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Prom Night II-Tess Harding

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Posted to the Roswell Slash list August 21,2000

Author: DMartinez
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Metz, Katims and the WB. No infringement was intended.
Rating: R
Summary: Prom Night. Future Fic. Tess's POV.
Notes: I may or may not do some other POVs on this story.

I thought it was going to be the perfect night. Isn't that what prom is all about? The most perfect night of your high school career. That's what all those magazines said, all those books I read.

Right away I knew it wouldn't be perfect. We shared a limo with the humans. I don't know whose idea that was. I had Max to myself for a whole year. We never went very far but I had planned a night for us.

Max said he'd gotten a room for us. It was perfect. Prom night was the night, just like the books said. Prom night would be the night that I would let Max have me.

I knew I looked beautiful but he would barely look at me. He kept staring at Liz. I tried to hate her. I couldn't. Not after what she did for me. She let go of him. If it wasn't for me, it was for him, for his sake. For that reason I respected her. Max just had to let go. Even I could tell from across the stretch limo that Liz and Kyle were together. Tonight would be their night if they hadn't already had one.

I couldn't stand the silence. I was grateful when that Maria girl turned on the radio and initiated the fun. I just smiled and sat back against Max. I felt I didn't have the right to join in.

At the dance, Max and I danced all night after we had our pictures taken. That wasn't perfect. I would gaze up at him and he'd be looking over my head. I wanted to cry sometimes. I knew who he was looking at. Once, only once, I followed his gaze. Liz was staring into Kyle's eyes like... like I wanted to be able to stare into Max's.

I watched Michael and Isabel as I rested my head on Max's chest. They weren't together. They were as much a couple as Maria and Alex were. I knew I couldn't tell them anything, that wouldn't work. What could I expect though? I found out they thought they were family for so long. I've read books... apparently things like that happen.

On the ride to the hotel, I reminded Max about our room. I guess it was loud enough for the others to hear. Isabel then mentioned it was a double. Max hadn't told me that. I stayed quiet after that. Liz had all her attention on Kyle when she said they had their own room.

That's where we ended up. We each had our own mixed drink courtesy of Kyle the bartender. I didn't know that I would get buzzed so quick. I had one sip, just enough to taste the Bicardi in the soda and that was it.

I watched Liz and Kyle suck face with no shame. I wished Max could be like that. I drank the whole cup and didn't feel any worse so I figured that I was as bombed as possible. Watching them, I got jealous. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him. Before I knew it I was on the floor.

I guess it was Isabel that took me to our room. Once I got there I started puking. I felt horrible. I barely managed to get out of my dress before I passed out.


I woke up alone in one of the beds. I sat up slowly because my head was throbbing. The sun was pouring into the window through the curtain. I blinked and glanced around. There were two bodies in the other bed and another on the couch. I got up to get a drink of water. My throat was so dry.

When I came out of the bathroom, I saw Isabel's hair sticking out from under the covers of the other bed and a dark head beside her. I thought that maybe Max was sharing with her.

Then I spotted Kyle on the floor. Where was Michael? Why was Kyle in our room?

I nearly tripped over the clothes on my way back to my bed. The clothes, there were a lot of clothes on the floor. Isabel's red dress, my green dress, a couple of tux jackets, a pair of pants, a slip, hose, boxers...

I looked back at Isabel's bed. Alex. It was Alex. Where was Max?

Slowly, very slowly, my adled mind put the pieces together.

Alex and Isabel had slept together last night.

Kyle was on the couch. I was in my bed.

Four people left.

Max and Liz. Michael and Maria.

I wish I could say that I felt betrayed. Distraught. Angry. Upset. Nothing. I felt empty. I got dressed and left a note. I'd be at home. I walked home. I walked across town in my green prom dress and sparkly heels all the way home. Home. That big empty house.

I guess that it's not empty. Dad, I mean, Mr. Harding, I mean, Pierce, dammit... Nasedo had gathered many things over the years. Before I came out he'd been all over the world. Even as a child, I had travelled to many places.

I showered and puke the rest of the poison from my system. I wandered the house for hours not thinking. Two years I'd lived in the house. Two years all by myself with a routine. Monday night I cleaned the kitchen. Tuesday night the bathroom. Sunday I cleaned the rest of the house. My room was an everyday chore.

Isabel came over upset. She found me staring at nothing. Maria was missing. Kyle went to look for her. Had I heard from her? I asked her. She didn't answer me. So I said I knew. She did have the grace to blush though.

I had one more question. Isabel looked at me like I had another head. She didn't know that Kyle had been asleep in our room this morning when I got up. He wasn't there when she got up.

Isabel and I talked about what we had done. Then about what she did. Was it normal?

It was almost like we were normal teenagers dishing the latest scoop. Sex. We didn't talk about the fact that Max and Michael hadn't checked in yet. Eventually we moved to more trivial matters. Susie's awful dress, Karen's clashing shoes, Olive's bad makeup and Julie's horrid hairdo.

It was a perfect after prom gab-fest... until the doorbell rang. All of them were there. Not all of them but the rest of them.

Alex walked in upset because Maria still hadn't gone into work. Liz whispered something about her not picking her up that morning.

Max and Michael didn't say a word. They didn't look at anyone. They just stood on opposite sides of the door. Liz cleared her throat and asked if anyone had seen Kyle.

No one had.

Then they all left. I stayed because no one invited me to go look. No one asked for my help. In a perfect world... Max would have stayed. The humans wouldn't be here. I wouldn't be alone in this huge house.

Life's not Perfect. I know that. Now.

The End

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