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House of Exile, Part One

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Posted to the Roswell Slash list September 4,2000

Author: DMartinez
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Katims, Metz and the WB. No infringement is intended. Rating: PG-13
Summary: In the House Of Exile people are forced to rely only on each other for what's important. Friendship.

Max Evans squinted his eyes at the clock on the side of the coffee maker as he poured himself a cup. The bitter taste filled his mouth and he was awake. Well, awake enough to hunt for the sugar and Tabasco. He heard the soft footsteps and turned. Liz Parker buttoned up her lover's shirt as she walked into the kitchen.

"So you decided to stay last night?" Max grinned, his voice startling her.

"Oh! You scared me Max." Liz's head snapped up. "I woke up by myself. I didn't think you'd be awake already."

"Well, considering how late I went to bed... I'm surprised I'm functioning... especially with the split eardrums." He teased her.

"Well, my ears were met with some pretty harsh sounds last night as well." Liz hopped up on the counter. Grinning, he leaned on the counter next to her.

"Yeah, well, I do try."

"Uh huh... so... have you talked to *anyone*?" Liz whispered.

"Isabel's still not speaking to me." Max hung his head. Liz wrapped her arms around him. "Neither is Dad... Mom calls me when she can. She doesn't want them to know she's still talking to me."

"I'm sorry Max." She kissed his forehead. "Not talking to me either."

"Sorry Liz." Max pulled away a little and planted a sweet kiss on her lips.

"Hey! You want to get your lips off my girl." Michael Guerin strolled into the kitchen already dressed for work at the local high school.

"Whatever you say man." Max backed away. Michael replaced Max in his position in front of Liz.

"Good morning." He kissed her gently.

"Good morning." She wrapped her arms around his shoulders. "How'd you sleep?"

"Like a baby." He growled and slid his hands up her legs, spreading them, so he could stand between them.

"Yeah? That's good cause I did too." She kissed him deeply. His hands ran under his shirt to feel her soft skin.

"Excuse me. I'm still here." Max waved his coffee cup around. It was a little annoying the way they blocked everything else out once they got going.

"Go get your own." Michael groaned and pulled his hands away.

"That can be arranged." An arm slipped across Max's chest.

"You up to it Valenti?" Max smirked. Kyle Valenti turned his lover around and engaged him in a deep kiss.

"Some of us are about to eat... so... cut it out." Michael spoke loudly.

"You cut it out Michael." Liz hopped off the counter and opened the fridge.

"I'm sorry but I'm still getting used to this."

"They're you're housemates... have been... so deal with it." Liz handed him the eggs, peppers and ham. "Make me an omelet."

"It's just... one's my best friend and the other was my mortal enemy." Michael sighed.

"How do you think I feel? They're both my exes. Both of their tongues have been in my mouth, their hands up my blouse..." Michael cut her off with his mouth.

"You don't have to worry about that now. I'm not going to join them." Michael rolled his eyes when he turned and the two men were still going at it. Finally, they broke apart.

"Okay, coffee and toothpaste don't mix." Max grimaced at the after taste in his mouth.

"Morning Parker... Guerin finally get you into bed?" Kyle smirked at them.

"Well it's something that you were never able to do." Liz shot back at him. She was chopping up the ingredients for Michael.

"Yeah man, missed out." Michael watched his girl blush. He cracked the eggs into a pan. Then lifted a finger in Max's general direction. "Maxwell, shut up. I don't want to hear it."

"Don't worry baby, he doesn't have anything on you." Liz reassured him with a kiss on the nose. "Hey make enough for everyone."

"If they want eggs they can make their own." Michael glanced at her. "You want to go get dressed?"

"Nope. I am perfectly comfortable and I don't have class until later today." Liz sat herself at the table to read the paper that Kyle had brought in.

"Max, don't you have that hearing in like two hours?" Kyle poured himself a cup of coffee.

"Shit! You're right. I'm gonna get dressed now." Max swallowed down the rest of his coffee and ran from the room.

"Okay. I saw it." Kyle sat next to Liz at the table. "When is it going down?"

Liz flashed a smile at Michael. "I was thinking August. Michael?"

"We'll do this however you want to. If you left it up to me, I'd drive us down to city hall after work today." Michael shrugged.

