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Beloved Unloved 6: A Boy Like That

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Added to the Roswell Slash Archive June 30, 2002

Author: DMartinez
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Metz, Katims and UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Prequel to the Rain/White Roses/Truth series. Sequel to Just a Kiss and I'm Getting Used to You. Michael and Liz get in a little practice time alone.

        I sit and listen to Liz getting yelled at by her parents. I want to go help her but this is about me. I had to kiss her, just had to and her parents saw. My mistake was kissing her in the kitchen of the Crashdown during break.

        "A boy like that is nothing but trouble. What would Max say if he knew you were cheating on him?" Ouch. Stings just a little. Been called a lot of things but 'a boy like that' is just the worst for some reason. Maybe because I've just been lumped with every deliquent from shop-lifters to mass murderers.

        "Mom! You don't even know what's going on." Liz to the rescue. There was a plan for tonight. Get off work and head back to my place for a little hanging out and making out and if things progressed, then they progressed. That's shot to Hell.

        "What is going on?" Mrs. Parker can be such a bitch sometimes. It's none of her business. Liz is 18 and legally an adult. Really, what does she care what Liz does with whom. I thought she hated Max. "You aren't going to answer me?"

        "I don't have to." Good girl, Liz.

        "I'm going to have to tell Max when he gets back."

        I can almost see Liz's face. Total disgust. "You hate Max. You danced a jig when I told you he was going away for Spring Break. You've been after me to break up with him for months."

        Whoa. Didn't know that. There's Mrs. Parker again. "I've never said any such thing. Max is a nice young man with a good head on his shoulders. I heard he's going to be a doctor."

        "Yeah, from me." I have to take a deep breath to keep from laughing.

        "Boys like Michael don't stick around. They're no good." Ouch. Stop. Please. "I don't want you getting hurt over a nobody."

        "God Damn It, Mom!" Whoa! Where the hell did that come from? Did Liz just curse at her mom?

        "Young lady



        "No! Michael is not a nobody. He's a very nice young man. Every bit as nice as Max. The only reason you think he's trash is because he got a raw deal. Where would you be if Grandma and Grandpa left you out in the desert to die? Huh? Or if you were found on Pohlman Ranch drinking water with the sheep? Huh?" She's defending me. Why? "I'll tell you where. You would have ended up at Old Chisholm Trail Trailer park with a foster father that beat you for years until one day he just disappeared on you, leaving you alone at 16 to fend for yourself."

        Silence. Silence is never good. Why is Liz trying to defend me to her mother? I really don't care what her mother thinks.

        "Just because a person has had bad breaks doesn't make them a bad person. I told you... you don't understand what's going on or what you saw so just forget you did. I don't appreciate you judging my friends like you're so much better. As for Max... tell him if you want. Good night, Mom."

        When Liz walks in, I'm in shock but I recover when I register what she said about her Mom telling Max. "You were so asking for it."

        "I know." She shrugs and comes to sit on my lap. "But no one talks shit about my boys, not even Mom."

        "I actually thought you might tell her that you had two boyfriends that were perfectly okay with the situation." I smirk at her and she hits me. "Thank you."

        "It's nothing. I just hate it when people assume you're some horrible person with all the stuff that's happened to you. It's not right and barely human." I stroke her back and she relaxes. I can almost feel the anger leaving her body. "We'll just have to be more careful."

        "Sorry. I just saw that this button came undone..." I point to it and it came undone again. "And I had to."

        "You know. This button must like you because every time you so much as look at it... it just pops open." She complains about the button that sits right between her breasts. "You never noticed."

        "What?" I look at her in confusion. Noticed what? Then she hikes up her skirt and all I need to see is the exposed hip and I'm lost. "You were working like that?"

        "Felt kinda free actually." Liz starts kissing on my neck and I can't do anything but stare at her naked hip. My pants are suddenly too tight. My hand shakes as I touch her soft skin. I freeze when she whispers in my ear. "I'm ready Michael... are you?"

        I throw her back on her bed and climb on top of her. Her giggle has this effect on me that I've never been able to define. We kiss, tongues thrusting into each other's mouths and hands roaming whereever they please.

