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Beloved Unloved 8: Just Desserts

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Added to the Roswell Slash Archive June 30, 2002

Author: DMartinez
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Metz, Katims and UPN. No infringement intended.
Summary: Michael finds out what happends when you aren't truthful. As always Michael POV.
Rating: R/NC-17ish

        I was asleep when he came in but he woke me up... in the best possible way. Max just knows exactly what to do with his mouth and my cock. I swear.

        I came home and showered last night. I had to get her smell off me. I must have slept most of the morning. Whe I opened my eyes to see his smiling face, I was nearly blinded by the sun coming through the window behind his head.

        I wasn't going to tell him. I was just going to let it be. I love Max too much to tell him.

        We fool around for the rest of the morning but I could kinda tell something was bothering him. "What's up?"

        "Nothing." He says and lays back on the bed beside me. He stares up at the ceiling and I wait. He'll tell me. One thing Max isn't afraid of is to tell me how he feels... I wish I was like that. "Why... nevermind."

        "What?" I have to ask. He's starting to act weird.

        "The other night..." Oh boy here it comes and I don't know if I'm ready to talk about it. We did it. I liked the way it felt but it was still weird and I can't tell him that. "Was it okay for you? I mean, I... I liked it but... did you?"

        I don't say anything for awhile and he keeps talking.

        "I don't even know if it feels good to... receive. And you didn't even hint that you wanted to..." Max sputters as he talks.

        "Max. It was fine. I... felt really good... after awhile." I had to tell him the truth about that. I didn't hint at wanting to make love to Max. I do... someday.

        "So it's not because you didn't want to?" What? I swear, Max could be a girl sometimes.

        "Max, you're hot. You know it. Get over yourself." I tell him. "When you're ready for it, I'll be right there waiting." I pull him against me and hold him. When I started this thing, I don't know what I was expecting. I just wanted to kiss Max and now look where we are. I could almost forget what I did for a minute. Almost.

        Liz comes in, stripping out of her uniform to join our half-naked bodies on the bed. She kisses each of us in turn. "You guys are such bums. I've been working my ass off all morning and I doubt the two of you have even bothered to shower."

        "In my defense, I showered last night and was rudely awakened and then not allowed out of bed." I protest.

        "Guilty." Max pulls her down between us.

        "Ugh." Liz squirms, trying to get comfortable. Then she turns to me. "What did you say to Maria?"

        "What?" I could feel the blood rush out of my face.

        "She was bouncing off the walls this morning, talking about how you guys were getting back together." I've gone numb. What am I supposed to tell her? I just shrug. I promised I wouldn't encourage Maria and that we wouldn't hide our relationship and that way she would get the hint and walk away. That hasn't really happened. Liz shrugged. "Huh."

        I thought I was in the clear. Max and Liz start kissing on each other and then on me. I don't when or how long into our makeout session but Liz and I kiss hungrily. I just want to devour her and never touch another woman for as long as I live. Suddenly, she tears away from me, leaping off the bed and gasping for air.

        The second I see the hurt in her eyes, I know that its over. She knows. Damn flashes. She put a hand to her mouth. "How could you do it?"

        "Do what?" Max asks looking between us.

        "You slept with her?" Liz looks like she's going to be sick. Max turns to me in question. "Max... He... with Maria." Then I watch as his shoulders slump. "Michael... please tell me that was just an old fantasy and that I'm crazy because you wouldn't sleep with Maria."

        "I..." I can't lie. I can feel the tears sliding down my face. "It didn't mean anything."

        Max is up and grabbing his clothes, he runs out the door before either one of us can stop him.

        "Liz, I..."

        "Don't talk to me right now, Michael. Just please." She fumbles with her bra and her uniform. "It explains alot. I thought you loved me and him but you don't..."

        "Liz!" I scream at her. "I don't want her. It was a mistake. I can't take it back but I want to. I want it undone. You just don't understand."

        "I understand that you can't keep your dick in your pants." She hissed at me and was out the door.

        I don't know how long I sat there but eventually Maria wanders in. She doesn't say anything about the rumpled bed or the tears running down my face. She looks pissed. "You didn't call me today."

        I can't say anything. "Busy."

        "Michael, I don't know what your problem is but on Earth when you sleep with a girl and leave without a word, you have to call. You can't treat me like this, Michael. I'm tired of it." Maria huffs and swats me.

        "You aren't even going to ask why I'm crying, are you?" I look up at her and know I caught her off guard. "Just for reference, there is a door and usually people knock. Usually people who care about other people ask what's wrong when they cry. Just... get out, Maria."

        "Michael... what happened?"

        "I really don't want to talk about it. Just go."

        And I win the bastard of the year award. Guess it's what I get.

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