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One More Time: Part 2

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Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive March 31, 2003

        Tess let Mrs. Parker lead her back to Liz's room. It was the weekly female bonding session. Location depended on whose parents were willing to put up with four teenage girls that never stopped talking. Tess made herself at home, sprawling out on the bed with the magazine laying by the pillow.

        "Hey." Liz breezed out of the bathroom in her robe and began gathering her clothes to get dressed.

        "Where is everyone?" Tess muttered, flipping through the old magazine in absolute boredom.

        "Isabel's grounded." Liz answered as she pulled on her clothes, careful to be out of view from the window. Max had been popping over at the most inopportune moments... for her. If one happened to be an undersexed, horny teenage boy, it was the perfect time to pop in.

        "School's been out for an hour and twenty-two minutes. How is she already grounded?" Tess groaned.

        "Max told me that she forgot to tell him to cover for her." Liz shrugged. "So when his mom asked him where Isabel was last night... He told the truth. Their parents so do not like Grant."

        "That covers Isabel, so where's Maria?" Tess glanced up and blushed when she noted Liz's state of undress.

        "I don't know. I know she's not working..." Liz stopped midway to the closet. She stood there in just her bra and panties with a look of disgust on her face.

        "What?" Tess had to force herself to breathe.

        "Michael's not working tonight either. She blew us off for a guy. I do not believe it." Liz ripped a shirt off a hanger and stared at it before tossing it aside. Tess just watched her rant and toss clothes aside. "She knows that's something you just don't do. I've never done that to her. Okay, maybe once but she was already working that night."

        As Tess watched Liz, she stopped blushing. Watching Liz was beautiful. The way she moved, even while angry, was graceful. While normally Tess never had a problem with nudity, Liz being practically naked across the room was... a problem. She forced her eyes away and to the window, where Max was hopping over the balcony.

        "Where are we even going? I don't know what I'm going to wear." Liz finally stopped ranting long enough to remember they were supposed to do something.

        "You have about five seconds to decide. Max is headed over." She sat up, blue eyes wide.

        "What?!" Liz began yanking on a pair of jeans, but the harder she tried to get them on, the harder it was to pull them on. "Do something. Don't let him come in."

        "What do you want me to do?"

        "Something! I don't care what." She finally managed to zip up the jeans and began the search for a blouse.

        "Hey Tess." Max called in and just as he would have gotten a view of Liz topless, he stopped. Tess had opened her blouse suddenly and flashed him. Max was so shocked that he stumbled backward and flipped over the lounge chair.

        "I can't believe you just did that." Liz pushed her arms through the sleeves before she was wracked with uncontrollable laughter.

        "Me either." Tess held her shirt closed and joined her in laughter. "Look." She pointed to where Max was still struggling to untangle himself from the lounge chair. Liz took one look and collapsed, laughing so hard that she ceased to make sound.

        Max stood up and tried to look cool. Both girls were rolling on the floor, shirts hanging open, gasping for air between fits of laughter. Liz sat up and looked at Tess. "Imagine if you hadn't worn a bra today."

        That sent them both into more fits of laughter and made Max turn bright red. He turned around and called over his shoulder. "Can the two of you put your shirts on? Please?"

        Liz pulled herself together and buttoned up her shirt. "You know, Max... this is what you get for popping over unannounced."

        "I get the point. I'll call next time." He knew he had to get his body under control fast.

        "Or use the front door. That's always an option." She countered.

        "Or you could start using the shade." He tossed right back.

        "Well if someone didn't insist on just showing up whenever he felt like it, then we wouldn't have this problem." Liz pulled her hair back, while Tess tried to straighten out her own clothes and hair. "How's Kenny?"

        "Hold on. I can't talk about Betty and Veronica but you can talk about Kenny? That doesn't seem fair to me." Max cursed himself for telling her as much as he did while they were dating.

        "I'm lost. Who are Betty, Veronica and Kenny?" Tess pulled herself out onto the roof after Liz. She watched the two of them run their eyes over each other.

        "Friends." Liz raised an eyebrow at Max, daring him to elaborate. "We're going to... where are we going Tess?"

        "We never decided."

        "Wherever it is we go. You want to go?" Liz asked him.

        "Sure. I'm not busy." Max righted the lounge chair just for an excuse to tear his eyes away from where they had been fixed on her chest. "What's the plan?"

        "Tess?" Liz asked. "Movie? Shopping?"

        "New club downtown." Tess suggested.

        "Hello. We're all seventeen." Liz pointed out. "How are we going to get in?"

        "IDs please." Tess pulled hers out and waited for Max and Liz to retrieve theirs. She waved her hand over the driver's licenses, making them all 20. "We want in but I don't want to drink."

        "Me either." Liz took hers back.

        "I don't have much of a choice and I take it that I'm driving?" Max took his back. "Tess, I don't have a mustache."

        "Just to make you look older. We just want in." She pressed. Tess held up her hands. "Are we going or not?"

        "Tess, this says I'm from Arkansas." Liz laughed.

        "Well... it also says you're 20. Are we going or not?" She repeated her question. Liz bit her lip and exchanged a glance with Max. He shrugged.

        "If Max is up to it." Liz finally conceded.

        "Hey, I'm just a driver." Max crossed his arms.

        "Then we're going." Tess nodded triumphantly. "We do have time though."

        "Then we gotta plan our stories. If we don't have a back-up plan then we get caught. Simple as that." Liz sat on a blanket. "Happened every time Kyle and I got caught, there was no back-up plan."

        "I'm covered. Michael will always back me up." Max knelt beside her. Tess plopped down beside them.

        "Well, the Sheriff likes to treat me like a little girl but... if Ižm not there at night, he figures I'm with one of you." She explained. "And I'm sure Kyle will take care of it if Jim asks."

        "Which leaves me. Maria probably won't back me up because she'd never approve of fake IDs. Isabel's out. Damn her and her... Grant." Liz sighed. "Alex. I'll say I'm at Alex's."

        "Alex will never go for that and you know it." Max chided her. "The three of us are going bowling tonight."

        "What?" The two girls stared at him like he was crazy.

        "Tell them we're going bowling or playing pool." What he said made sense. It might actually work.

        "I can't believe that I am planning to deceive my parents just because I'm bored and crazy enough to listen to Tess." Liz giggled. "Why are you going, Max? You hate to dance."

        "I can't let the two of you go alone. What kind of friend would I be?" He pretended that was the only reason. He knew what was coming next. Isabel had pulled it enough times for him to know.

        "You're gonna have to put the canvas on the Jeep. I can't leave the house dressed to go dancing." Liz exchanged a look with Tess that told her Tess would have the same problem.

        "Just make sure we don't look too bulky when we leave here." Tess sighed.

        "Not a problem. I got an outfit that fits in my purse." Liz grinned.

        Max swallowed the sudden lump in his throat. This would be an interesting night. He would just have to pray that Kenny behaved himself.

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