        Someone knocks at the door and we jump apart. We have this unspoken agreement to meet at my bike and I leap out the window and over the edge, almost breaking my leg when I land. When I get on the bike to warm it up, Maria comes out of the back. "You waited for me?"

        "Uh..." Shit. Shit. Shit.

        What am I supposed to say? Sorry I'm about to go make love to your best friend? So I shrug and put on my helmet.

        "You can be such an ass sometimes." Her voice is muffled. See? I piss her off without doing a damn thing. "I'm talking to you."

        I take off my helmet again. "Why do you automatically assume that I'm waiting for you? I have friends that work here too."

        "Uh-huh." She glares at me like I've just said I was Jacques Costeau or something.

        "I'm waiting for Liz. She's helping me with my make-up work for when we go back." I finally say. She rolls her eyes and storms off to the Jetta. I can hear her mumbling about how I manage to ruin things for everyone else. Now I'm pissed. Even Maria looks down her nose at me.

        Liz chooses that moment to come running out the backdoor, still in her uniform and yanks a helmet on her head. "Go, go, go."

        When I rev the engine I hear her gasp and then I take off. The ride is a test, I can swear to it. Her hands keep grasping at my chest and once in a while her hand drops to my inner thigh, making me gasp.

        We barely make it into the apartment. Funny how when you know it's going to happen, you want to get right to it. Of course when I open the door, the phone is ringing. I reluctantly answer it and watch Liz sit on the bed, who is obviously full of frustration. I have to adjust my jeans. Her looking at me like I'm her next meal is a turn on. "This had better be good."

        "Miss you too, Michael." It's Max!

        "Hey! Uh... What's going on?" I can wait a while longer if Liz can. Max has only called me once since he's been gone. I know why and I'm cool with it... I think.

        "I'm hiding. My parents are out to dinner and Isabel is drooling over some guy on the next balcony and as much as I'd like to just tell her..."

        "Don't you dare." I growl at him. Liz gives me a funny look. I mouth 'Max' to her and she sits up straight. So I sit next to her on the bed. I hear some strange sounds from his side of the phone. "Where are you hiding?"

        "In the closet and those hangers keep hitting me in the head." I smirk. I can almost see it. "I miss you... I'm really sorry I only called you when we first got here."

        "It's cool. I know it's easier to call Liz than me. Don't worry about it." Liz lays her head in my lap and I start stroking her hair. I know she misses him too but this is my phone call. I lay back and listen to Max's voice as he complains about how his parents keeping asking him questions about his therapy sessions and about me and Liz. "Really?"

        "They just want to make sure I'm 'okay.'" I could almost see him roll his eyes. "They think it's odd that Liz and I spend most of our time together with you."

        "Odd. Well... they don't know and it's best to keep it that way. Liz almost told her mom." I snort and she pinches my thigh. "Ow."

        "Is she there?"

        "Yeah but you called me." I protest at his eagerness. "You should have heard her though." I get so caught up in telling Max about the scene Liz made with her Mom that I don't notice my fly coming undone until it's too late. "I wanted to laugh when she told her mom to go ahead and tell you about me




        I can't answer him because Liz's mouth is burning my cock. If I wasn't hard before, I am now. I clench my jaw as I feel her mouth moving up and down on me.


        "Huh?" Is all I can say. I can't look down at her. If I do it'll be too much.

        "Are you okay?"

        "Depends... on... your def


definition of... okay." My voice cracks on the last word. Her mouth is like a vaccuum. What in the world have she and Max been doing when I'm not around? "Shit."

        "Oh. I see. Should I call later?" He's making fun of me. Then he starts teasing me. "Hey Michael."

        "What?" I gasp out. This girl is going to kill me.

        "I've been taking notes when Liz goes down on me." That's all it takes. Just a mental image of Max's wonderful mouth doing to me what Liz is doing to me and I cum hard. I think the phone fell out of my hand.

        She licks me clean and lays next to me, taking the phone to her ear. "Hey babe."

        I can't hear him now, just her. I feel her stroking my face. She kisses me and I taste myself in her mouth. Faintly, I can hear Max recounting his day's torture to her. Just hearing his voice makes it seem as if he's there with us. That's all sappy but kinda true.