"Fancy ring, Guerin. No one's going to believe you could afford that on a teacher's salary." Kyle picked up Liz's hand to examine the rock.

"That's cause I made it. I did the Superman thing with a lump of coal." Liz laughed.

"We might as well go to the JP, Michael. How many of our friends will be there if we had a wedding?" She sighed and got serious. "My dad thinks you're great but my mom hates you. Alex isn't speaking to us because Isabel isn't speaking to Max and we still are. Tess is pissed... not that we'd want her there but I'm just making a point."

"How about I get all the paperwork together? Then when you've told everyone that you think will come, we'll set a date to go to that little chapel on the reservation." Michael set her plate in front of her.

"It sounds nice." Liz kissed him softly.

"What sounds nice?" Max walked in putting on his tie.

"Our ex-girlfriend is all grown up and getting married." Kyle wiped a fake tear from his eye.

"Really? Congratulations guys." Max smiled at the couple.

"Okay. I'll make the guest list. Max, Kyle, Mom, Dad. I'm done." Liz picked up her fork to eat. "Oh and Jose, Milton... is that okay Max?"

"Sure, I still talk to him. He likes you. How about Agnes?"

"I'll pray she dies first." Liz made a face. "Kyle... how about your dad?"

"What dad? I don't have a dad. I'm an orphan." Kyle got up and left the room.


Max flopped onto his bed facedown.

"How'd the hearing go?"

Max tugged at his tie holding it up over his head like a noose.

"It wasn't that bad, right?" Kyle settled next to him.

"It was worse." Max leaned on his elbows so he could see Kyle. "He's not getting a trial."

"Poor kid." Kyle laid back. "On to lighter subjects. Lizzie."

"She's happy. He's the one that makes her happy." Max rolled onto his side.

"That's not what I'm talking about. I'll be specific. You and Liz." Kyle's blue eyes held something that Max had glimpsed at before but had never stayed long enough to be defined.

"What about me and Liz?"

"Do you still like... love her?"

"Of course I do." Max said immediately then realized it was the wrong thing to say. "Liz and I as a couple are long over. You of all people should know that. We're best friends."

"With carnal knowledge of each other."

"True..." He drifted off. "Not like I miss those days, Kyle. Michael's good for her. I'm happy for them." He reached out and took Kyle's hand. "I'm happy with you."


"I'm just not comfortable with it Liz." Michael buttoned up her shirt for her.

"Why not? It's not like we're in love anymore." Liz protested.

"Him kissing you just makes me a little... crazy."

"It's harmless. I was with Max for three years. Those kind of habits are hard to break." Liz sighed. "I'll talk to him. We'll cut it out, I promise."

"Thank you. Now... are you leaving like that?" He pointed to her mussed hair.

"I'll fix it when I get home." Liz slipped on her shoes and ran out the door. "Call me later!"

She opened the front door only to run straight into Philip Evans. "Good Evening, Liz. I assume Max is in."

"Yeah, I think he just got home. Come in?" Liz backed out of the doorway.

"I'm glad to see he came to his senses." The older man nodded at her rumpled appearance.

"Uh, no. I was here to see Michael. Have a seat and I'll see if Max is home." Liz raced to the other end of the house. She lightly knocked on the door. No answer. She opened the door slowly and was relieved to see most of the clothes were still on. She slipped inside. "Max."

"What?" He jumped to his feet.

"Sorry... your dad is here." Liz watched the shock cross his face. "He's in the living room. I literally ran into him on my way out."

"Tell him I'll be right there." Max slumped over for a moment then straightened his clothes. "What kind of mood?"

"Well, he thought you had come to your senses when he saw me." Liz pursed her lips. "At least he's making an effort to talk to you Max. Kyle... I'd stay here if I were you."

Kyle nodded. Max followed her out to the living room. Liz stood there with them for a minute. "I have to go. Bye Max, bye Mr. Evans."

"Bye Liz." Max nodded. It was silent for five minutes after the door shut signaling Liz's departure from the house. "How have you been?"

"Your mother's going crazy."

"That's because you and Isabel won't let her talk to me."

"Don't pin this on us." Philip raised his voice.

