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Max Found Out: Tess

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Posted to the Roswell Slash list September 19,2000


I had gone through the window and found her at her desk, sorting through her mail. She knew I was there. She just threw her legs up on the desk and stared at me, drinking in the sight of me all out of breath from the climb up.

I couldn't stop myself, I rushed forward and kissed her. It had been so long since that morning in the back stall. As I tasted her mouth, I knew I wanted to taste more. I pulled away and took one beautiful leg from the desk.

I knelt in front of her and brushed my hand over her underwear, obliterating them. I looked up and her eyes were begging me to. I lifted her skirt and bent my head to taste her.

One taste and I was addicted. No way could I have stopped... even after I felt him nearby.

My whole life, I wanted him. I think sometimes I still do. I could feel him the moment I set foot in this town. She didn't want me to stop, so I didn't.

We were in the middle of things after all.

She loves him, she still does. I have no clue if it's as much as I love him... or even as much as I love her. Max can put a force on you.

We really didn't know he was there. I knew he was near but I didn't know he was there. She gave him up. He shouldn't have been there. Liz is mine.

She screamed as she came, flooding my mouth with even more of her wonderful taste. Then I was flying. I hit the wall.

When I shook my head clear, there he was, kneeling before my beloved. It hit us both at the same time. Her wide eyes met mine and we could feel him looking at both of us.

I wiped my mouth and his jaw dropped. It hit me. He had thought I was hurting her. I could never hurt her. It took me months to convince her there was something between us that didn't involve him. I couldn't hurt her. Looking at her with him burned me up... because he had her and I didn't.

Liz helped him to the bed. I barely heard anything until he asked. "How long?"

So I told him the truth. "Since that day you guys were following me around. You had Liz follow me into the girls' bathroom."

"Nothing's ever happened before tonight." Liz is such a bad liar. That morning we made out, it was heavy. I think something happened that morning. I realized it was to make him feel better but he and I both knew she was lying.

That look in his face will haunt me for days to come. Beaten, defeated. He left.

I held her as we cried. We didn't want to hurt him. We loved him... just not as much as we loved each other. He wasn't supposed to know. He was supposed to fulfill his destiny with me as planned and in the meantime I was going to love her.

I looked into her eyes and I could see the wheels turning. She knew that everyone would know about us within a couple of days. I shook my head at her.

"We can't run away. I've spent my entire life running away. I won't do it anymore." I kissed her lips softly. "We'll make it."

I hope she believed me. It was a lie. More of a promise, really. What else could I tell her?

Our need for each other grew. So we loved each other like he had never interrupted our reunion. I finished my job on her, then she returned the favor, turning me to a pool of liquid desire. A silly thought popped into my head. Had she ever done this for Max?

So I get a little jealous. They are soulmates. There is no denying that. I am his destiny. We cannot compete for his affection. He belongs to us in separate ways, just like we belong to each other in a completely different way.

I love her.

There's no getting around that. Not like I want to. Max Evans and Liz Parker is true love. Max Evans and Tess Harding is destiny. Liz Parker and Tess Harding is perfection.


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