        It's time for my revenge. She's still got the phone when I roll us over. My fingers slide up her uniform and I explore her a little. Coarse dark curls, wet I realize from our ride over. I find a little nub with my index finger and stroke it a little. I hear her gasp and I watch her face.

        She's flushing a deep red, her eyes close, her tongue constantly licking her lips. She tries to keep up with the conversation she's having with Max and failing miserably just as I did. I keep up what I'm doing and she gets wetter.

        Switching with my thumb, I slide my finger inside her folds and she cries out. She rides my hand, moaning loudly when I thrust my fingers deeper inside her. Her entire body archs and writhes. It does a little something to the ego to know you can do this to someone. I speed up and push with more force and she's wailing. I don't know where she and Max do it if she's this loud and they still haven't gotten caught.

        I push with my thumb and her body just tightens up. For once she doesn't make any sound. Then she relaxes into a limp mass. Licking my fingers, I find I don't dislike the taste of her and I pick up the phone. "Liz?"

        "Nope. She's incapacitated at the moment." I tell him with a shrug and kiss Liz's forehead.

        "Thanks man. Now I gotta spend the rest of the night with a hard-on. Did I mention that Iz and I have to share a room?"

        "No problem." I can almost see him glare at me. There's silence on the line for a moment. "You were serious about taking notes, right?"

        "Only if..." He trails off and I hear rattling noises and then Isabel asking why Max is in the closet. "I'm on the phone." She tells him that he doesn't have to call Liz every damn day. "Who says I'm talking to Liz?" Who else would he be talking to? She asks. "None of your business." Good boy. His voice gets lower after I hear footsteps and the wind. "Michael... I'm just as hesitant as you are. I mean... I want to but... we don't have to. I'm fine the way things are."

        "Yeah. I know. I've... been thinking and... maybe when you get back things will be a little different." I tell him.

        "Different. How?"

        "Don't worry about it. We'll see you when you get back." I whisper. Liz has recovered and she's trying to take off my shirt.

        "That's what I was calling about. I think I can get away sooner." I barely hear him because Liz has succeeded.

        "That's cool. We'll see you when you get back." I tell him and hang up the phone. I turn to Liz. "He might come back sooner."

        "Did he say when?" She asks.


        "Ok." She nods and just as she moves to come back to me, the phone rings again.

        "Ah shit." I groan and glance at the phone.

        "Ignore it." Liz tells me. I'm really tempted to listen to her but what if it was Max? I hung up on him kinda quickly and he was trying to tell me something.

        "Max." I tell her and answer it. "'Lo?"

        "Is my daughter there? If she is I will personally kill you."

        "Hey Mrs. DeLuca." I roll my eyes and Liz laughs.

        "Who was that?" She's so damn nosy.

        "That was Liz, Mrs. DeLuca. Maria isn't here. Last time I saw her was after work, where she griped me out and promptly left me alone. Can I do anything else for you?" I sound like an ass but people are ruining any chance of the mood sticking around until I lose it.

        "I suppose not then. I'm glad you have a babysitter tonight, Michael. Tell Liz that I'll pay her myself to keep you away from my daughter."

        "Gotcha." I roll my eyes again. "Bye Mrs. DeLuca." I hang up and disconnect the phone. "No more interruptions and you're getting paid to be here."

        "What?" She laughs and lays back on the bed.

        "Never mind." I shake my head and slowly, button by button, I open her uniform. She's beautiful and she still doesn't know it. I touch her soft skin and it's like a sin. How am I getting to be this lucky? Not only do I get this beautiful woman that wants me to make love to her but there's a beautiful man in Florida wishing he was here with us.

        Pressing my lips to her stomach, I kiss my way up to her silver bra. After a bit of manuerving, I get that out of the way so I can taste her breasts. She tastes sweet and I focus only on her, making her groan and moan. I feel her hands pushing my jeans off and then my boxers.

        Now we're both naked and kissing each other at every chance. I smell and realize she's still wearing that perfume I got her for her birthday. I didn't think she actually liked it. Our mouths meet and devour. We've stopped complementing the way Max kisses and finally learned to kiss each other. That's a good sign.