"You made it clear you didn't want me in your house... why should I let you into mine?" Max countered. "Why did you come here?"

"Isabel is getting married." His father finally said.

"Why didn't she tell me herself?"

"You know why."

"Fine. Tell her I said congratulations. To both her and Alex." Max took a deep breath. "Let me guess... I'm not invited to her wedding."

"I just thought you should know." Both men nodded then they realized someone else was in the room.

"I'm not interrupting anything am I?" Michael stood in the living room entrance.

"He's not the new..." Philip trailed off.

"No, I'm not your son's new boyfriend. Max is still with Kyle." Michael crossed his arms. "I'm Liz's fiancé."

"Oh really. How interesting. I should be going." The older man got up and walked out of the house without another word to anyone.


"No, Alex." Isabel reclined in her chair, signaling the end of the matter.

"So, Liz and Michael can't come because they're still being friends with Max. That's real mature Iz." Alex added them to the guest list anyway. "They'll sit on my side. They'll be my friends... all four of them."

"What? I said no."

"This is my wedding too. I may not have been a very good friend to them over the past two years but no more. This is my big day too and I want them to be there."

"He's right honey." Diane Evans whispered.

"No." Isabel insisted.

"Elizabeth Parker, Michael Guerin, Max Evans and Kyle Valenti are all now on the groom's guest list. I'm pulling them out of Exile." Alex wrote out the invitations himself. "I'm going to hand deliver them so they get them."

Ring. Ring.

"Hello." Isabel answered the phone with a huff. She listened for a minute then hung up the phone.

"Who was it honey?" Mrs. Evans asked softly.

"It was Max. Said congratulations." She set her jaw. "How did he know?"

"Your father. He went to tell him today, sweetie."


Liz and Max stepped into the Crashdown and headed over to the counter. Jeff smiled and hurried over to meet them. "Hey there. I haven't seen you guys in a long time. Where's Michael?"

"He's parking the truck." Liz smiled then got serious. "Is Mom here?"

"Yeah, she's upstairs. What's wrong?"

"Nothing. We just have something to tell you guys." Liz turned when the chimes marked Michael's entrance. "Let's go upstairs and talk."

Max watched the three of them disappear into the back of the restaurant. He sipped his cherry coke and waited. Kyle was supposed to meet them soon. He continued to stare at the diamond window on the employee door until a voice broke his trance.

"Surprised to see you in public."

"Alex. How's it going?"

"Same old. You?"

"Fine, just fine." Neither person looked at each other. That way they could honestly say they hadn't seen each other.


"He'll be here soon."

"Good. That's good."

"Liz? Michael?"

"They're upstairs right now."

"Oh. Thanks for the warning." Alex sighed. "It serious?"

"As serious as it gets."

"Hey geek." Kyle walked up behind them.

"Hey Jock." Alex gave him a small smile.

"They still up there?" Kyle looked over Max's head at the window.

"No bodies have been thrown down the stairs yet. I think that's a good sign." Max laughed nervously.

"What's going on?" Alex got really curious.

"Michael's talking to the parents about his intentions regarding their daughter." Kyle smirked and took a gulp of Max's coke.

"What?" Alex tilted his head at his former best friends.

"It's not our place to tell." Max glanced back at the window. Liz was standing on the staircase moving her hands around wildly. Michael was trying to pull her away from whomever she was talking to. Then Liz spun around and pushed past Michael into the main dining room. Kyle caught her in a hug. Max watched Michael pointing up the staircase, talking quietly. Michael joined them in the dining room.

"Babe. It'll be fine." Michael pulled Liz into his arms. She was quietly sobbing. "We'll do it like I said. We'll drive out to the Reservation with Max and Kyle as witnesses. I'll buy you the dress you want, I'll even get a tux. We'll go down to the studio and get our pictures taken. We'll work everything out. I promise."

"You guys are getting married?" Alex spoke up. It wasn't until that moment that Michael and Liz realized he was there. Alex was confused. He just thought they were having some sort of fling, he didn't think it was in any way serious. "When was I going to find out? When the limo rolled by my house with the just married sign?"

"Whitman..." Michael started.

