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One More Time: Part 6

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Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive March 31, 2003

        Liz pulled her robe around her body and moved around the bathroom. She could hear someone moving around in her room. Judging from the length of time they were in there; it wasn't her mother. Assuming it was Tess, Liz grinned and opened the bathroom door. "Hey! You know, masturbating has gotten a lot more fun since the other night at your house."

        Liz stopped short when her eyes met with Max instead of Tess. Amusement lit up his amber eyes as she pulled robe tighter around her body and sat on the bed. Liz cleared her throat and reached for the lotion by her bedside. Max cleared his throat over hers. "Now, who were you expecting to be in here?"

        "Hi Max." She glared at him. "Nice of you to call or use the door."

        "Really, I'm not here to pick on you. I just wanted to talk." He whispered while keeping his eyes off her legs as she propped them up on the nightstand and lotion them down.

        "We've already had this talk." She sighed.

        "No. Actually we haven't. Because you won't talk to me and that's what this is about." Max locked eyes with her. When she nodded, he continued. "Now. We have fun together, but apparently only when there are like more than two people with us. We need to get past that."


        "Liz, listen. I'm not talking romantics here. We just need to feel comfortable around each other again. Can I at least be Urkel?" He pleaded with her.

        She laughed, trying to picture Max in thick glasses, chest-high high waters and orthopedic shoes. "Okay, alright."

        "And will you please stop doing what you did last weekend?" He eyed her carefully.

        "What did I do?" Liz bit her lip.

        "You know what you did. I was trying to be serious and you just let it fly out the window." Max took a deep breath. "I still mean what I said though. I've always thought that when I finally... made love to someone that... that someone would be you. That hasn't changed."

        "Fine." Liz lay back on the bed and spread her legs. "Let's get this over with."

        "Liz..." Max had to reach deep down inside for control. Slowly, he reached out and grasped her knees with his hands, eyes shut. He snapped her legs together. "Stop that. It wasn't funny last week and it isn't funny now."

        "Let me get dressed." She sat up. He didn't let go of her knees. "I'll need those to walk to the closet."

        "Couldn't you have put on underwear before doing that?" Max groaned and flopped backwards on the bed, eyes still closed.

        "Please, you didn't see anything." Liz scrambled off the bed.

        "What's this you were saying about masturbating?" He mumbled. There was no way he was going to get his mind off sex now.

        "That is actually none of your business." Liz threw a sweatshirt over her head and pulled on a pair of underwear and jeans. Then she pulled her robe out from under her clothes. "I'm dressed."

        "You can't say something like that and not have me be curious." Max sat up again to look at her. He knew she wasn't going to answer him. "I'm serious about being friends."

        "Okay. I'll stop being so..."

        "Crude?" Max raised an eyebrow at her.

        "That too."


        "Michael, do you get what I'm telling you?" Max stopped Michael's movement to grab a bag of chips. "She had just gotten out of the shower, all she was wearing was that damned robe. So when she spread 'em... I about lost it."

        "So she offered herself to you and you didn't take it. Pussy." Michael grabbed the bag of chips and the Tabasco and sat in front of the TV.

        "No, she was making fun of me. She knows how much that upsets me... and that's why she keeps doing it."

        "Why does it upset you, Oh Fearless One?"

        "Because my first time isn't going to be pity."


        "Shut up." Max glared at his friend and grabbed his jacket to leave the apartment. "Just because I need for it to be about love... it doesn't make me a pussy."


        "You are absolutely no help. Why do I keep coming to you with this stuff?" Max slammed the door behind him when he left.


        "Okay, so why is it that every time that I think about that book, the sensations come with pictures... not pictures, like movies." Liz sighed and sat down on Tess's bed.

        "I honestly don't know what you're talking about. All I see is text and pictures." Tess shook her head. "Maria doesn't feel that either."

        "Maybe... you know, I've always felt different after Max healed me... do you think that might have something to do with it?" Liz whispered.

        "It's possible. To my knowledge it's never been done."

        "Kyle!" Liz shouted outside of the room.


        Maria glanced up from her wet toenails. Isabel was still busy paining her own. "Isabel..."


        "Is it just me or... have we been seeing less and less of Liz lately?"

        "You're right." Isabel nodded to her feet. "She and Tess have been hanging out a lot more lately."

        "That doesn't bother you?"

        "No but it bothers you." Isabel quirked an eyebrow up at the smaller girl. "Just tell Liz something. They don't even realize they've got this secret club going. All three of them, they just don't know what to do anymore... so they just keep to themselves."