        I can't stop kissing her and touching her and... I think I'm losing my mind. This is the most incredible feeling I've ever had. She's all around me. Her legs around my waist, her arms under my arms, her fingers playing with my hair and drawing on my back. I feel her hips grinding up against mine and I just need to be inside her.


        That thought rings in my head. I start to move away and she stops me. "Where do you think you're going?"

        "To get something." She puts a finger to my lips and shakes her head.

        "Don't worry about it." She whispers and it's like she's trying to pull me inside her. "Max and I did some... I'll explain later. Don't worry about it." She taps my arms and stares at my chest for a few minutes. "Just... listen to me... you're a... a big boy and I'm... little and..."

        "Liz..." I get the picture, I really do. I gotta be gentle with her. "I'll listen to you."

        She looks into my eyes and suddenly just smiles and starts kissing on me. My cock is aching by the time I reach down to guide myself into her and we both gasp. Her fingers dig into my arms and I take that as a signal to be still. Her wet walls are so tight around me.

        I bury my face in her hair. I hear her take a couple of deep breaths and slowly her body relaxes. She squeezes me inside her and then she says it's ok. I move slowly. I don't know what's okay. I finally get what she meant when she wanted me to listen to her. I notice when she archs her back and when she gasps and what makes her cry out. When her hands urge me to go faster, when she needs me harder and when she needs me closer.

        I feel like I'm deciphering some secret language as I bring us both closer to the edge of some cliff that I've never been to before. I don't know how I've lived without knowing this. I kiss her and swallow her loud cries. In the back of my mind I hear shouts from my neighbor that we're too loud but what do I care?

        "Michael. Michael." She gasps out and clutches onto me for dear life. I don't know how much longer I can hold out and then her breathing gets sharp and fast... and louder. Her fingers scratch my arms and her legs tighten around me. Then her impossibly tight walls close around me and get tighter.

        I hear this sound, this loud sound and it's not until I feel myself cumming into her body that I realize it's me. I keep thrusting as I keep cumming and finally it's over and I can think again.

        Moment of truth.

        I couldn't have done it with anyone but Liz Parker. I kiss her and know I should tell her that I love her but I can't. I've never said it to anyone before. "Liz..." I swallow this huge lump in my throat. "I..."

        "I know. Me too." Liz makes a face that tells me she's sorry when she pulls her nails out of my flesh. Funny, I didn't really feel any pain. We lie like this for a long time, me stroking her sweaty hair out of her face and her fingers running over my back. I guess it's one of those meaningful silences or something.

        I don't know when we fell asleep but all I know is I fell asleep holding her against my chest and I woke up with a warm body against my back as well. A turn of my head reveals Max. "Hey."

        "Hey." He whispers and kisses my shoulder. "Sorry I missed the party."

        "When you said soon, I didn't think this soon." I tell him and wish I had listened a little better to him last night.

        "I just explained that I was miserable and asked if they were trying to provide fodder for my therapy sessions... of course I explained that I loved them but I missed my friends." Max buries his face in my neck. "And they let me go. Took an early flight and pissed off Isabel."

        "We... missed you." I reach back and let my hand rest on his thigh.

        "She loves you." I know who he means. Liz just wouldn't let anyone make love to her. "I do too. That's what I was trying to say last night."

        "Why?" It just slips out.

        "This isn't about you and Liz sharing me and you know it. Or even you and I sharing her. It's the three of us and..."

        "I know." I cut him off. I know this, somewhere in this skull of mine, I know this. No one's ever loved me before and it takes some getting used to when they don't ask you to change. I've always been that boy that everyone needs to make a better boy and... I don't get that with the two most important people in this room.

        When he kisses me I know that he loves me. I just feel it but I can't say it. I know that even though I'm naked and he's very aware of this... nothing's going to happen until we finish that talk we started on the phone. There's this whole trusting thing that I'm getting used to. Liz trusts me and I am absolutely certain of this now. Max trusts me. This terrifies me... but I'll deal.

        With Max's arms around the both of us, I go back to sleep. Liz is still naked, so am I and Max is fully clothed and he doesn't care. If either of us asked him to, he'd strip but he's going to watch us sleep and be happy about it.

        Happy is another foreign concept to a boy like me.

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