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Max Found Out: Max

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Posted to the Roswell Slash list September 19,2000


When I walked in, I thought she was sitting in an odd position. One beautiful leg up on the desk, the other beautiful leg flung out to the side. All thoughts of why I had gone over and walked through the door flew from my head. I had the sudden urge to be inside her. Buried deep inside her, making her moan and scream my name.

Then I realized... she WAS moaning.

My first reaction was to be even more turned on at those noises she was making, by the way her head rolled against the back of the chair. The second was to whisper her name. "Liz?"

Confusion washed over me when she didn't even acknowledge my presence... like that was a big difference from the late norm. "Liz?"

She screamed.

I didn't think. I just rushed around and shoved the person kneeling before against the wall. Who ever it was had hurt her. I looked her over for injuries.

Liz had the slightest smile on her face, her eyes closed. I couldn't see anything wrong with her. Her eyes just barely opened, focusing on my face. Then her eyes went wide and shot past me to... Tess?!

Tess was hurting Liz!

No, as I continued to glance between them, the smell hit my nose. Very familiar, Liz's smell. Not her Vanilla perfume or her strawberry bubble bath. It was a smell that was all Liz. I've made her smell like that before.


Tess wiped at her mouth. Her glistening mouth. No. I felt the air whoosh out of my body. I couldn't believe it. I didn't want to. It was all before my eyes but I couldn't accept it. Liz was MINE. IS mine. She loves ME.

I was falling. Liz moved me to the bed. I couldn't grasp at any emotion, they all flew by me too fast. I barely heard my own words.

"Why? I thought you loved me." I don't know who I aimed the question at but Liz tried to answer.

"Max..." Oh my name on her lips used to be so sweeet. She couldn't tell me. I watched her jaw work up and down soundlessly until... "I'm sorry."

That made me angry. I just was. "How long?"

The way they looked at each other for support, communicating with just their eyes right under my own. It just fed my fury until Tess spoke.

"Since that day you guys were following me around." She whispered, like she had any right to address me. "You had Liz follow me into the girls' bathroom."

My mind reeled.

"Nothing's ever happened before tonight." That had to be a lie. I just know it did. She was gone all summer. They must have had something to look forward to when she got gack.

I stood and left. I couldn't take it anymore.

I went back later, after wandering Roswell for hours. I had calmed down. I could talk about it. So I went back and it broke my heart, shattered it when I saw them in bed together.

Tess, the woman I hated more than life itself, was finger-fucking Liz, the only woman I could never live without. She was touching and kissing everything I once had and enjoying it every bit as much as I had.

What absolutely killed me was the way Liz enjoyed it. I had never made her scream the way Tess did. I stopped watching when Liz went down on Tess. I couldn't watch that beautiful mouth drive someone else crazy the way she had me on several occaisions.

So I went home and cried on Isabel's shoulder.

How could things have gone so wrong?


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