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Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive March 13, 2001

Title: Deception
Author: Dontia
Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the plot.
Spoilers: None really, but happens late Season 2.
Rating: NC-17 for graphic sex, including female slash.
Distribution: My site isn't supposed to have NC-17, so this needs a home.
Summary: I'll tell you the challenge instead. Kakia wanted it to 1) be at least rated R, 2) Tess snaps, kidnaps Max and Liz, 3) she tortures them and has sex with both of them while the other is watching, 4) It ends as *somehow* they both die, 5) Tess sets their death up as some kind of accident, and 6) no one finds her out. I didn't adhere strictly to the challenge; my creativity went a slightly different way. However, I think Kakia got what she wanted.
Notes: I know Tess' mindwarp doesn't work like this. Call it creative license.
Dedication: It's all Kakia's fault for putting the idea in my head. It's also her fault I put this story at the head of the line.
Feedback: First slash piece. Did I do okay?

        At the cemetery, Kyle walks up to Tess. She's sitting on a bench near the fresh gravesites of Max Evans and Liz Parker. "You ready to go?"

        Tess shakes her head. "Could you wait for me in the car?"

        Kyle nods and reluctantly leaves.

        Tess looks around and makes sure she's alone. She leans back and closes her eyes as she remembers what led to this day.


        ONE WEEK AGO...

        Tess sits in a booth absentmindedly sipping her soda as she watches Max and Liz. She struggles to contain her anger but after months of being tested, her control breaks.

        It's just not fair, thinks Tess. Liz refuses to have Max, yet she won't release him to be with Tess. Tess knows she can make Max happy, that they can be happy together. But it'll never happen because Liz insists on always being near Max.

        No more, decides Tess when she sees Max smile his special smile at Liz when it should be reserved for Tess. Tonight they'll pay for how they've hurt her. Tess Harding, formerly Queen Ava, is not to be ignored.

        She remembers that Liz's parents are out of town and that Max is secretly checking on Liz each night. She slips out of her booth and goes to gather the tools of her revenge.

        Half an hour later, she sneaks up to Liz's balcony and into the room. There, she arranges white roses and scented candles. She goes into the bathroom and strips out of her blouse, skirt, and underwear, then waits.

        When Liz enters and gasps in surprise, Tess mindwarps her. She then steps out of the bathroom, careful to avoid touching anything. Liz doesn't see her but a naked Max.

        "What are you doing here Max?" asks Liz, averting her eyes.

        "I love you, I want to be with you."

        "I told you we couldn't. You have a destiny with Tess."

        "She means nothing to me," says Tess, choking out the words. "You're the only one I want, the only one I need. Let me make love to you."

        "We can't."

        Tess moves forward and caresses Liz's face. "We can. Give me one night to be just us, no destiny. Just one night."

        Liz slowly nods as she leans into Tess' caress. "One night Max. When I tell you to leave tomorrow, it's over. Can you accept that?"


        Tess leans forward and kisses Liz. The feel of her lips momentarily distracts Tess; it's an intimacy she hasn't experienced since the previous year with Max. She leans into the warmth of Liz's mouth, barely remembering to keep her façade in place.

        Their mouths never breaking contact, Liz's clothes disappear and the girls find themselves on the bed touching and caressing each other. Tess breaks contact to lick her way down Liz's throat. Her tongue slides down Liz's chest, pausing and suckling the dark brown nipples before she continues her journey.

        She reaches the navel and is about to go below. She looks at the clock on Liz's bedside table and knows she timed it just right. She moves her head down, her tongue tasting Liz's slick folds.

        One of Liz's hands reaches out and holds Tess' face to her heat as her head twists from side to side. With an internal clock, Tess knows it's time and drops the mindwarp as she begins sucking on Liz's clit.

        When Liz moves her head again, her eyes are partially open. She has a direct view out her window to the balcony. She sees Max staring at her horrified. Her eyes widen as she watches him turn and leave.

        "Max," is Liz's anguished whisper as she's unable to stop herself from coming. After she's recovered herself, she sees Tess get up and stand naked in front of the bookcase, a smirk on her face. "Why?"

        "I wanted you both to hurt as much as I do."

        "You won't get away with this," says Liz as she angrily pulls on her clothes. "I'm gonna find Max and tell him what you did."

        Liz is turned away and doesn't notice the light that forms around Tess' hands as her fingerprints rearrange themselves. Tess picks up one of Liz's science trophies and moves near the other girl. "You're not gonna tell Max anything."

        "Once he and the others know you tricked me, they'll want nothing to do with you."

        "They'll never find out."

        Liz looks up as she hears a swoosh of air. She tries to move but isn't fast enough. The trophy hits her on the side of the head. Tess stands over the bleeding, unconscious girl and feels a moment's remorse before taking the trophy and bashing it against Liz's head several more times.

        After making sure there's no pulse or heartbeat, Tess makes the bedroom look as though there was a struggle. She carefully makes sure her fake fingerprints, Max's fingerprints, are all over. She then reforms to her real hands, goes to the bathroom and gets dressed.