        "Three?" Maria sat up.

        "Max, Tess and Liz." Isabel tilted her head. "Don't tell me you haven't seen what all this is about."

        "Why don't you explain it to me, oh wise one?" Max leaned in the doorway.

        "Maybe I should, the three of you don't know what to do with yourselves." Isabel stuck her tongue out at him. "You've been taking my advice?"

        "Yes, yes and nothing is any clearer. I'm nice to Tess but I'm keeping my hands off. I'm... civil to Liz but she's not making it easy." Max sagged against the doorframe.

        "You can't go after a pair of friends, Max." Maria bit her lip. "Who knew Maxwell Evans was a player?"

        "I am not a player. In order to play, I'd have to be getting some. You tell Liz to keep her clothes on and she won't have to worry about me." Max pointed a finger at Maria.

        "Did she throw herself at you?" Maria couldn't help but laugh at that absurd notion.

        "No. Long story, never mind. I don't feel like telling it again." Max got to his feet and left them alone.

        "Trust me. That guy has major problems... I think he just needs to get laid." Isabel snickered.

        "Shut up Iz!" He called back into the room from outside his own room.


        Kyle reluctantly sat down after they told him what they were going to do. How could he say no? If what Liz was saying was true... no more dirty magazines. He'd have a head full of useful information for his fantasies. "So tell me in laymen's terms... what you're going to do."

        "Liz is going to make a connection and pass you the information." Tess whispered.

        "Have you done this before?" Kyle narrowed his eyes at her.

        "I can initiate a connection with Max and Tess and I should be able to with you." Liz turned to him with a hopeful look in her eyes.

        "Should... should... I don't like that word." He crossed his arms and waited for them to continue.

        "I can't make one with Maria but I can with Tess. Since you're like me... you know..." Liz shook her head from side to side. "I think we can do this. I just want to pass you the information and we'll see if you see it like I see it."


        "Cause I've passed it back to Tess and she still doesn't see it the way that I see it. I just have to know what the deal is."

        "Fine. Do it." Kyle nodded. "I should open myself up to new experiences. It's good for my karma. What do we do?"

        "Well. I'm going to put my hands on your face." Liz scooted closer to him. "Blank out your mind and reach out to me so you can receive. I'm going to reach out to you, sending. Got it?"

        "Yeah. Let's go." Kyle started to close his eyes but she stopped him.

        "No. Lock eyes with me and take deep breaths. I'm going to match my breathing to yours and this should work. Just be open like you said. I think that's kinda important."

        Liz felt a light buzz and followed it with her mind, sending Kyle what she could. Then it was gone. Kyle coughed and scratched his head, pulling away from her grasp.

        "What?" She asked.

        "That's weird. I felt dizzy for a minute. I don't know if it worked."

        "Okay. Page 321." Tess narrowed her eyes at Kyle and waited for his reaction.

        "Holy..." Kyle jawed dropped open and he raced out of the room. They watched him slam the bathroom door after him.

        "Well, it worked." Tess smirked at Liz. They both stood guard outside the bathroom. When the Sheriff came home, he took one look at them and stopped what he was doing.


        "Hi Sheriff." They chorused without turning.

        "Something going on?" He gestured to the door.

        "Just waiting for Kyle so we can ask him something." Liz shook her head. "We're fine, really."

        "Yeah, just waiting for him to come out." Tess barely turned.

        "Alright. If he takes too long just tell him I said to hurry up." The sheriff shook his head and disappeared into his own room.

        "Kyle?" Liz called, pressing an ear to the door. "Are you okay?"

        "What the hell was that?" Kyle called out to them.

        "What did you see?"

        "See? No. No. No. It's what I felt." Kyle hissed through the door. "Two chicks. It was nice but holy shit."

        Tess started snickering. Liz poked her in the side. "Do these chicks have names?"

        "They can be whoever I want and that's just fine with me. Now, leave me alone."

        "That's weird. I can't change my people." Liz whispered almost to herself.

        "I don't see people. Just pictures." Tess shook her head.

        "Weird. Really, really weird."

        "Who do you see?" Tess raised an eyebrow.

        "People..." Liz stalled but then caught Tess's eye. "Max..."

        "Oh. I see. So that's why you've been such a bitch with him lately."

        "Have not."

        "Have too. I say just get it over with. Do it with him. It'd make both of you a lot more pleasant." Tess shrugged.

        "Tess!" Liz's mouth dropped open. "Shut up."

        "I'm being completely serious. You're torturing all of us. It's so obvious that you still like him and it's no secret that he's in love with you."

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