worried about him. Max wouldn't tell them what was wrong, so she thought he might tell someone who could understand his problems better than she. Isabel saw the bubbly blonde she was looking for as soon as she stepped into the Crashdown.

        "Maria, can I talk to you?" Isabel asked. Maria could tell the distress in Isabel's voice and see it in her face.

        "Sure, just a second. Let me finish this order and then I'll go on break," she agreed.

        "Okay, I'll wait at our table," Isabel informed her. She knew if anyone could help Max, that it would be Maria.

        A few minutes later Maria came over to the table and sat down, a chocolate shake in her hand.

        "Alright, so what's up, Isabel?" Maria questioned before sipping her shake.

        "It's Max - as usual. He's depressed again, but it's worse now than it has been in the past. I thought that maybe you could talk to him? He's been huddled in his room ever since we returned from Arizona. You got him out of his Liz funk this past summer, and I thought that maybe you could do it again. Max acts more like regular Max when you're around and not anal Max."

        Maria laughed at the comment and the fact that Isabel was rambling. "Sure, I'll see what I can do. I'll come over after work and get him out of bed, maybe get him out of the house. It's Saturday night and he doesn't need to stay home and mope."

        "Thanks Maria," Isabel said, getting up and hugging the girl unexpectedly. To her, Maria seemed to be possible salvation for both Michael and Max.

        Maybe she'd return the favor and talk to Michael about his behavior towards the girl. Hopefully, she could knock some sense in to him. Isabel couldn't believe he could be so dense sometimes. It was obvious to everyone that Courtney had been after him; it was also obvious that Michael only wanted Maria. He had told Isabel after the whole Courtney/skins saga that when Maria had saw the two of them together at Courtney's apartment, he'd felt like a lost, jaded man.

        -0- Later that day at the Evans': -0-

        Maria arrived at the Evans house around six that evening to see what she could do for her friend. Isabel let her in, and they talked a little bit about their plans for the evening. Isabel was going to a movie with Tess, Kyle and Alex. Maria told her that she'd probably take Max to UFOfonic's. After Isabel left Maria went to Max's room and knocked on the door.

        "Go away, Isabel. I told you that I don't want to go to the movies!" Max moaned, not making an effort to get up from bed.

        "Hey, girlfriend. Why so down?" Maria said, letting herself into his room.

        "Maria?" Max said with wonder, sitting up on his elbows.

        "The one and only," she said as she sat on the side of his bed.

        "Look, it's not that I don't appreciate your company. But like I told my sister, I really feel like being alone right. Do you mind?" Max insisted as he lay back down, staring at the ceiling once more.

        "Max, you can't mope around for the rest of your life!

        Now get the hell up!" Maria yelled, grabbing his arms and unsuccessfully trying to lift him up.

        But I want to mope. I like moping," Max whined.

        "We know," Maria said as she rolled her eyes. She started going through his closet, pulling out some clothes as she went along.

        "Here put these on," she decided, throwing the clothes that she picked at him.

        Max looked down at the clothes that was in his lap. "Do I have to?"

        "Sure you do. Now go get dressed! The only way I'm leaving this house is if you come with me," Maria demanded, sitting down at the foot of the bed.

        "Fine, I'll go -- but it doesn't mean I'm going to have fun," Max muttered, getting up and going to his bathroom to change.

        "Sure, whatever you say," Maria laughed as she leaned back on her elbows. When she crossed her legs, she unknowingly flashed Max a look up her skirt.

        For some strange, unusual reason, Max found that position incredibly sexy. He found himself repeating in his head, 'No bad thoughts, no bad thoughts! She's your friend for godsakes!'

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