        Taking one last look around, she smiles at her dead rival and leaves to find Max.


        After leaving Liz's, Max drives around aimlessly. When Liz slept with Kyle, it hurt. But Max allowed himself to believe it happened during a moment of confusion for Liz. But tonight, he'd seen her with Tess. He'd witnessed Tess going down on Liz.

        "Anybody but me," whispers Max. "She'll be with anybody but me."

        Somehow, Max finds himself at the pod chamber. "I hate this," he yells. "I never asked for any of this. I just wanted a normal, human life."

        "That's not what you were meant to have," says Tess from behind him. "You were meant to lead a people, to rescue them. I wish you could understand that your duties as king are more important than Liz could ever be."

        Max glares at her. "Your duty as my bride is to help me stay calm and sane. It wasn't helpful of you to fuck the woman I love."

        "Are you mad because Liz took me into her bed when she doesn't want you?"

        "Why would she sleep with you, or you with her? You hate each other."

        "I've been told there's a thin line between love and hate."

        "You love her?"

        "Hardly. I just had to know."

        "Know what?"

        "What she has that you think I don't. All I can come up with is that she's great in bed, but I'm sure you know that. That's right, you don't. She never slept with you."

        "Shut up."

        "I wonder what made her turn to me and Kyle?"

        "Shut UP!"

        "I mean, you'd think she'd have sex with the love of her life before she'd sleep with an ex-boyfriend and a girl she hates."

        Max pushes Tess against the wall of the cave, his body pressing against hers. "I said shut up."

        "Maybe she was just horny," whispers Tess. "I should be mad at you. You got there before I had my turn to come."

        "I'll make it up to you." Max kisses her brutally and in anger. After a minute, he pulls away and stares down at her. He feels guilty when he sees her bruised, cut lower lip that's trickling blood. "Tess, I'm sorry."

        Tess opens her eyes and smiles. "Why'd you stop?" She pulls his head back down to hers, using his surprise to stick her tongue in his mouth.

        Something primal in Max takes over. He returns the kiss, this time lust the motivating factor. He rips her shirt and bra off before taking her nipples into his mouth. He feels nothing but a fierce satisfaction that he bites a gash out of her breast, marking his possession.

        "I want you now," murmurs Max as he shoves up her skirt and rips off her panties.

        "Then take me now."

        Max shoves his jeans and boxers down to his knees and lifts Tess so that her legs are locked around his waist. He braces her back against the cave wall as he pushes inside her. He hesitates when he breaks her virginal barrier and she cries out in pain.

        "You all right?"

        "Don't stop."

        He takes her at her word and plunders her mouth as he starts moving his hips. She matches his rhythm at first, then moves against it for greater friction. Finally, they both come.

        Max slowly withdraws from her body and lowers her to the ground. "I'm sorry. I don't know why...I don't know what I was doing."

        Tess leans to pick up her shirt and bra, careful to accommodate the unfamiliar ache between her legs. "For a beginner, that was well done."

        "Tess, I used you."

        "What's your point?"

        "I'm in love with Liz."

        "I'm in love with you. Didn't stop me from being with Liz."

        "I have to go," says Max, adjusting his clothes.

        "Go where?"

        "I need to, I need to see Liz."

        "She broke up with you. You don't have to seek absolution from her."

        "We'll talk about this, what happened, later." Max hurries out.

        "I wish there was gonna be a later," whispers Tess, rubbing her stomach. "I wish you were gonna be around to see the baby we created tonight."

        Tess picks up her torn panties and goes out to Kyle's car. She drives back to town and heads to the Valenti's. On the way, she passes Max's Jeep. It's rammed into the front of the Crashdown and the engine's on fire. She slows and sees Max slumped against the wheel.

        "I wish it hadn't come to this," says Tess. "I wish you'd remembered how much you love me. I wish I hadn't had to mess with your steering control and brakes."

        The Jeep engine explodes, engulfing the building and Max's body in fire. Tess sighs in sadness and continues driving to the Valenti's.


        Back in the present...

        Tess gets up from the bench and sits beside Max's grave. "I hope wherever you are, you're happy. Even if you're with Liz. I always wanted you to be happy, I love you. There was just more at stake than our selfish desires. If I had it my way, you'd still be alive. I couldn't let you live though, you'd have focused on Liz's death instead of what's important."

        She rubs her stomach. "I'm gonna wait a couple weeks before telling everyone about our baby. Your parents, Isabel, and Michael will be pleased to have part of you left in this world. I want you to know that though I plan to have Kyle be a father to this baby, our child will know of you."

        "Destiny's finally kicking in. Michael's the only person Isabel will let comfort her. Unfortunately, he's also comforting Maria over Liz. I'll have to stop that. If Maria doesn't leave Michael alone, she'll have to join you and Liz. Destiny must take place, our children must be born."

        "Goodbye my love. Maybe we'll get it right next lifetime. I'll be back to visit."

        Tess makes her way to the car where Kyle's waiting.


        THE END

        I'd like to one again state that I am truly a Tess fan and this story is all Kakia's fault.

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