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One More Time: Part 5

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Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive March 31, 2003

        Kyle stood in the doorway of his house and wished the ground would just swallow him up. There were four teenage girls all over his living room: his ex-girlfriend, his 'sister', his 'step-sister', and the Ice Princess. "Why are you all here?"

        "It's Tess's turn to host the weekly gab-fest." Maria smiled sweetly. "It was going to be at my house but... guess where your dad is."

        "You're stuck with us Valenti." Isabel droned on from her place on the couch. "My brother is doing a science experiment that is stinking up the whole house."

        "Liz?" Kyle pleaded.

        "My parents are having their anniversary tonight... so you're stuck with me all night." Liz blew him a kiss.

        "Okay. Okay." Kyle shook his head. "I can deal with this. I'm just going to my room to meditate. You." He pointed at Tess. "And you." He pointed at Isabel. "No-"

        "Bewitched crap in the house." Tess mocked him. "Okay. Fine. Go commune with Buddha."

        He glared at the whole bunch before storming off to his room, muttering about females and aliens the whole way. Liz and Tess rolled their eyes after him. Isabel stretched out on the couch and craned her neck to see the book that Maria was reading. "Oh my... Maria! Where did you get that?"

        "From my mom's room." Maria stuck out her tongue. "I'm thinking of surprising Michael with a couple of new techniques."

        "Let me see." Tess took the book away and picked a page. "Maria! This is a sex book."

        "Only the last 10 chapters. The first 5 are dedicated to kissing." Maria reached out to take the book back. Tess hopped over Liz and into the kitchen. Isabel watched as Tess rapidly turned pages and slid her fingers over the pages.

        "You're scanning, aren't you?" Isabel gasped.

        "So? I do it all the time. Don't I, Liz?" Tess shrugged and kept going.

        "All the time. I only wish I could do it. I'd be a brilliant scientist in nearly half the time." Liz shrugged. She was already used to all of Tess's 'cheating'.

        "Hey... maybe you could." Isabel sat up. The wheels in her head turning. "I mean, Liz, you get flashes. Max said that once he sent you stuff from inside his head... like on purpose."

        "Flashes?" Tess finished scanning the book and stepped back into the living room.

        "Yeah. That's how Max and I found the orb. When we were..." Liz ignored Maria and Isabel's smirks and continued. "Um... making out... I would see things from inside Max about the crash. After we found the orb... I would just see inside him. Once though... after he healed me, I found out he had seen inside me while dissolving the bullet. So he reversed the connection so I could see him."

        "It worked?"

        "Well, yeah but Max didn't know what it was that he showed me." Liz sighed. "So it's not reliable."

        "I happen to have more control that any of them." Tess caught the face that Isabel sent her and sent one back. "Let's see if we can transfer what I just scanned into your brain."


        Max and Michael sat and watched the cup boil over and ruin the desk. "I think you just got an F."

        "Me too." Max grumbled and went to clean up the desk. "What brings you by?"

        "Bored. It's another girls' night." Michael groaned. "Like they don't see each other all day."

        "Well at least they don't conspire to drive you crazy." Max sighed and put the chemicals away and tried to shoo the horrible smell out the window.

        "What makes you say that?" Michael made himself comfortable on Max's bed.

        "Liz drives me crazy just walking into a room. Tess... has this pull over me that makes me want to jump her, especially when she wears that black shirt with ... the V up front." Max looked to Michael who nodded. Many a Roswell man had fallen victim to the black V-neck. "Isabel is always telling me to leave them both alone and Maria... thinks I'm going to hurt Liz."

        "So which one are you really after?"

        "According to Isabel, neither one. I can't go after Tess because she'll choose her friendship with Liz over me. I can't go after Liz because she'll choose me and shoot her friendship with Tess to Hell. Isabel says that they need each other." Max kicked his trashcan. "I hate this."

        "You're in Hell and I don't envy you one damn bit."


        "Okay... you guys don't have to kiss for it to work... right?" Maria asked with a wary grimace.

