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One More Time: Part 8

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Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive March 31, 2003

        Max slid into his desk next to Liz. She didn廠 look up when he gave her his hopeful greeting. She just casually waved at him without turning. "Liz?"

        "Huh?" Even her tiny little noise sounded distracted.

        "Liz. I wasn廠 going to push this but I think we need to talk about Saturday night." Max picked up his pencil and began doodling on his fresh book cover. "Was it real or was it because of Tess?"

        "What?" Liz spun in her desk to face him. "What are you talking about?"

        "Tess told us that she kissed some guy that you liked and got upset. Was I your way of getting back at her?" His hurt amber eyes fixed on hers. She held them for a moment before looking away. She was relieved that Tess hadn廠 told anything about their kiss but at the same time... it wasn廠 something she felt she had to hide. "Well?"

        "Max... I just... needed someone and I幟 sorry. I shouldn廠 continue to do this to both of us. We..." Liz trailed off, not even sure what she could say to put things in their place.

        "Liz? Was it real?" He pressed, eyes searching her face when she turned to him.

        "yes." Came her small reply.

        "Then why do we need to be apart?"

        "Because Max..."

        "Is it the making out? We can stop that if you want to. I would be happy to keep my hands to myself if you would just admit that you love me too."

        Liz blinked and then laughed. "Then what fun would that be?"

        "Liz, I just want to be with you."

        "I just don廠 want to upset anyone..." She nodded slowly.


        "Well, yeah." She couldn廠 keep her mind from drifting back to that kiss. Who would be betrayed?

        "Ok. Let廣 see if we can keep this to ourselves."

        "I don廠 like that. Tess is my best friend and... and... I just can廠 lie to her." Liz shook her head and turned around in her seat. Max thought a moment before he even attempted to speak again.

        "She doesn廠 like me."

        "She廣 just fed up with you ignoring her... at least when you were ignoring her." Her eyes lowered to her notes but the words were just scribble on the paper, not even registering with her brain.

        Max swallowed thickly. So Liz had noticed his attentions toward Tess after all. Since he didn廠 defend himself or deny it, Liz considered the case closed. She didn廠 speak to him for the rest of the class period.


        Liz took a seat next to Tess at lunch. No one else had shown up yet. They sat in silence for a few moments. Tess went first. "I'm sorry. I really don't know why I did what I did Saturday night."

        "I'm sorry for the way I... I shouldn't have..." Liz took a breath. "I got scared."

        "You? Well, I was scared you were never going to talk to me again. I had been thinking about it but I don't know why and..." Tess gave up.

        "I've thought about it too. I was just surprised and confused..." Liz pursed her lips. "I still wanna be your friend."

        Letting out a relieved laugh, Tess smiled and nodded. "I was afraid you wouldn廠 want to be anymore."

        "We幢l talk some more later. Okay?" Both girls nodded. Then Max sat down across from them and unpacked his lunch. "Hey."

        "Hey." He muttered.

        "What廣 wrong with you?" Tess threw a napkin at him.

        "I think I just failed my history mid-term." He grumbled and snuck a glance at Liz. Liz averted her eyes to her tray of nearly inedible food. When she wouldn廠 look back at him, he sighed. "Guess I didn廠 get much sleep this weekend."

        "Do you want me to teach you how to scan?" She leaned forward on the table. He had to fight the urge to let out a groan. Tess was wearing that black V-neck again. "It廣 not really that hard."

        "It廣 not." Liz whispered as she noticed where Max廣 eyes had focused. "I mean, it廣 not too hard to learn or transfer if necessary. I幟 just gonna..." She grabbed her bag and stood. "I影e gotta catch up on my Astronomy. Later guys."

        They watched her leave in silence. Finally, Tess turned to Max. "What was that all about?"


        "Not nothing. Did you guys get into a fight after you dropped me off?"

        "She was upset and I comforted her... I think." Max sighed. "I don廠 want to talk about it."

        "What did you do?" She pressed, ignoring the fact that their table was filling up with their friends.

        "Well, she was upset that you kissed... whoever it was that you kissed and I guess she wanted to get back at you..." Max shrugged again. "Either I used her or she used me but I幟 not really sure which it was and now it廣... she doesn廠 want to be with me for all the same reasons..."

        "How would she be getting back at me by being with you?" Tess furrowed her brow. " I don廠 even like you."

        "I know." Isabel chimed in. Both Max and Tess stared at her and waited for her to elaborate. "Let廣 just say I know Liz and I know my brother and I am just as afraid of Destiny. So let me do the talking and see if we can廠 fix some of this."