"No, Michael. Let me." Liz wiped at her eyes and turned to face Alex. "Michael asked me to marry him last week. Kyle saw the ring and found out. He told Max. We're here to tell my parents. My dad is happy, my mother hates me. After she knew then we were going to tell people. Now you know."

"Well, then... congratulations. I wish you both the best." Alex smiled to show he'd been joking.


"Chili." Kyle chucked the can down the aisle at Max, who caught it and tossed it into the basket.

"You two have got to be the weirdest gay couple on the planet." Michael shook his head. He had his arms wrapped around Liz as they made their way down the aisle.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Max tossed him a look.

"I mean, which one of you is the chick?" Michael shrugged. Liz started laughing.

"I think the point is neither one of them is a chick." She nuzzled his neck.

"What is with your man? It's been like three years and still... still he's not used to us." Kyle tossed more cans and boxes into the basket.

"Don't worry, he'll be before we all die." Liz pulled him down the aisle and into the next coming face to face with Sheriff and Amy Valenti. "Hi... Sheriff."

"Afternoon, Ms. Parker."

"It's uh... Mrs. Guerin now." Liz whispered, stealing a glance at Amy. The woman didn't look at her.

"Congratulations. I uh... didn't get an invitation." Valenti smiled.

"It was a small ceremony. Just us, Dad, Max and Kyle." Liz hurriedly rushed through. "We... we're having announcements made to send out. You know, with pictures of us..."

"How is he?" Jim stared down at his boots.

"He's still angry." Her voice got even softer.

"He's in the next aisle." Michael added.

"I've tried to talk to him. I have." Jim sighed. "I know I made a mistake. Will you tell him I said so?"

"Why don't you tell him yourself?" Max's voice floated over. "He's two aisles down now."

"I would if he'd speak to me. You've accepted my apology." Jim turned to his son's lover.

"He doesn't know that he can trust you. You didn't listen to him, you didn't want to hear what he had to say." Max turned to follow the path his lover had taken.


Liz held Kyle in his bed. He'd gotten upset and Max was out of town. It was just after midnight, it was the anniversary of the first day things went to hell.

"Why does he stay with me?" Kyle whispered. "He could have any girl, any guy he wanted. He could have a normal life."

"No, he couldn't have a normal life. Not with you, not without you." Liz stroked his head. "He loves you."

"Because of me... he's not allowed in his childhood home. His dad doesn't speak to him. His sister doesn't acknowledge him... not even when he congratulated her on getting engaged to Alex."

"What about you? You don't talk to your dad. He misses you."

"Come on. He doesn't. You heard him, you were there. If it wasn't me that did it... it was Max. That's the way he feels. He won't listen to me."

"He told Max he was sorry."

"He hasn't told me."

"Because you won't talk to him."


"Tess, no! I will not have her at my wedding." Alex yelled.

"I won't have those men there at MY wedding. If they come then she comes." Isabel yelled right back. "And as for those traitors... I won't have them there either."

"You are out of control. Mr. and Mrs. Guerin are coming. Michael and Liz have done nothing wrong!"

"They forgot about HER!"


"Figures that Iz would choose today for her big day." Max crossed his arms and waited impatiently for Kyle to get dressed.

"Liz said she's trying to make a point." Kyle shrugged and adjusted his tie.

"Why can't she understand? Why doesn't she believe?" Max slammed his hand on the dresser. Kyle shot up off the bed.

"Hey! Calm down. You gotta let her have time to let things settle." Kyle rubbed Max's arms.

"Three years isn't enough time?" Max nearly crumpled into tears. He let Kyle hold him as he sank to the ground.

"It's alright. We'll go and watch her get married. I know you. I know you and if you let her get married without you there... you'll kill yourself." Kyle stroked his lover's hair. "You already gave Alex your blessing. That meant alot to him."

"I miss her."

"Yeah, I know. You know she'll kill herself later for not inviting you. Who knew Whitman had the balls to stand up to her?" They both laughed.


"Would you settle down?" Michael groaned as Liz paced their bedroom.

"I'm nervous is all. Everyone's going to be there." Liz wrung her hands. "Alex said that Tess is going to be there."

"You're kidding." Michael's eyes widened. "Do Max and Kyle know?"

"I don't know." Liz froze. "Should we warn them?"

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