        "No. Max did it that first time just by touching me." Liz took Tess's hands and put them on either side of her face. "Then he told me to relax and let my mind blank out. That's when he made the connection."

        Tess nodded and locked eyes with Liz. Their breathing came slow and regulated and finally at exactly the same time. Then it happened. Liz's mind was bombarded with images. It was working. She was learning what Tess had scanned in that book. After a moment, Liz was able to make out the images, clearer. Then it was over.

        "Did it work?" Tess whispered, letting go of Liz's face.

        "I think so... hold on. I gotta process this. Ask me something." Liz sat up and turned to Maria, who had the book in her hands.

        "Page 165."

        Liz's eyes went wide when the image popped up. She didn't know what Tess had done but in her mind it was very vivid. Max had Liz bent over at the waist, thrusting into her from behind. Thing was... Liz could almost feel it happening. "Wow. Um... Girl is bent over, guy standing behind her..."

        "Yeah." Maria nodded almost robotically. "Wow."

        "Um..." Isabel took the book from Maria and flipped through it. She grinned wickedly. "Page 243."

        The image came up. Tess was knelt between her legs, thrusting her tongue inside her. Liz started breathing fast from the sensations associated with the image.


        Liz took a big drink of her soda, hoping it would cool her off somewhat. It didn't work. "Well... Someone is going down on a girl."

        "Yeah. Wow. I guess it really did work." Isabel whispered and continued to flip through the book. "Oh. My. God. Page 321."

        Liz barely had time to register the images before the sensations took over her body. Her back arched, her eyes rolled back in her head and her breaths came out in long shudders. Wave after wave of pleasure rushed through her body.

        "What's wrong with her?" Maria jumped to her feet. She turned to Tess. "What did you do to her?"

        "I don't know." Tess knelt beside Liz. "Liz?"

        "Liz?" Isabel slid off the couch and reached out to touch Liz, then thought better of it. After a moment, Liz sat up and started taking deep breaths. "Liz? What happened?"

        "Page 321 is a lot of fun." Liz took a big gulp of her drink.

        "Liz. What happened?" Maria pressed.

        "Hold on." Liz got up and rushed to the bathroom. She splashed cold water on her face. She barely heard the door open.

        "What's your problem?" Kyle's voice made her yelp. "Sorry. Didn't mean to scare you."

        "It's ok. I'm just a little on edge right now." Liz dried her face with a towel.

        "What's going on? The girls are all standing outside waiting for you with this look that always means you guys are doing something you shouldn't." Kyle crossed his arms. "Isabel and Tess did that bewitched crap again, didn't they?"

        "Kinda." She raised her eyebrows. "I assure you. I was a willing participant."

        "So what'd they do? Why are they so freaked out?" He was starting to panic. The girls had looked pretty upset when he walked through.

        "Oh, well, tell them it's nothing they need to worry about. I'll come out when I've composed myself." She hoped he would just leave and relay the message.

        "Tell me... if they do it to me... I will be pissed."

        "No you wouldn't." The words were out of her mouth before she could stop them.

        "Why's that?" Kyle narrowed his eyes at her and waited.

        Liz shifted from foot to foot and leaned on the counter before giving in. "Because I just had an orgasm without anyone actually touching me."

        "You had an--" His speech dropped off and his jaw fell open. "What exactly are you guys doing up there?"

        "No. Nothing like that. Just tell them that I'm alright. I'm not hurt or anything. We'll explain it to you in a minute." Liz had to fight to keep a smile off her face.

        "I mean, because I would aid in anyway possible... having the right equipment and being ready is not a problem." Kyle said even as she pushed him out the bathroom door. He turned to the three anxious females. "You three have some explaining to do. First of all I said no alien crap in the house. Second, can I play? Third, what did I just ask to join in?"

        "Kyle. What's wrong with her?" Tess asked warily.

        "Nothing. She's doing fine. She's more than fine. She's recuperating." Kyle shook his head.

        "Kyle!" They all yelled.