        "Liz?" Isabel hissed into the back row of the library. "Are you hiding here?"


        "Good. I was getting tired of looking for you." Isabel dropped her bag and sat next to Liz. Liz was sitting with her head resting on her knees, her hair cascading over the sides of her face like a curtain. "So... Max spilled the beans about Saturday night."

        "What?" Liz wearily raised her head.

        "The kissing." The tall blonde leaned back against the bookcase. "So... you like Max?"

        "Yes, I mean... I don廠 know... It wasn廠 like I planned to kiss Max at 9:32 Saturday night at the carnival when Tess was going to be back at any moment." Liz groaned. "Then I made out with Max at my house after he dropped everyone off."

        Isabel just sat and waited for Liz to continue.

        "It started in the Jeep when we were waiting for Tess so that we could go home. I had to kiss him. Then I told Tess that she couldn廠 spend the night anymore... Then Max came back and I just... I couldn廠 keep my hands off him." Liz thought out her next sentences very carefully. "I know that Max wants to be with Tess and that they廝e supposed to be together and I shouldn廠 even be involved."

        "That廣 a load of bull. My brother is so in deep for you. He told Tess that you guys were together Saturday night."

        "Why would he do that?"

        "Because he loves you and you obviously still love him."

        "But he廣 always checking out Tess." Liz protested and thought about all the times the three of them had been hanging out and his eyes were most definitely glued to whatever skin Tess had exposed.

        "And he廣 always checking you out. My brother is discovering hormones. He廣 in lust with Tess, not in love with her." Isabel pointed out. "So...Tess said, in front of Max, that she didn廠 like him."

        "Isabel... there廣 more to this and until I can figure it out... I can廠 talk about it."

        "More? As in... this kiss between Tess and someone who has remained unidentified to the rest of us?"

        "Well, yeah."

        "Well... who is it?" Isabel let a grin cross her face. "Just a warning, this guy had better be worth it because my brother is the best."

        "I can廠... tell anyone yet because I don廠 know what廣 going on. We kissed and I liked it a lot more than I should have." Liz groaned and buried her face in her hands. "I think I like this person."

        "So you like this person. Check it out, see if it廣 worth it... just don廠 let Max find out until you have your decision."


        "Max... I really don廠 know what to do. Liz says she still wants to be friends. I take that as a good sign but..." Tess trailed off and plopped down on a bench in the park.

        "This kiss thing... it廣 in the way?" he prompted and sat next to her.

        "Well, yeah. Problem is, while I don廠 know why I did it, I want to do it again. This is really bizarre because I影e never felt like this about anyone... at least not naturally." She leaned back and pulled her knees up so she could pick at the hole on her knee.

        "Let廣 straighten this out. If you decide not to be with this person, what will happen?" Max wasn廠 so sure he had his mind wrapped around this problem, then again... who was he to be giving advice?

        "Either Liz and I will still be friends or we won廠 be."

        "How廣 that?"

        "Complicated." Tess whispered and began studying the ants on the far side of the sidewalk.

        "Alright, then. If you decide to be with this person..." He trailed off leaving her an invitation to finish.

        "Then Liz and I will probably be okay. Thing is... I don廠 know why I幟 feeling this way." Tess grumbled and turned sideways, lying back on the bench, with her legs over Max廣 lap. "I don廠 know why I did it. It just felt right and I want to kiss... that someone again but..." She sighed. "You know, you廝e sexy as hell and I don廠 want you nearly as much as I want... someone."

        "Um... thanks?" Max cleared his throat. He was slightly uncomfortable with where her legs were and the way she was laying but he didn廠 say anything. Unsure as to where to put his hands, he rested his elbows on the back of the bench. "Does someone have a name?"

        "Not one that I can divulge without consent."

        "Okay. So Liz... she likes this guy too?" Max shifted carefully and tried not to look at her, because then he寮 have to look at her breasts and the way they seemed to want to escape that black V-neck. Suddenly, Max got the strange idea that this might be about him... but surely Isabel would have mentioned something more about it when they had the discussion about him kissing friends. Wait, though, Tess already said this guy was sexier than he was. "Does she?"

        "It廣 complicated." She shrugged, much to Max廣 vexation. "Really, really complicated."

        "Go for it. I mean, really, who could it hurt?" Max gently nudged her legs off his to stand. Tess turned her face away from him. 嬃ou.


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