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Here's to the Night, Part One

Reply to Drew

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list June 24, 2001

TITLE: Here's To The Night (1/2)
FANDOM: Roswell
ARCHIVE: Roswell slash, American Pie. Any others, just ask :)
PAIRING: Alex/Kyle
SPOILERS: "Heart of Mine"
SUMMARY: Alex and Kyle go to prom...sort of.
NOTES: In this fic, Alex and Kyle have been together since "How The Other Half Lives." I tried writing a getting together fic, but it just wasn't working out. So, I opted to have them be already together in this story. Also, I feel as if some of the character's voices are a little off....if anyone can make any suggestions on how to fix this, I would really appreciate it.
DISCLAIMER: They belong to Mertz and Katims.
FEEDBACK: Please! This is my first completed Roswell slash fic, so any feedback is welcome :) Please E-mail

        "So, prom's coming up."

        "Yeah, I know," he says nonchalantly. He's really a bastard for making me do this. He knows exactly what I'm going to ask him, yet he's making me drag this out.

        "You're going, aren't you?" Why am I so nervous? I kinda already know he's going because we're all going to meet each other at the Crashdown before prom for pictures and all that crap.

        "Uh huh." He smiles. Since when did Alex know all the right moves to torture me? "So, how do you propose we do this?"

        "Do what?"

        "You know...go."

        "Well, I'm planning on renting a tux 'cause I'm thinking they won't let me go in there naked. Then I'm going to get a limo because you know Isabel...gotta look good for the crowd, you know?"

        I must be the most stupidest person alive. He's going with Isabel. I should've thought of that. Hey, this kinda stuff is all new to me, okay? I'm allowed at least a few boneheaded mistakes. "Oh, so you're going with Isabel."

        "Yeah. I figured you were gonna ask someone, too."

        "You're right, I have." I hope he doesn't realize that I'm making this up as I go along. Don't want him to feel guilty because I thought we were both gonna go together and I don't have a date yet.

        "So who's the lucky girl?"

        Shit. Think, Valenti, think. There are tons of girls you would've liked to go to the prom with before Alex. Let's, she's got a date. How about...uh, no, she's going with Carl. "Tess. Tess is the lucky girl."

        "Cool. You might want to watch out for those mindwarps. You may never know what she might get you to do." He gives me a sly grin that makes me want to explore every inch of his body.

        "Tess wouldn't do that." He gives me a look that says 'oh, come ON.' "Okay, maybe she would, but she wouldn't do it while we're living under the same roof."

        "Maybe you're right." He sits down on my bed and inches closer to me, which makes my breathing go into overdrive. The next thing I know, his mouth is pressed against mine. I pull him closer to me. Okay, maybe I can deal with not going to the prom together.

        We separate for an instant. He then gets up. "I should probably get some homework and stuff to do before the big night." There's that damn smile again.

        "Later, Buddha Boy." Why does he always work me up when he's about to leave? I swear he's trying to torture me.


        Okay, let's see how I look. I just put on my tux for the big night tonight (I can't believe we're having prom already. This year is going by SO fast! After this, there are only finals and that's about it. Oh, God, finals are gonna suck.) I look in front of a mirror and see the glory that is me staring back.

        If it's a crime to look this good, then I should be convicted of manslaughter.

        I wonder how Alex looks in a tux?


        I step into the shower and let the water run all over me (there's an image I bet Buddha Boy would love to see). I still can't believe we're together.

        Nothing like facing an end-of-the-world-and-therefore-your-life situation that'll make you rethink some of the decisions you've made in life. If my year-ago-self met the me of today, we'd be in a major scuffle.

        After I do the showering thing, I start to get ready. One way or the other, Buddha Boy's jaw is going to drop to gym floor. Of course, I'm going to the prom with Isabel but who says that I've gotta look good for her?


        Tess and I arrive at the school on time. One thing you can say about aliens is that they like to be punctual and make a big entrance. As we enter the gym, I look around. The place doesn't look that bad.

        Everything's...different. The gym actually looks alive, and gives off an exciting vibe (usually it gives off a creepy, cold morgue least that what it feels like to me). Tess waits at the table while I get punch. I pour some into the glass and look around the room for Alex. I spot him a distance aways, dancing with Isabel. Waittaminute....he's dancing. With Isabel. Ex-girlfriend. Isabel still wants Alex, according to some of the gossipers at school. Great, I'm over analyzing the situation.

        I walk back to Tess and give her some punch. As I'm about to ask her to dance, she tells me she sees Max walk out of the gym. I look over at Liz. She looks heartbroken. Poor gal. A year ago, heck three months ago, I would've loved to face a situation like this.

        I look back over at Alex and Isabel and...oh, God, they're KISSING! What does this mean? Are we broken up, are they back together, or was it just a friendly thing? Ok, now I'm turning into Melodramatic Boy. I'm sure it meant nothing. It had to mean nothing.

        Oh, good, Alex is walking over to the punch bowl. I head over to him. "Hey."

        "Hey." He pours himself a glass of punch.

        "Nice tux," I say, with what feels like a Joker-length grin.

        "You're not so bad yourself."

        "So, how's it going with Isabel? You two were looking pretty friendly over there."

        "Buddha Boy, are you jealous?"


        "You are too!"

        "Am not!"

        "Are too!"

        "Am not!"

        "Whatever you say."

        "Hey, do you want to go somewhere and just...I dunno, talk? Tess disappeared to find Max and I'm bored to death."

        "Sure. That'd be nice. Let me make up some excuse to Isabel."

        "Are you sure? Prom is like a super-sized deal for her."

        "Don't worry about it. I'll be back." He gives me a wink. He really needs to stop leading me on like this. One of these days, I'm going to do the exact same thing he's doing to me and blow his mind away. Across the distance, I watch Alex say something I can't hear. Isabel nods, understanding. She gives him another kiss on the cheek. Back off sister, he's mine!

        He makes his way back to the punch table. "Let's roll." Alex and I head out of the gym and into the humid night air.

        TO BE CONTINUED...

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