        "Look, whatever you guys did... caused Miss Liz Parker to feel the extreme in physical gratification and I ask again. Can I play?" He watched confusion cross all their faces. He sighed then took a deep breath. "What exactly were you doing?"


        "So you just have to decide and make nice until you can verbally choose." Michael didn't take his eyes off the hockey game playing on the Evan's portable kitchen TV set. "Pick one already."

        "It's not that simple. I see Tess and I just want to kiss her like crazy, you know."

        "So do it."

        "It's not that simple, Michael. I just don't want to kiss. If you had asked me a couple of months ago.. I would have said that I wanted to..." Max trailed off.


        "Fuck her." Max finally whispered.

        "Whoa. Did you just say what I thought you said?" Michael whipped his head around. "You've never used that word... like ever." He stared at his friend. Max kept staring at the kitchen counter with a look of utter confusion on his face. "If that's what you would have said a couple of months ago... how about now?"

        "I don't know. Now, she's my friend. I shouldn't see her this way but I do. I do and it scares me..."

        "What about Liz?"

        "That's the part that scares me. I know I love Liz. I always have. I've always envisioned that Liz and I would take that step together. When we were finally ready that our first time making love would be together." Max turned to look at his friend. "I am so totally lost here, Michael. I don't know what to do."

        "Or who to do." Michael commented and turned back to the TV.

        "You're not helping."


        "Okay. You scanned a book about sex into your head." Kyle pointed at Tess. "Then you transferred the information into Liz's head." He turned to Maria and Isabel. "You two brought up page numbers to see if she knew what was on them... as a test." Kyle ran a hand over his face. "Okay. So how does Liz having an orgasm fit into this?"

        "Okay. I think I can answer that now." Liz brushed her hair out of her face and walked into the room. "When I see the images... I also feel the processes involved, I think that causes my body to respond as if I was being touched as the subject in the pictures."

        "Wow. Tess, do me next." Maria jumped up.


        "Liz, are you really okay?" Tess whispered in the dark. The three of them were laying in the living room. Kyle was snoring so Tess figured he was asleep.

        "Yeah, I'm fine... can I ask you a question?" Liz turned in her sleeping bag.

        "Sure." Tess squinted to make out Liz's form in the dark living room.

        "Do you use... like mnemonic devices to help your memory?"

        "Sometimes... why?"

        "Because when I would see those images from that book... I would see myself as the female and someone else as the male... and sometimes female... depending on which page." Liz had thought about it all evening. Half of her hoped that Tess had done it as a way to remember and the other half hoped it was for another reason.

        "I... No. I mean, I didn't use anything like that for the book. Why? What happened? I got the feeling that you weren't telling us everything." Tess scooted closer so she could hear Liz's soft voice.

        "Did you see anything of me when we connected earlier?"

        "Yes but no biggie. Just images."

        "You mean, you don't get impressions like Max does?" Liz found herself feeling bad for Tess. That was the part she loved the most about their connections. She could have lived without the images if only to hold onto the impressions. Feelings and thoughts about events in each other's life. It was truly awesome.

        "I do, but I've never done a connection like that before. I sometimes get memories of my past life. I get impressions off those but really nothing else."

        "Can we try again? This time I'll be the one to project... or at least try." Liz took a deep breath. "I think I really need you to know what it was that I felt and saw."

        Scooting closer together, Liz reached out and guided Tess's hands to her face. They repeated their actions from earlier and made the connection. It was over in an instant. "Liz?"

        "Did you see? Or feel?" She felt anxious waiting for her friend's reply.

        "No. Just the text that I sent to you earlier." Tess shook her head slowly.

        Liz felt oddly disappointed by that. She just nodded and snuggled into her sleeping bag to attempt sleep. "Okay, then. Night."

        "Night." Tess whispered, closed her eyes and pulled her own bag around her shoulders. She just wished she knew what Liz was talking about. If it was anything that Tess was jealous of Max for, it was the extreme and utter closeness he shared with Liz. No one seemed to be able to touch her like he could... and vice versa... and yet no one had ever touched Tess like Liz had. Surely, that alone was something to be jealous about.

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